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Computers & Chicken


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A talk I gave to elementary school students about my life as a computer programmer.

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Computers & Chicken

  1. 1. Computers & Chicken Kesha Williams February 16, 2017 My Life as a Computer Programmer
  2. 2. © CFA Properties, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Who Am I? © CFA Properties, Inc. 3 — Name — Where I Work — Core Business of Chick-fil-A
  4. 4. What I do? © CFA Properties, Inc. 4 Use computers and technology to help Chick-fil-A sell more Chicken and to help people to do what? Computer Programmer
  5. 5. Questions © CFA Properties, Inc. 5 —Who knows what they want to be when they grow up? —Why do you want to be this? —Anyone else? —When did I find out that I wanted to be a computer programmer? BOG
  6. 6. Computer Programming © CFA Properties, Inc. 6 —Who Has Heard of Computer Programming/Computer Science? —Who Knows a Computer Programmer? BOG
  7. 7. What is Computer Programming/Science? © CFA Properties, Inc. 7 • Telling the computer what to do • Speak the same language as the computer, that’s called programming • Who has someone that tells them what to do? • Don’t you wish you could tell someone what to do? • Well if you’d like to tell a computer what to do, learn computer programming
  8. 8. Computer  Science  (CS)  is   posing  a  problem in  a   way  that  a  computer can   help  us  solve it.   Official Definition of Computer Science 8
  9. 9. Chick-fil-A One Example 9 Problem: Want customers to order food online Solution: Build a mobile application
  10. 10. Computer  Science  is  designing computing  devices   and  programming them   Another Definition of Computer Science 10
  11. 11. Cell Phone Example 11 Think about cell phones. They are just tiny computers. Any time you change the ring tone or screen background or launch an app you are running a computer program. Computer programmers write computer programs. Have any of you ever wanted to make a phone work better or differently? A lot of computer science is about improving technology-- making it faster, smaller or able to do new things. It’s powerful!
  12. 12. My Journey © CFA Properties, Inc. 12 • 9th Grade • Played Around • Wrote Programs • 11th Grade • Studied Computer Science and Chemistry Computer Science and Mathematics
  13. 13. Why I picked Computer Science © CFA Properties, Inc. 13 • Love problem solving and figuring things out • Love building and creating • Love to play with new gadgets • Love computers
  14. 14. Places I’ve Worked All of these places need computer programmers © CFA Properties, Inc. 14
  15. 15. What my day-to-day job look like © CFA Properties, Inc. 15
  16. 16. What’s it like being a computer programmer? © CFA Properties, Inc. 16 Always learning and solving problems
  17. 17. Benefits of being a Computer Programmer © CFA Properties, Inc. 17
  18. 18. You may like Computer Science if you… © CFA Properties, Inc. 18 — Are curious about how things fit together and work — Like to build things from scratch — Love to learning new things constantly — Like to tinker and play to figure out how things work — Like to save time and do this efficiently — Want to build things that do things for you (robots) — Like to model and design things — Like to play video games
  19. 19. pharmaceuticalsagriculture banking law automotive safety  systems science health  carepolitics transportationjournalism sportsveterinary  medicine the  artsadvertising engineering accounting photography   military criminal  justice recreation manufacturingbusiness communicationsmusic entertainmentarchitecture medicine design Everybody needs Computer Programmers Only 50% of computer jobs are at computer companies 19
  20. 20. How can you get started with Computer Science? © CFA Properties, Inc. 20 — Hour of Code — Tutorials that use “blocky” — Tutorials that use JavaScript like Code Combat — Playing and Building New Video Games — Roblox – Luau Programming Language — Learning how technology works (Kindle, Cell Phone, Computers) — Learning about web browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome work — Learning how to type on keyboard
  21. 21. Programming Jobs Among  the  fastest  growing, stable  and  flexible offering  good  salaries 21
  22. 22. © CFA Properties, Inc. 22 Sample look at Computer Code welcome-to-codecanvas/882454257
  23. 23. © CFA Properties, Inc. 23 Questions?