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The Digital Advancement Office of the Future: Williams College & EverTrue

  1. The Digital Advancement Office Of The Future How Williams College Is Moving From the “All-in-One” to “Best-in-Class” Model
  2. Hi, I’m Brent Grinna. I’m the CEO and Founder of EverTrue. @brentgrinna
  3. This Is Mike Reopell. He’s the Director of Advancement Information Systems at Williams College, one of country’s leading liberal arts colleges.
  4. We’re here to talk about the digital advancement office of the future and how we’re partnering with Mike and his team at Williams to achieve this vision.
  5. But before we get to advancement... Think about how technology has transformed your daily life.
  6. Transportation 1.0 Transportation 2.0 Hail a cab. Request a personal chauffeur and get real-time tracking.
  7. Real Estate 1.0 Real Estate 2.0 Rely on a broker to find out what’s on the market.. Find a home that meets your criteria in just a few clicks.
  8. I even get updates from my son’s daycare sent straight to my phone!
  9. The expectations of donors, volunteers, staff, and leadership have changed.
  10. But sometimes it feels like advancement is stuck in the past...
  11. Williams has historically taken the all-in-one approach... …using monolithic systems to send emails, build online communities, track contact reports, accept gifts, and manage core fundraising operations.
  12. But as best-in-class solutions emerge for everything from event management to major gift trip planning, Mike has realized that the all-in-one model is no longer the best way to serve donors, volunteers, staff, and leadership.
  13. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to accept gifts, send emails, or create events with the best-in-class platforms your constituents prefer...
  14. …and then track all of that data in an integrated platform to uncover the full story behind each constituent.
  15. That’s why Mike and his team are building a digital advancement office.
  16. So what does this all look like in action for Williams?
  17. Dynamic integrations with LinkedIn are replacing one-off data appends.
  18. Social media platforms are replacing closed networks for online engagement.
  19. Intuitive platforms like Eventbrite are replacing clunky event systems.
  20. Smart email marketing platforms like Emma are replacing inflexible email programs.
  21. Modern donation processors like Stripe are replacing legacy payment gateways.
  22. Volunteer management apps for iOS and Android are replacing spreadsheets.
  23. Gift officer trip itineraries are powered by Google Maps instead of static Word docs.
  24. Contact reports are captured by Siri instead of being emailed to assistants.
  25. And all of those activities are packaged into management dashboards for leaders and trustees.
  26. It’s finally possible to integrate all of these best-in-class solutions so that the information is accessible—and actionable—for everyone on the team. No more silos.
  27. Alumni relations staff can track engagement (and score it) across multiple channels in real time.
  28. Annual fund staff can deliver appeals tailored to donor interests and radically streamline the online giving experience.
  29. Prospect researchers have shifted from manually pulling lists to automatically delivering insights to frontline fundraisers.
  30. Gift officers are spending less time at their desks doing cold outreach and more time in the field with highly engaged prospects.
  31. And advancement leadership has access to powerful insights about how their teams are performing.
  32. Instant access, wherever you are. Mobile first. Social insights. Best in class. The digital advancement office of the future.
  33. Except it’s no longer in the future. It’s now.
  34. And the best part? You don’t have to spend several years doing a database conversion to get there.
  35. Increased engagement. Better annual giving conversion. Rapid prospect discovery. Streamlined moves management. Clear ROI.
  36. Join us on this journey as we work with Williams College and 300+ other EverTrue partners who believe in the digital advancement office of the future.
  37. Learn more about how EverTrue can help your advancement team engage alumni, build your donor pipeline, and see more prospects – efficiently, intelligently, and collaboratively.