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Meet the Buyers IPBC 2018


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With prices low and plenty of sellers out there, there has never been a better time to be buying
patents. And all kinds of entity are taking advantage. This session focuses on who the buyers
are, what they are looking for and how they buy.
- Types of buyer – corporate, aggregators
- Motives for buying
- What buyers look for and the techniques they use – fixed time, brokers, company to company

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Meet the Buyers IPBC 2018

  1. 1. Meet the buyers Moderator: Kent Richardson, Richardson Oliver Insights, LLC Panellists: • Kurt Brasch, Uber • Francois Drapeau-Paquin, Royal Philips • Michael Friedman, HILCO IP Merchant Banking • Eric Olsen, RPX Corporation
  2. 2. •Market overview •Understanding the buyer’s model •Getting deals done •Key take-aways
  3. 3. $12.5B in patents offered on the secondary market $0 $2 $4 $6 $8 $10 $12 $14 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Cumulative sum of asking prices of 110,000 plus patent assets in 119 technology categories Unsold Sold Billions of dollars of unsold patents on the market. Litigation risks continue to increase $B
  4. 4. What’s the asking price of a patent? $252,367
  5. 5. Caveats – sure there are a few
  6. 6. Asking prices are stabilising$K Listing Year Average Asking Prices ($K) USMean AssetMean
  7. 7. What’s hot in the patent market today
  8. 8. Understanding the buyer’s model • “Everything is junk.” “It’s hard finding assets that are ‘High Quality.’” • Understanding the buyer’s business • Going direct or using the open market • International patents • Impact of changes in law/practice impacting market
  9. 9. Getting deals done • Make the deal easy to do • Different stages of getting a deal done • Up front things to do • Compelling claim charts (or indications of use) • Asking price • Deal size • Relationships, trust and sophistication
  10. 10. Key take-aways • Market prices are stabilizing and the market appears to be moving up • Still a buyers market, but the market has bottomed out • Value is dependent on buyers return, price is some percentage of the value • Understand the business model of the buyer. What’s the use case? • Deals are done on a trusted relationship basis • Upfront work to ensure that package is clear, accurate, specific • Trusted relationships yield more deals • Have a price - it makes you credible and signals a closable deal