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Facebook for Advancement


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Here's how alumni relations and fundraising teams should take advancement of the (mostly free) tools Facebook offers to raise more and connect with more fans.

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Facebook for Advancement

  1. 1. Facebook for Advancement Using the world’s most powerful social platform for the greatest good
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  7. 7. Let’s hear those questions!
  8. 8. Poll time! Can you see this poll? YES NO
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  11. 11. Brent Grinna Andrew Kletzing Manager, SMB Partner Management Chicago, Ill. Founder & CEO, EverTrue
  12. 12. What’s on tap... Why Facebook matters Tools you can (and should) use Steps to take today & tomorrow Q & A
  13. 13. Don’t Bury The Lede
  14. 14. 1. Facebook still matters. “Like” a lot. 2. Want strategic results? Start with a strategic content engine. 3. Connect Facebook engagement to fundraising data. 4. Ads: help the right people take the right action. 5. Groups: where communities and discussion groups should live. 6. Events: 2x attendance plus reconnecting lost audiences. 7. Donations: let the people give what, when and how they want. Key Takeaways FREE FREE FREE
  15. 15. Whatever you do… something.
  16. 16. (Overheard in the office) “Our alumni don’t use Facebook anymore!”
  17. 17. BUT...
  18. 18. 68% of the U.S. uses Facebook… that’s more than Instagram and Pinterest combined
  19. 19. 74% of Facebook users are on every day.
  20. 20. Instagram is owned by Facebook! And the Facebook Ad network extends to Instagram. Those young users are moving to Instagram
  21. 21. 2.2 Billion 1 Billion Over 1 Billion 1.3 Billion people each month1 people each month1 people reached each month2 people use each month. 1 Reach the alumni who are important to you across the Facebook family of apps Source: 1) Facebook earnings, Q2 2018, 2) Audience Network stat, Q4 2016 Nearly 20M businesses exchange messages with people every month
  22. 22. Facebook: This Is Where the Party’s At Source: Statista
  23. 23. Source: EverTrue data, Sept. 2018 1942 1956 1965 1974 1983 1992 2001 2010 1,300 1,100 900 700 500 300 100 -100 Engagement By Class Year
  24. 24. (Overheard in the office) “Our alumni don’t use Facebook anymore!”
  25. 25. Your alumni DO use Facebook. Here’s what they don’t use...
  26. 26. Magazines Sales down 60% since 2007 Source: Forbes 2018
  27. 27. Email ~70% of nonprofit/education email goes unread Sources: CauseVox, Hubspot
  28. 28. Phonathon Phonathon donors have declined 21% since 2013 Sources: EAB
  29. 29. 44% would rather use social to talk to people they don’t know Face-To-Face Communication Sources: Cancer Research UK
  30. 30. Since 2005, alumni participation rates have dropped by 33% Since 1990, they have been cut in half
  31. 31. Do More than 50% of Your Alumni… 1) Log in to your alumni website daily? 2) Read your mail daily? 3) Read your emails daily? 4) Answer your phone calls?
  32. 32. (Overheard in the office) “What’s the point of Facebook? It can’t help us reach our goals.”
  33. 33. 50,000,000
  34. 34. The average institution has 300,000 facebook interactions That’s 21 data points per constituent ~9% of connected alumni are only interacting digitally
  35. 35. WE HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS... Participation among digitally engaged constituents is 3.4x higher
  36. 36. Social media isn’t just for small donors. Donors who contribute above your institution’s average lifetime gift amount are also twice as likely to interact with your university on Facebook. 2X
  37. 37. You’re missing great prospects. 43% of the average institution’s high-capacity, digitally engaged donors, remain unassigned.
  38. 38. For more:
  39. 39. Poll time! On a scale of 1 to 10, How connected is your Facebook strategy to your fundraising goals? 1 Weak 10 Amazing
  40. 40. Build a Content Engine Facebook Best Practice
  41. 41. 1. Tell great stories 2. Create content specifically for Facebook 3. Align your content fundraising priorities 4. Engage > Qualify > Assign > Solicit Your Content Engine Should
  42. 42. Engagement that Means Something
  43. 43. Follow-up is Everything
  44. 44. Create Content for Facebook
  45. 45. Intentional, Purposeful Posting
  46. 46. Build Meaningful Engagement
  47. 47. Tie Interests to Giving Opportunities Identify non-donors who engaged with content related to the vet school.
  48. 48. Non-Donors Science Sports Basketball Football Instructors Vet School Micro-Targeting
  49. 49. $610,777 from 1,374 donors
  50. 50. Create Content for Facebook
  51. 51. 1.7k 85 Measure What Happens
  52. 52. Make The Ask
  53. 53. (Overheard in the office) “We need an online community”
  54. 54. Poll time! How important is it to have a digital space where alumni can connect with each other to network and discuss shared interests? 1 Not Important 10 Absolutely Critical
  55. 55. Facebook Groups = Online Community
  56. 56. ✓ Facebook is where your people live ✓ They’re always logged in ✓ Facebook loves Groups and promotes that content with news feeds ✓ Mobile-first ✓ Closed communities often have trouble with adoption Downside: limited analytics Why Facebook Groups
  57. 57. “[Facebook will] give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” - Mark Zuckerberg
  58. 58. Poll time! Is your college/school using Facebook Groups to actively connect with alums?
  59. 59. For-Profit Example
  60. 60. All-alumni group (led by volunteers) for networking, discussion, connection
  61. 61. Type [Your School] Alumni Group into Facebook...
  62. 62. Regional Groups for year-’round conversation
  63. 63. Affinity-based Groups for syncing conversations with your priorities
  64. 64. Create Facebook Groups
  65. 65. Measure What Happens Track member growth, activity, schedule posts, and more.
  66. 66. Facebook Ads
  67. 67. Poll time! How much does your advancement team spend on Facebook Ads annually?
  68. 68. Source: Facebook data, April 2018 Retarget Website Visitors and Target Your Email Database on Facebook ​INCREDIBLE SCALE Facebook’s broad reach across desktop and mobile consists of 2.2 billion monthly active users ​ACROSS DEVICES AND PLATFORMS Deliver ads to people across devices on Facebook, Instagram or apps in the Audience Network ​REAL PEOPLE ​With Facebook, you'll reach real people, not proxies ​ACCURATE TARGETING ​Layer other Facebook targeting options to ensure you’re sending the right message to the right people Why Facebook Ads?
  69. 69. vs Every Brown Graduate Brown alumni who live in the Northeast and have young children. Reach Who You Want to Reach
  70. 70. Start with a .csv from EverTrue or Your Database Upload to Facebook as Custom Audience Share content with Custom Audience Precision Targeting Via Custom Audiences
  71. 71. Here’s how this looks at Union College
  72. 72. Facebook Ads: Using the Pixel . Learn more:
  73. 73. My friend Courtney’s Instagram and Facebook feeds… lots and lots of shoes.
  74. 74. Re-connect with site visitors
  75. 75. Facebook Ads Ideas 1. Create ads to drive more followers. Target alumni who don’t yet like your Page. 2. Use EverTrue to build Custom Audiences (LYBUNTs, SYBUNTs, event non-attendees, well-connected volunteers) and showcase content just for them. 3. Pop the pixel onto your website and share stories or appeals with site visitors the day after they connect. 4. Use conversion tracking to re-engage non-donors or thank recent donors.
  76. 76. Facebook Events
  77. 77. Poll time! How many of your events are you promoting on Facebook?
  78. 78. Why Events? ✓ You’re already investing time and money into events ✓ Reach more people ✓ Enable social sharing ✓ Bring in more attendees
  79. 79. Jesse Bardo Class of 2003 15th Reunion! Fri, June 8 3:00PM 15th Reunion, Buffalo NY Buy Tickets Facebook + Eventbrite = 2x’s the Tickets Source: VentureBeat
  80. 80. Your peers are doing it
  81. 81. 79% YOY Increase What Events Can Do For You
  82. 82. Analyze Event Attendees And Follow-up
  83. 83. Event Follow-Up: Make The Ask Take a meeting with a gift officer Get involved planning or hosting the next event Make a gift that aligns with the event theme
  84. 84. Facebook Events Ideas 1. Use Events to spread the word about what’s already happening. 2. Co-promote Events with Facebook Pages across campus. 3. Promote future Facebook Live broadcasts using Events. 4. Pair with Eventbrite to drive more registrations, insights across the office.
  85. 85. Facebook Donate
  86. 86. Poll time! Are you using the Facebook Donate button?
  87. 87. Why Facebook Donate? ✓ Add button right to your page ✓ Collect fee-free payments ✓ Deliver asks with FB ads ✓ Facebook and PayPal match donations on #GivingTuesday ✓ Bring in more attendees
  88. 88. Since 2005, alumni participation rates have dropped by 33% Since 1990, they have been cut in half
  89. 89. Why not make it effortless to give?
  90. 90. International Rescue Commission ✓ Facebook Donations ✓ Facebook Pixel ✓ Facebook Ads Raised $5.2 million from 41,110 donors on Facebook alone
  91. 91. Facebook Fundraisers: Empower Your Biggest Fans ✓ Fan-created fundraisers ✓ Great for giving days ✓ Pledge to match donations ✓ Promote with Facebook Live
  92. 92. Ariana Grande’s Fundraiser ✓ Supported One Love Manchester ✓ Facebook Live + Fundraiser Raised $450,000 from 22,000 donors during her livestream
  93. 93. What comes next?
  94. 94. What You Can Do Today 1. Get to know your digital team — and start a working relationship. 2. Dip your toe into Facebook Ads (define goal, put $25 behind it, see what happens) 3. Test out Facebook events, whether it’s a virtual or in-person gathering.
  95. 95. 1. Get that content engine going. Define themes, create shareable content, measure engagement, make the ask. 2. Add the Donate button and put that in front of the right people at the right time. 3. Create Groups aligned to goals. They probably exist already! Who are the volunteers and social ambassadors you can engage to help? What You Can Do Soon
  96. 96. 1. Add dedicated social/digital specialists to your fundraising team: content creators, community managers, digital gift officers. 2. Reduce spend in other areas (phonathon, print solicitations) and dedicate more resources to storytelling and measurable ad spending. 3. Execute a year-’round, digital-first strategy where social drives results for the entire advancement team. 4. Make EverTrue a key part of every team member’s daily life. What You Should Do Next Fiscal Year
  97. 97. Q&A
  98. 98. Sep 19-20 | Boston | Register now - Tickets are 50% off!
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  100. 100. Thank you!