Savy training 01.11.2012


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The Training Course will have following Modules
1. Introduction: Company Profile
2. Introduction: Media Sector and Information Technology Sector
3. PHP
5. Dot Net
6. Web Designing
7. Web Development
8. Internet Marketing

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Savy training 01.11.2012

  1. 1. SAVY INFOLINE Pvt. Ltd. Welcome To SAVY INFOLINE Training Wing Presents11/01/12 Visit us : 1 E-mail :
  2. 2. Who We Are…… Savy Infoline Software Company, provides end-to-end services for Product Design, Development and Training in the software and telecom space. Savy Infoline is a single source for both software and hardware engineering expertise. Our expert design and development services have significantly improved the quality and accelerated the time-to-market for a broad range of software and web development. Savy Infoline draws its strength from a highly skilled team of hardware and software professionals. Our team works with state-of-the-art software engineering applications and platforms, guided by a well-defined quality process. Our Job Portal : ; Corporate Training and Consultancy: ,Savy Daily News Update: ,Savy Big Bazar: ,Savy B2B Portal :; Our sister concern in Telecommunication : ; Savy Techno Social Organisation www.krishnavanshaj.com11/01/12 Visit us : 2 E-mail :
  3. 3. Savy Group Corporate Overview SAVY INFOLINE Pvt. Ltd -We Implement your Thoughts (A Fast Growing Software Company) Savy Jobs – We Cater for Change (A leading Recruitment Consultants/Solution providers )Bhragudev Associates & Consultants –We have your way (Complete Solution at one Place) Netel Technologies Pvt. Ltd- We Expend you Globally (A Fast Growing Telecommunication Company) Visit us : E-mail
  4. 4. Savy Services We Offer Web Applications (Customized Software Development ,Web Hoisting & Domain Booking) Web Design: PHP Full Screen Flash Website Programming , Windows /Desktop Application E-Commerce Enablers; Search Engine Optimization IT Outsourcing Content Management Solutions; MLM ,Video ,Audio Software Advertising Script E-Business Plat forms System Integration ;System Programming ERP Development & Implementation Software Testing Services 365X24X7 2 Tier Technical Support Like A.M.C; Data Recovery & Data Safety. Recruitment (Our Job Portal ); Corporate Training in IT ,Software (.Net ); B2B Portal Daily News Portal Daily Shopping Portal Consultancy( Our Parent Concern ) Telecommunication (Our sister concern ) Hardware ,Software Setup & Maintenance Services. Embedded Software, Smart Card Reader & Bar Card Reader Social Portal Visit us : 4 E-mail : info@
  5. 5. SAVY INFOLINE Pvt. Ltd. Our Vision Our Values Our Mission Integrity : Honesty and respect in To be at the heart of every every action. business with Dedication , In an industry where Commitment : On the foundation Devotion and Determination of integrity, doing whatever it quality, consistency and and with a passion for takes to deliver, as promised. responsiveness are the excellence. key to survival .For this Passion: Passion for customers, we deliver with Integrity for partners, and value creation and Commitment Attitude :The positive and ,Software services and winning attitude of our team solutions that enrich translates into a decisive business and lives advantage over the competition. around them. Fairness Interaction and feedback are honest and open. We Implement Your Thoughts11/01/12 Visit us : 5 E-mail :
  6. 6. SAVY INFOLINE Pvt. Ltd. Quality Assurance QA Mission QA Services QA Process• Our QA mission is to reach • Testing of Web-based, Client- • Understanding and reviewing at the level of customer’s Server, Desktop applications requirement specifications expectations. • UI, Functionality, Regression • Creating Software Test Plan and• We achieve this goal by Testing Software Quality Assurance Plan. performing all activities to the best of our capabilities • Integration, System and Acceptance and by being responsive to Testing • Creating detailed test cases & Creating our customer’s requirement. • Performance and Load Testing test data • Security Testing • Setting up test environment & Creating and deploying builds • Executing tests , Managing defects & Analyzing results11/01/12 Visit us : 6 E-mail :
  7. 7. 11/01/12 7
  8. 8. Courses Offered Regular Application Specilisation Specialized•C • C++, VC++(MFC) , Introduction to • Animation• C with data socket programming and • Graphics structures Multithreading• C ++ • Web Designing • C with Linux flavors, debugging• VC++ (SDK, Introduction to socket programming, MFC) Multithreading, using eclipse• Linux • Linux Device Driver. And real time OS programming • Dot Net technologies (C#. net,,• SQL / PL SQL SQL Server 2000,2005)• C# .Net • Java J2ee with introduction to Sql,• Java Pl/Sql11/01/12 Visit us : 8 E-mail :
  9. 9. Graphic Designer Flash Designer Flash Designer+ for Print Animator (2DAnimator) • Basics * •Basics * •Basics * •Adobe Illustrator •Adobe Illustrator •Adobe Illustrator •Adobe Photoshop •Adobe Photoshop •Adobe Photoshop •Flash Basics, Story •Adobe Indesign Board Animation, •Flash Tween, Keyframe Animation, Character Animation, Background Animation, Intro Animation We Implement Your Thoughts These Courses are presently offered at Visit us : www.savyinfoline.com11/01/12 9 L 221-222,Sec.-5 Vasundhara Plaza, Vasundhara,Ghaziabad E-mail :
  10. 10. Flash Designer + Video Editing + Compositing 2D–3D Programmer Print Animator •Basics * • Basics * •Basics * •Adobe Photoshop •Flash Basics •Adobe Illustrator •Adobe Photoshop •Adobe Premier /FCP • Adobe After •Adobe Photoshop •Adobe Premier /FCP Effects/Combustion •Flash Basic + •Adobe After Effects/Combustion •3 ds Max / Mya Programming •Modeling •Character Animation •Effects We Implement Your Thoughts These Courses are presently offered at Visit us : www.savyinfoline.com11/01/12 E-mail : 10 L 221-222,Sec.-5 Vasundhara Plaza, Vasundhara,Ghaziabad
  11. 11. Profiles of Experts From the Rich Experience of Industries as well as Institutions  Experience in C/C++, VC++ (SDK, MFC) STL, Socket programming in Windows and Linux & Dot Net technologies. Worked with Patni, Persistent systems during tenure. Certified C, C++, Sql, Pl/Sql Programmer (MCA)  Experience in C/C++ programming in Linux, Socket programming, Device Driver,and embedded system in Linux. Worked with Virtualwire Technologies Pvt Ltd.(Startup company in IIT) and Webcom Technologies USA( As a trainer). Topper in Embedded System Course. (B.Tech (I.T)).  Experience in Java, J2EE, Oracle. Project Management. Worked in Wipro technologies. Certified Java Programmer (MCA) 11/01/12 Visit us : 11 E-mail : info
  12. 12. Course Content  C Language List the different data types, Use of Operators, Use if-else-if statements, Discuss switch statement, Describe and implement loops, Describe array handling in C, Apply pointers in C, Define and use functions, List storage classes in C, List string functions , List the uses of structures in C, Pointers in detail.  Data Structures using C Bits and bytes, Arrays, Strings, Stack, List, Queue, Trees, Search, Sorting techniques, Applied uses of data structures.  C++ Language Describe classes and objects, Explain operators, Explain OOPS, Object, Class, Inheritance, Polymorphism (static / dynamic), Encapsulation, Describe file handling in C++, Explain operator overloading and functions, Exception handling, Pointers in detail, STL, Type casting.11/01/12 Visit us : 12 E-mail
  13. 13. Course Content  SDK (VC) Introduction, Introduction to Unicode, Windows Messaging, Exercise in text output, Basic drawing, The keyboard and mouse, Timers, Child Window controls, Menus and other recourses, Dialog boxes, Clipboard, Bitmap texts and fonts, DLL, Sound and music  MFC (VC++) MFC fundamentals, Message processing, Message boxes and menus, Dialog boxes, Working with controls(check box, radio button, static control, scroll bar), Working with Icons cursors, Working with controls(status bar, tab control, tree views, calendar control, Activex controls.11/01/12 Visit us : 13 E-mail
  14. 14. Course Content  SQL / PL SQL Understand SQL Server features and architecture, Work with SQL Server 2000 Tools and Transact SQL, Work with Tables, Data Types and Joins, Create sub-queries, aggregate , functions, and summarize data, Work with Data Integrity Tools and Indexes, Implement triggers and stored procedures, Manage Transactions Locks and Cursors.11/01/12 Visit us : 14 E-mail
  15. 15. Course Content  C# .Net (With Winforms ) Explain the .NET framework structure, Use VS.NET 2003, Explain various concepts in C#, Write programs in C#, Describe Windows Forms fundamentals, Describe the ADO.NET architecture, Explain ADO.NET programming in Windows Forms, Explain SDI and MDI applications, Explain the process of printing in Windows Forms, Describe Windows Services, Describe GDI + in Windows Forms, Explain networking in Windows Forms, Describe packaging and deploying applications.  Linux Programming Describe different Linux working environments, List and describe different Linux commands, Explain the types of file systems, Describe shell and networking, Configure an Ethernet connection, Install and configure Tomcat.  Java Programming Introduction to Java, Data types, Classes, Arrays, Operators, Exception Handling, Interfaces, Multithreading, AWT event handling, Essential java classes, Packages, Applet.11/01/12 Visit us : 15 E-mail
  16. 16. Professional Training & Expertise Courses with Live Projects Implementing SDLC, Verification & Validation TechniquesC++, VC++(MFC) , Introduction to socket programming andMultithreading.C with Linux flavors, debugging Introduction to socketprogramming, Multithreading, using eclipseLinux Device Driver. And real time OSDot Net technologies (C#. net,, SQL Server 2000,2005)Java J2ee with introduction to Sql, Pl/Sql 11/01/12 Visit us : 16 E-mail : info
  17. 17. Course Module Duration Modules  Duration  XML Simplified 16 hours RDBMS & Data Management 24 hours Working with SQL Server Database Objects 24 hours Programming in C# 32 hours Advanced Programming in C# 16 hours Windows Forms Programming with C# 32 hours Advanced Technologies in Windows Forms using C# 16 hours Beginning ASP.NET 32 hours Database Handling in ASP.NET 16 hours Software Engineering Principles 16 hours E-Project 24 hours Total   248 hours 11/01/12 Visit us : 17 E-mail : info
  18. 18. Registration Process Application Form Registration Form: Photo Name: ___________________________________ Father’s Name: ___________________________________ Home Address: __________________________________ Contact No.: ___________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________ Academic Qualification High School (Board/%): ________________________________ Intermediate (Board/%): _______________________________ Graduation (Univ./%): ________________________________ Technical Skills: _________________________________ Name of the College /Institute: ___________________________ Area of Interest: _________________________________ Registration Details Registration Date: ___________________________________ Amount deposited: __________________________________ Date of submission: _________________________________ Batch No Allotted: __________________________________ Remarks: ___________________________________ (Authorised Signatory)11/01/12 Visit us : 18 E-mail : info
  19. 19. Registration Process Documentation required at the time of Registration:Photo ID Proof : (Driving License /PAN Card/UID)Residence Proof ( Passport/Voter ID Card/Ration Card )Educational Qualification ( 10 th,12 th, Graduation)Training Letter from Institute :OriginalCollege ID Card.6 Nos of Passport Photographs.Note : One Self attested Photocopy of along with the Original at the time of Registration Terms and ConditionsThe Training period will be of 60 working Days.Interns had to pay a fees of amount Rs.15,000/ to the Company for the Training Period.Interns had to be serious and sincere towards their Training Program me.Interns will be paid a stipend of Rs.3000/ per month, those who will have >80 % of attendance.Continuous Evaluation will be done, Interns has to prepare for the exams Conducted by Instructor.Candidates who qualifies will be absorbed internally.Changing of Batch once allotted is not permissible.No intern is allowed to enter in class in case he/she comes late.Cheques /Demand Draft would be in favor of “ Savy Infoline Pvt Ltd, payable at Noida .Payments can bedeposited into ICICI Bank ,Sector-18,Account No 003105010546 ; IFSC Code: ICICI000003111/01/12 Visit us : 19 E-mail : info
  20. 20. Why Savy Infoline…  Maturity Of Processes Yet Maintaining Flexibility & ‘Small Company Efficiency’  Fast Ramp Up To New & Emerging Technologies  In-depth Experience Of The Nuances Of Product Development Due To Product Development Background That We Can Leverage When Working As Partners Virtual Off-shore Development Group  Specialization In Select Areas Allowing Depth Of Experience In The Same  Ability To Work With Customers Ranging From Dynamic Start-ups To Software Giants11/01/12 Visit us : 20 E-mail
  21. 21. With Regards SAVY INFOLINE Pvt. Ltd. For more information contact us Business Promotion Offices Business Promotion Offices Registered Office Mumbai Noida E-128 Kalkaji, New Delhi -19 D/502, Meera Appts V Floor, India C-66,Sector-9Meera Bhyender Road (E), Meera Mobile : Noida Road, THANE MAHARSTRA,INDIA +91- 9891321713 Tel:+91-120-2530288/4284728 401 107. Mob:+91-9891321713/9868101833 Ph.+91 9930469885, Modinagar Training Work Shop 13 , Professers’ Lodge Noida Modinagar-201204 Visit us Tel: +91-9868101833 A-56,Sector-6 E-mail : Noida Mob:+91-9891321713 11/01/12 21