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Henriette Selch


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Published in: Business
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Henriette Selch

  1. 1. I have had the privilege of knowing Patsy since 2006. As a mentor and trainer, and now a friend, Patsy is about as good as they come. She believes in what she does and she has a passion to help others and to add value to them through her customised training and workshops.
  2. 2. Her energy and leadership combined with her financial and business background gives her a unique blend of skills that is not found in many individuals. I have found that one of her greatest strengths is in generating high energy and action to get results. She definitely knows how to get people moving toward a goal.
  3. 3. One great thing about Patsy is that she is never afraid to admit her limitations and will readily refer me to another professional should she feel that I am better serviced by someone else. Patsy has always been very generous in sharing her resources and is very well read – particularly on leadership and marketing.
  4. 4. Meeting and exceeding your expectations would be a priority for her. You will find that she will work very hard to breathe life into your big dreams – making her the ideal person to partner with you on your business and life journey. I have no hesitation in recommending Patsy if you or your organisation want to take yourselves to the next level.