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Activating the Giving Funnel with Wilbraham & Monson Academy


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EverTrue's presentation with Wilbaham & Monson Academy for the CASE NAIS 2020 Conference.

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Activating the Giving Funnel with Wilbraham & Monson Academy

  1. 1. Activating the Giving Funnel: How to attack donor churn
  2. 2. Mark Aimone Director of Advancement Wilbraham & Monson Academy Mike Nagel Manager of Customer & Product Marketing EverTrue
  3. 3. About ● Independent Boarding & Day School ● Located in Wilbraham, MA ● 400 students in grades 6-12 ● 50% day / 50% boarding ● 30% international representing 33 countries Advancement ● Advancement staff of 9 with 6 frontline fundraisers ● Current fundraising priorities: ● Annual Fund of $1.1 million ● Annual fund is 80% non-operating ● Project-focused capital campaign for a new library and chapel/dining hall conversion
  4. 4. #1 Highest-rated advancement software 500+ Advancement Partners 51 Of the Top 100 US News & World Report Universities
  5. 5. MD Dear Mark, Please pass my best wishes to Donald Kelly on more than 40 years of teaching at WMA. I was there for his first two years on campus and he made a huge impact on my life. (Oh, and tell him happy birthday!) Sincerely, Mike D. ‘78 CAO Wells Fargo
  6. 6. Poll: What would you do if you received a letter like this? & use “CASENAIS” as the event code
  7. 7. Winning companies treat you like they know you.
  8. 8. Top 5% Bottom 95% Me
  9. 9. Mike Nagel
  10. 10. The world has moved to a customer-driven economy
  11. 11. Those who didn’t act were left behind
  12. 12. Those who don’t act will be left behind Schools
  13. 13. Bottom 95% 5% Old Way
  14. 14. Remember that letter? Mike D. Charlotte, NC Class of 1978, Wilbraham & Monson CAO, EVP Treasury Merchant & Payment Solutions Wells Fargo
  15. 15. Who else are we missing? ✓ 100+ reactions in 2019 ✓ COO/owner of successful manufacturing company ✓ Past donor ✓ Class of ‘92 ✓ First-ever gift ($500) 3 wks ago ✓ Engineer & non-ID’d parent ✓ Class of ‘91, ✓ Gave $500 9 yrs ago ✓ 100+ engagements ✓ Capacity score: 8
  16. 16. Bottom 95% 5% Old Way
  17. 17. Engage Qualify Assign Solicit Retain New Way: The Giving Funnel #FLIPTHEPYRAMID
  18. 18. Learn More: The Giving Funnel Playbook Just open your camera, point it here, and tap the link
  19. 19. Testing in Progress
  20. 20. ✔ Focus on donor RETENTION ✔ FOCUS on the “middle of the pyramid” (gifts below $10,000) ✔ Work to REACTIVATE the 500 lapsed donors who gave $1,000+ ✔ Establish connections to BUILD PIPELINE for the next campaign What if… We took our nine people and tried to deliver a custom, personalized approach to fundraising and stewardship?
  21. 21. Independent School Benchmarking Alumni Retention Rate: FY16-FY18 Average 1. Includes constituents labeled Alumni in the EverTrue platform, last 3 years average where data is available
  22. 22. Poll: What’s your donor retention rate? & use “CASENAIS” as the event code
  23. 23. Engage
  24. 24. 1. Focus on personal/individualize outreach 2. Embrace new tools Engagement 2.0
  25. 25. ● Don’t ignore the “old tools” ○ Email – helpful but don’t become over-dependent ○ Pick up the phone! ● Goal is to make a personal connection without the travel ■ Increases the ROI on outreach Engagement 2.0
  26. 26. 1,900+ 1:1 interactions 1,000+ alumni FY19
  27. 27. Donor Case Study Steve
  28. 28. Live Webinar: Ask Me Anything
  29. 29. Attract millennial alumni, tech savvy ● Target audience – young alumni 15 yrs out ● Reach them at work during their lunch break ● Easy, quick (45 min) ● Watch on their desktop ● Topics focused on student life ● Questions submitted live, emailed ahead or texted to moderator Goal
  30. 30. Older alumni (retired) likely not tech savvy ● Total of 46 logged on and viewed the discussion ● 22 of those were from classes 1947-1974 ● Only 4 were from 2005-2019 Results
  31. 31. Assign
  32. 32. ● Each staffer carries a portfolio of: ~100 reactivation and ~100 retention prospects ○ Assigned regionally, then by decade. ● Expectations: 5 touches a day, 25 a week, 100 a month ● Monthly status updates: Review what’s working & what’s not, success stories, upcoming focus, status vs. goals, upcoming activity Portfolio
  33. 33. Retain
  34. 34. Results: 13.5% YOY Retention Increase Alumni Significant Uplift In Alumni Donor Retention
  35. 35. Principal at Crescent Holdings, Last Gift $100 in 2017 [Outreach via personal e-mail] I had a really great time meeting and catching up on all things WMA last week . Another wonderful alumni visit to DC and always a class act. Keep up all the great work ; this “coachman-titan” is mighty proud of the institution, Brian’s leadership, the faculty and whole team. Count on my continuing contributions. Qualification of Potential Major Gift Prospects Partner at Giglio & Samson, Last Gift $200 in 2010 [Outreach via personal e-mail] Thank you for the personal note! I will be happy to attend the event and I look forward to meeting you. My law practice is corporate law with a focus on restaurants and franchises. I also own a restaurant in Beverly, MA and would also be happy to mentor, network, etc.
  36. 36. Principal Systems Architect, Last Gift $700 in 2018, $6,800 Lifetime Giving [Outreach via video message] Thank you for reaching out, I appreciate the new format using video. (Being in IT, I can’t help but enjoy when technology is used effectively.) I had the pleasure of walking the campus for the first time in almost 15 years a couple of weeks back. I guess moss does grow on an old stone! I won’t be able to attend the 4/11 event. It is one of the few times that I am not in the city. I will be contributing more this year and I am excited to do so. I can truly say that W&M Academy opened doors that did not exist before and, for that, I will be always grateful. Retaining and Re-Engaging Alumni Associate at Gemini, Last Gift $30 in 2017, $80 Lifetime Giving [Via Facebook Message] Yes, I am currently living in the DC area now, however am still in the process of moving back to the area thus my permanent address is still the Sandwich address you have on file! I will keep you guys posted when that changes :) Will try to get to the DC are reception on the 4th if I can.
  37. 37. How to Take a Giving Funnel Approach
  38. 38. Admit Something Needs to ChangeStep 1: Since 2005, alumni participation rates have dropped by 33% Low donor retention means 1 in 3 donors churn YOY
  39. 39. Start with a TestStep 2: Retention, acquisition, a building, a scholarship program, the arts, the library, the band, student life, student support, extracurriculars, oboe scholarships… you name it.
  40. 40. Build Your FunnelStep 3: ENGAGE QUALIFY ASSIGN SOLICIT
  41. 41. Make it PersonalStep 4: I ● Interests ● Impact ● tIme
  42. 42. Make it PersonalStep 4: Thank you for your FY2019 gift. Engage donor with campus based update Ask for gift on day of giving/end of year solicitation. Unique donor engagement Re-Ask ($) OR Ask (+)
  43. 43. Use Technology to ScaleStep 4: Engagement Insights, Enriched Data Personalized Video Modern Messaging
  44. 44. Measure ImpactStep 5: 1. What did you learn? 2. Did you hit your goals? 3. What impact did your team make?
  45. 45. Learn More: The Giving Funnel Playbook Just open your camera, point it here, and tap the link
  46. 46. Poll: What are you going do differently when you get back to the office? & use “CASENAIS” as the event code
  47. 47. Q&A
  48. 48. Mark Aimone Director of Advancement Wilbraham & Monson Academy Mike Nagel Manager of Customer & Product Marketing EverTrue
  49. 49. Thank you!