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Enhancing article visibility and impact


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As informações digitais atuais estão sendo interligadas, cruzadas e indexadas de múltiplas maneiras por meio da Web global para que os artigos tenham maior visibilidade e alcance. A recente proliferação das API’s (interfaces de aplicativos) e redes sociais têm facilitado e aumentado ainda mais as possibilidades para os artigos. O foco desta apresentação são os principais produtos e serviços que ampliam o alcance e impacto dos artigos na Web.

Today’s digital information is being linked, cross-linked and indexed in a multitude of ways across the global Web to give articles greater visibility and reach. The recent proliferation of API’s (application interfaces) and social networks have further facilitated and expanded the possibilities for articles. This presentation will focus on the main products and services that extend the reach and impact of articles on the Web.

La información digital hoy día está siendo vinculada (linked), reticulada e indexada en una multitud de formas a través de la Web mundial para dar una mayor visibilidad y acceso a los artículos. La reciente proliferación de APIs (interfaces de aplicaciones) y las redes sociales han facilitado y ampliado aún más las posibilidades de los artículos. Esta presentación se centrará en los principales productos y servicios que amplían el alcance y el impacto de los artículos en la Web.

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Enhancing article visibility and impact

  1. 1. Enhancing article visibility and impact
  2. 2. Interoperability Open • Link from one to the other. • Group and relate linked information across platforms and across the Web.
  3. 3. Visibility • Index • Measure • CV’s • Citations
  4. 4. Visibility • Being seen - indexes • Being valued/ ranked - metrics
  5. 5. Being seen SciELO Citation Index Discovery Services (indexes) Primo Central, EBSCO EDS, Summon, WorldCat.
  6. 6. Being valued Metrics
  7. 7. Journal Impact • By citations, in journals that meet selected criteria • Web of Science • SciELO Citation Index • Scopus • Bibliometrics
  8. 8. Article Level Attention • By references and recommendations made amongst colleagues • • • social networks dynamic, almost instantaneous any article or entity, not just selected ones as in classic citation based systems. • Alternate Metrics - complementary
  9. 9. Article Level Attention - PlumX
  10. 10. Audience Document types Comments API Publisher, Individual researcher, libraries, authors. All journals (DOI) Very visual Simple to understand. Online, immediate √ Journals, datasets, software, etc. Broad view. Online, immediate. √ Funder, institution, author PLoS Journals Online, immediate Reports a many levels. √ Academic, special libraries, research support offices Journals, datasets, software, etc. Institutional data must be uploaded, then analyzed to produce results. √ Individual For researchers, research groups and funders
  11. 11.
  12. 12. PLOS Individual article
  13. 13. • PLOS ALM Reports
  14. 14. PlumX U. of Pittsburgh
  15. 15. Gaming the system • Always have to monitor, in any system • Sockpuppets, Social bots and so on.
  16. 16. Article Level Attention •Mendeley and Mendeley Institutional Edition •Reader attention - most read articles in a group or institution Reference manager Altmetrics + real usage of library resources Mendeley Platform
  17. 17. CV / Profiles of Authors
  18. 18. Citations and Citation Management • Number of citations; citation linking • Web of Science, SciELO Citation Index, Scopus • • Google Scholar Academic Search
  19. 19. Citation Managers & Sharing
  20. 20. Recommender Systems (aggregating demand) • • bX Recommender Service (Ex-Libris) • • CiteULike Recommendations (Springer) Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) - Mendeley Suggest Readcube
  21. 21. Enhancing article visibility and impact