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Amplify Your Content With Facebook Ads - Gavin Bell @ BrightonSEO


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Amplify Your Content With Facebook Ads - Gavin Bell @ BrightonSEO

  1. 1. Gavin Bell BLUE CLIFF MEDIA Amplify your content with Facebook ads @mrgavinbell
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  3. 3. Embrace the messy
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Editor's Notes

  • By a show of hands, who here watches videos online?

    And who here has thought about creating their own videos - either from a business or personal POV?
  • Who’s ACTUALLY doing it?
  • We have a room full of people that watch and have thought about making videos… but haven’t. There is something in the way. Something holding us back. Whatever that thing is for you – it’s stopping you from being able to take advantage of what I believe to be one of your biggest business opportunities.

    Combining Video & Facebook.
  • That’s a big claim right… biggest business opportunity…

    I could give you a golden shower of statistics around why… but that’s boring. So instead, let me ask you… who wants to build their brand, generate more leads & make more sales?

    All of us.

    Including me. And a couple of years ago, I knew video was one of the best ways to do that. To build trust. I knew in order to build my brand online, to stay relevant it was important. People I looked up to were creating video and telling me too.

    But something held me back.
  • This is the first video I ever posted. I was speaking about Twitter followers and how to grow your audience on Twitter.

    Can you notice anything weird about this….



    I was scared. I was using the forest and the trees as a comfort zone to protect me, to stop being seen. And you all have your own trees/forrest. Your own comfort zone. It might be time, effort, personality...

    But once I posted my first video and realised nobody cared, I decided to do something...
  • I decided that to get better at video, I had to go all in, so I started a 100 day vlog challenge. You can see here my videos (explain a little) go from 10’s of views to…
  • All the way up to last year my vids were seen combined 2m+ times
  • All pretty much organic. The potential to grow a large audience is huge.
  • When you start video, you need to embrace the messy. It’s gonna take you some time to get there. You’ll suck at the beginning.

    Now can you imagine what would happen if did embrace the messy, post some video and get 2m+ mil views… then add fuel to the fire?

    Well first I want to go over a couple of things that might be going through your head.
  • That’s all well and Good, Gav, but…

    Objection 3: Time
    I get it - we're all busy. I know us entrepreneurs like to try and out-busy each other. I’m not going to lecture you on taking action and making time – instead, I want to tell you about Scott. Someone who has built a multi million pound business, simply by showing up on Facebook and Youtube for years with his videos.
  • Explain who Scott is and what he does
  • Explain who Scott is and what he does
  • Scott posts regularly on Youtube and Facebook and from being consistent over the years… he’s amassed 500k subs on youtube and 300k on Facebook.

    He started from nothing and was by no means an expert in video. But he’s built his business by sharing content consistently. Showing up over and over.

    But I share you Scott’s story, not for his impressive consistency in content creation, but rather the strategy we use with his Facebook page to turn content into revenue. And it’s that strategy that I want to share with you now.

    The first step here is posting consistent great content organically. (talk frequency) You might not be doing this. But after today, I hope you’ll start.
  • Boost best performing videos out to new RELEVANT audiences.

    We want to use Facebook data to tell us which videos are performing best organically, before putting spend behind them. How do we do that?
  • Facebook gives us an incredible amount of data on the videos we post, such as watch time. (talk about watch time)

    This allows us to see what videos people are really watching. Views are 3s and more vanity. If people are WATCHING, promote it. Attention.
  • We then take our best performing content and boost it out to different audiences. Now everyone in this room will have different audiences. But we want to segment as much as we can – and we don’t have to spend a lot. £1 here. Then over time, look at what’s working best. Switch off the audiences that aren’t!
  • Who here has been to Amazon, looked at a pair of shoes and it’s followed them around the web?

    It’s simple retargeting. It’s hugely powerful. That’s done by tracking people that have visited your website. But we can also create video retargeting for people who have watched our videos.
  • And the results we've seen with Scott are pretty staggering. $170.
  • Back to you.

    It is possible for every single person in this room to walk out there, create a video and to get the same number of views I’m managed.

    It’s also possible for you to see the same sort of business results as Scott as a result.

    You just have to start and I challenge you to do so…

    * Something around the first questions I asked – bring it back to the start and how they need to look at their own consumer bhaviour.
  • Now if you want a little more help on this, including all the tactics I use to get those 100k videos, you can check out my online training programme, Amplify.