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Di overview who_we_are_what_we_do_091011-ds

  1. 1. Dial Interactive OverviewDonald SuttonOffice: (954) 816-1888Email: dsutton@dialinteractive.comwww.dialinteractive.com Confidential
  2. 2. Table of Contents Overview Core Services Differentiation Consulting Approach and Project Examples - Completed Projects - In Progress Projects Uncovering Opportunities and Next Steps Discussion and Q & A Appendix A – Bio Examples, Education, Experience and Training Appendix B – Consulting Services Examples Confidential
  3. 3. Dial Interactive Overview Contact Center and Telephony Professional Services Firm 20+ years Experience (Customer Service Operations, IVR Service Bureaus, Contact Center Consulting and Telecommunications) Primary Locations are Florida, Kansas, Texas Conduct business with Indirect and Direct Channels for Clients with Multi- Site, Multi-Vendor Environments - Business Relationships with Enterprise Clients, Federal and State Government - Business Partner Relationships - Channel Relationships Enterprise Services Include Project-Based Solutions and Staff Augmentation Services DI Founders - Managing Partners/Chief Solution Architects provide oversight for every project TL 9000 (near certification) Confidential
  4. 4. Dial Interactive Core Services Contact Center Consulting (improve efficiency and effectiveness) - Assessments/Business Case Analysis - Leadership Workshops/Strategy - Technology RFP - Quality Monitoring/Recording - Workforce Management - Custom Reporting Advanced Technology Deployments - Architecture and Roadmap - Cisco - Genesys - Avaya - Others (Nortel, Siemens, etc.) Wrap Around Services (call flow design, development, configuration, integration, disaster planning, testing) - Database Services - Application Development (IVR/CTI) - Post Implementation - Technical Support / Maintenance Agreements - Performance Testing, Load/Stress Testing, Web Testing Confidential
  5. 5. DI Differentiation Motivated to Win  Invest In Our People - Below market rates - Hands on, hands on, hands on - Flexible (fixed, T&M, block of hours, - Experience, education, training, subscription, discount schedule) certifications (see Appendix A) - End-to-end sales support (prospecting, - Testing, prototyping labs (see next slide) brainstorming, pre-call planning, problem  Management Strength diagnosis, weekly project reports, post - Business and technological expertise sales support) • Sales - Mini Assessments (see information in • Consultants Appendix B) • Executives Control Overhead Costs • Accountants - Virtual offices • Engineers - Lean travel budget • Project Managers (PMI) Reputation as Experts - Multi-industry • Technical Writers - Serve leading networking and technology • Military Veterans (Network/IT) partners  Emphasis on Quality - Serve large, complex clients - Consulting (pre-planning) provided as - Demonstrated capabilities to increase client revenues and reduce costs cost of sales – DI’s Skin In The Game - Many years of implementations and - Executive support for all projects integrations with various vendor solutions - Working toward TL 9000 Certification Competitive pricing, reputation for trustworthiness and flexibility, invest in training and quality! Confidential
  6. 6. DI Differentiation – Lab Overview1. Dell 2950 Server with 1TB of Raid 9. Virtual Server 8 – Cisco Outbound Option Storage Dialer and PG2. VMWare ESXi 4.0 virtual machine 10. Virtual Server 9 – Tools (CVP ops environment console, support tools, etc)3. Virtual Server 1 – Cisco Call Manager 11. Virtual Server 10 – Cisco CVP 7.0.2 Call 7.1.2 Server (SIP based)4. Virtual Server 2 – Microsoft Domain 12. Virtual Server 11 – Cisco CVP VXML Controller and DNS Server5. Virtual Server 3 and 4 – Microsoft SQL 13. Virtual Client 1 – CVP Studio, CTIOS Server environment for Genesys clients, etc. Replication testing 14. Gateway 1 – Cisco gateway router (SIP,6. Virtual Server 5 – Cisco UCCE 7.5.5 H.323), inbound/outbound PSTN Router/Logger connectivity7. Virtual Server 6 – Cisco UCCE Call 15. Remote Access router – 10MB Manager PG, CVP PG, CTIOS connectivity for DI team access8. Virtual Server 7 – Cisco Historical Data Server and AW Lab for proof of concept, evaluate products and support training and project needs. Confidential
  7. 7. Reference - Consulting Approach Business Strategy Linkage  Contact Drivers ◦ Vision, Mission, Competition ◦ Advertising ◦ Organizational Alignment ◦ Contact Types and Handling ◦ Location Analysis ◦ Tracking and Analysis ◦ Customer Satisfaction ◦ Planning and Projections ◦ Customer Segmentation and Value ◦ Business Case Analysis  Operations Human Resources ◦ Service Levels ◦ Recruitment, Hiring, Training ◦ Quality Measures ◦ Rewards and Recognition ◦ Methods and Procedures ◦ Coaching ◦ Costs / Value ◦ Compensation  Technology Call Management ◦ Network / VoIP ◦ Contact/Call Process, Flow, ◦ Hardware / Software Access and Routing ◦ Multi-Channel Solutions ◦ Work Blending ◦ Staffing, Forecasting and  Information Management Scheduling ◦ Customer Relationship Management ◦ Call Monitoring ◦ Contact Management ◦ Performance Measures ◦ Knowledge Management ◦ Performance ManagementWe provide vendor neutral analyses and look holistically across the interrelated areas of the Contact Center. Confidential
  8. 8. Completed Projects Load Testing - Production / pre-upgrade testing in preparation for the upcoming 2008 holiday season . Provided requirements, test plan, load/stress tests, evaluation, gap analysis, recommendations for remediation; and assistance with remediation. Developed custom reports to capture errors occurring within ICM which shows call type failures in the WebView reports. Disaster Recovery Planning - To mitigate system failures that occurred during 2007 holiday season and to identify bottlenecks that caused holiday calling problems, revenue impact and customer issues. Assessed the environment from a disaster recovery and business impact perspective, developed and documented detailed DR plan and recommendations for improving stability and resiliency. Technology Refresh - Conducted requirements and features/gap analysis for UCCX vs. UCCE decision. Provided requirements gathering, design validation, migration strategy, researched speech vendors with features and pricing, provided implementation plan, assisted with A2Q, hardware/software validation and developed documentation for city- wide UCCE system deployment. Migration and Custom Reporting - UCCE replacement of Rockwell, required similar reports. Provided custom report development, debugging, detailed reporting documentation and reporting knowledge transfer, assistance for analysis of Cisco UCCE, ICM, CVP, CTI requirements and support for the UCCE, CVP deployment. Confidential
  9. 9. Completed Projects ICM Call Flow - Brought in to assist with a Cisco CAP case. Reviewed current configurations and design, provided script support, created and documented "end-to- end" call flow solutions, provided design reviews and developed documentation with design concerns and recommendations. Technology Refresh - Provided staff augmentation for CallManager and UCCE upgrade project. Focused on CallManager configuration, upgrade of custom Java code, correcting mis-configurations and installation assistance for CallManager and UCCE deployment. Designed, developed and implemented IP IVR “One Question Survey”. IP IVR Training - Provided training/mentoring to customer resources for internal resources to be able to provide on-going IP IVR main menu redesign and reengineering. IP Telephony Services - Provided staff augmentation for CallManager and ICM project. Focused on CallManager configuration, correcting mis-configurations and ICM scripting support. UCCE Deployment - UCCE upgrade from 6.0 to 7.2 for over 400 locations. Developed requirements, designed and implemented Cisco Outbound Option, custom CTI softphone, provided scripting support, developed custom lead management database, assisted with Verint Quality Monitoring solution, provided custom reporting. Confidential
  10. 10. In Progress Projects Performance and Load Testing - End-to-end call flow testing and load testing for key calling programs in preparation for the upcoming 2009 holiday season. Performance Testing will be provided prior to conducting the Load Testing in order to verify programs are working as expected. Testing will include sending test calls (2 per hour for each of the 6 toll free numbers, 24x7) and results in analysis of weekly outcomes, report development with review of anomalies, remediation recommendations and fine-tuning prior to conducting Load Testing. Load Testing is for large volumes of test calls to conduct pre-holiday planned outage exercises to identify bottlenecks and recommend remediation in order avoid disasters that have the potential to result in revenues and operational costs. UCCE Implementation and Support - Deployment design and configuration activities for UCCE and CVP; application development, database design, install, deploy and test UCCE in a Lab and in Production Pilot. CVP “Pay 1” (water) design, application development for Production Pilot, assistance in call handling and routing, testing services and overall UCCE testing support. SQL Server 2005 Database Services - Pre-implementation testing support with a 3rd party testing solution (i.e. Hammer). Build base SQL databases in a replication environment so Genesys can implement their software on top of the databases. Databases include 1) configuration database, 2) log database and 3) routing database. Services also include post- implementation database and SQL server testing. Confidential
  11. 11. In Progress Projects SQL Database Services - Build a base SQL database in a replication environment so Genesys can implement their software on top of the database; assist Partner and Genesys in planning and preparing the SQL server database environment for the Genesys implementation, server installation, server configuration, server testing. Telephone Audit and Testing Services - Inventory audit and quality assurance testing on 2,000 local/RCF phone numbers and 4000 calls for Sales and Services. Automated testing to determine if RCF calls are being routed to the right place, verify if routing is working (does the routing match the intended protocol), determine accuracy of yellow page advertising for RCF phone numbers, analyze completed calls and provide test results. Manual testing to conduct root cause analysis regarding, analyze results and provide test results. Telephony Architect Support - Services related to replacing current systems with Nortel (TDM) and Avaya (IP). Document current environment, develop a dial plan, define a roadmap linking disparate systems, develop a plan for Enterprise site-to-site dialing, voice mail solution and voicemail broadcasting, identify solutions that provide Enterprise-wide call reporting and provide a lifecycle/strategy and four roadmap (0-6 months, 7-24 months, 2012 – 2013). Our services pay for themselves! Confidential
  12. 12. Other Project Examples Assessments & Designs Implementations Leadership Strategy Workshops  Complex Site Migrations and Upgrades Multi Location Assessment  Web Collaboration and Email Management Global Routing Assessment  Cisco Contact Center Express Technology Audits/Roadmap  Cisco Contact Center Enterprise Scripting Analysis  Avaya Contact Center (IC, Express) Workforce Management  Genesys Integrated Contact Services IVR Redesigns  Avaya and Siemens to ICM CTI/IVR ROI Assessments  Nortel Symposium to Avaya, Cisco Business Case/ROI Assessments  Custom Softphone (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys) Custom Reporting (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys)  IVR Self Service Applications Load/Stress Testing (IQS, Hammer/Empirix)  CTI Integration Application Performance Testing  Database Services (SQL, Oracle) Disaster Recovery Planning We are trained across all major technologies. Confidential
  13. 13. Potential Joint Opportunities1. Clients in need of operational improvements • Increase revenue and productivity • Reduce turn over and cost • Increase customer satisfaction and market share2. Clients in need of technology migration plans, roadmaps, ROI3. Clients with outbound dialers needing agent scripting solutions4. Clients interested in implementing remote agent solutions5. Clients interested in implementing quality monitoring/call recording solution6. Clients needing reporting assistance7. Clients with IVR solutions (Agreement for Application Support, T&M or annual block of hrs) Confidential
  14. 14. Potential Joint Opportunities (cont.)8. Clients with recent contact center implementations – Post Implementation Support9. Clients with contact center solutions proposed – sweeten the deal • Pre-implementation – i.e. environment readiness services • Post-implementation • Two-week post implementation support • T&M support • Annual support (block of hours, 8X5, 24X7)10.Staff augmentation needs • Scripting • Call flow tune-ups Confidential
  15. 15. Next Steps Brainstorming Sessions A. Determine partnership needs (i.e. qualification questions, pre-sales support) B. Address accounts with immediate needs (see previous two slides) C. Prioritize opportunities and score them 1) N - needs 2) U - urgency Score of 7 is bad, 3) C - cause score of 35 is great 4) L - loyalty 5) E - expectations 6) A - authority 7) R – resources D. Participate in brainstorming sessions / workshops with clients to uncover potential opportunities and new prospects (see step A-C) Confidential
  16. 16. Discussion and Q & A Confidential
  17. 17. Contact InformationDonald Sutton: Managing Partner/Chief Solution Architect (954) 816-1888 dsutton@dialinteractive.comPhil Grosdidier: Managing Partner/Chief Solution Architect (913) 219-2997 pgrosdidier@dialinteractive.com Confidential
  18. 18. Confidential
  19. 19. Appendix A Bio Examples,Education, Experience and Training Confidential
  20. 20. Bio ExamplesChief Solution Architect - The Consultant is a contact center business, telecommunications and computer consultant withover 20 years of experience. He has experience in advanced leadership, strategy, segmentation, voice and data networking,VoIP, call center processes and technologies, self-service technologies, and overall telecommunications industry knowledge.The Consultant leads complex IP projects for global companies. Projects range from business case development, strategy,assessments/audits, call flow analyses, design, reporting, re-engineering, application development, implementations andintegrations for the full spectrum of contact center technologies as well as Messaging, Remote Agent, Voice Mail, WFM, etc.Chief Solution Architect - The Consultant has 20 years of contact center experience in business, finance, technology andcomputer consulting. He has a background in business, accounting, leadership, telecommunications, direct marketing, andcontact center/customer service centers.The Consultant leads consulting engagements specializing in leadership workshops, business-case development, strategy,and design; multi-location design, routing, voice response and quality monitoring applications, call flow analyses, applicationdevelopment, technology implementations and integrations.Senior Consultant - The Consultant has over 30 years of contact center and telecommunications experience and consultswith multi-location global clients across all industries with complex multi-vendor technology platforms.The Consultant leads projects ranging from small to complex that includes providing strategic consulting, daily operationalimprovement recommendations, operational analysis, best practices reviews, gap analysis, business continuity plans, staffingrecommendations, employee development, etc.Senior Consultant - The Consultant is a change management and process expert with over 20 years of experience. He hasextensive strategic, operational, and consulting experiences.The Consultant leads projects for Fortune 200 companies including strategic planning and technical and culturaltransformation using a multi-disciplinary set of skills that include people-related change management, process analysis andmanagement, communications, knowledge management, people-performance management, and program management.Operations Consultant - The Consultant is an experienced call center operations manager with consulting, leadership,analytical and project management experience. Skills include workflow audits, analyzing reporting needs, contact centerdesign and configuration, development of training materials, delivery of training, development of self-service applications,vendor management and C + level client relationship management. Confidential
  21. 21. Bio Examples (cont.)Technical Architect / Engineer - The Consultant is an IT and business consultant with 20 years of experience. Hisexperience covers project management, VoIP, processes and technologies, multi-channel solutions, outbound dialers, CTI,application development and implementation of self-service technologies, business case development and reporting.The Consultant leads or supports projects that include application and database development, systems integration,implementation, managing client/vendor relations, systems analysis, quality assurance and testing, training anddocumentation, and systems deployment and auditing.Technical Architect / Engineer - The Consultant is an IT consultant with over 20 years of experience in operations,technology and training and over 11 years in designing, developing, testing and deploying IVR solutions. His experienceincludes project management, design, scripting, development and integration of processes and technologies (IVR, Web, chat,fax, inbound, outbound) quality monitoring, workforce management, reporting, voice and data networking, databasedevelopment and security.The Consultant leads or supports projects covering all industries as a Technical Lead to provide scripting and configuration,application development, systems integration, testing, knowledge transfer and training.Technical Architect / Engineer - The Consultant has 17 years of experience in areas of project management, databasedevelopment, IP networking and multi-vendor technology and network implementations.The Consultant leads projects that include technology migrations, implementation of technical improvements, upgrades,consolidation, replacement of telephony systems and support software, troubleshooting, process reengineering, technicaldocumentation development, audits, business case development and reporting.Technical Architect/Engineer/Analyst/Consultant - The Consultant has more than 15 years of experience with installationsof network solutions, ICM call routing solutions and integrating multi-vendor contact center platforms including PBX, ACD,IVR, databases and CTI applications for enterprise, global clients.The Consultant leads or supports projects that include requirements, implementation strategies, system configurationactivities, scripting, training and database and CTI integrations. The Consultant provides project management services,network configuration design, advanced reporting, test plan development, testing of contingency routing plans, and tier twomaintenance support in areas of scripting, application and network configuration, monitoring, reporting and call routing. Confidential
  22. 22. Education and Experience Examples Business and Technical Consulting Education, Certification and ExperienceBS Mechanical Engineer D LegendLicensed Professional Engineer D D - DegreeCPA and Telecommunications Corporate Attorney D C - CertifiedForeign Languages German D M - MemberMBA in Management and Information Management D T- Training and OJTB.S. Psychology Emphasis on Industrial Psychology/Organizational Behavior DBBA in Accounting and Finance DBSBA Marketing Management DInstitute for Advanced Professional Studies (IAPS) CInformation Systems and Management Trainer CProject Management (PMI) CContact Center Auditor (Purdue University), Contact Center Performance Analyst CMicrosoft Database Administrator CTelecommunications Systems and Management CQuality Monitoring and Coaching TQuality Training TCaller Satisfaction Measurement, Caller Self-Service Workflow Auditing TContact Center Analytics and Custom Report Development TContact Center Operational Assessment, Benchmarking, Design and Implementation TForeign Services Professional Development in Information Management TIVR / CTI Application Development TVoice Networking, Advanced Routing, Local/Toll-Free, PSTN TGlobal Contact Center Development/Implementation/Consolidation TData Networking, VoIP/SoIP TOrganizational, Advanced Leadership and Mgt, People Related Change Mgt. TTechnical Writer TTest Cases and Test Plan Development and Management TProcess Improvement Analysis, Training and Coaching T Confidential
  23. 23. Project Experience Examples Consulting Services and Enterprise-Sized Client Project ExamplesBusiness and Technology Assessment / Business Case and ROI 15+ LegendLocation Analysis (strategy, decision matrix, site selection, recommendations) 15+ Years of ExperienceIVR Audit and Redesign 15+ 15+Business Process Reengineering / Work and Contact Flow / Scripting Audits 15+ 10+Multi-Location Customer Service Strategy (VoIP/SoIP Networking, Advanced Routing, Local/Toll- 15+ 5+Free, PSTN, Premise Equipment) (Domestic and Global)RFP Development and Vendor Management 15+ 2+Contact Center Standardization/Integration/Consolidation (Domestic and Global) 15+Call Routing Solution Integration (Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Nortel, Siemens) 15+Call Routing and IVR Integration 15+Custom Reporting 15+IVR Application Development and Middleware Integration 15+Security Audits (PBX, Voice Mail, IVR and Network Trunking) 15+Business Continuity Review and Implementation 10+Contact Center Implementations with WFM, QM, Wallboards, Outbound with IVR/Speech 10+CTI Implementation/Deployment (implementing software, testing, training, documentation) 10+Quality Monitoring Implementations (Envision, NICE, Verint/Witness) 10+Cisco IPCC/UCCE Integration w/Outbound, Campaign, Scripting 2+Cisco CVP Application Development and Implementation 2+CTI Implementation (CTI OS, CAD) 2+Web Collaboration and Email Management - Self-Service Channel Integration 2+Process Improvement Analysis and implementation of tools, methods, policies, procedures, along 2+with training of front-line managementAvaya Remote Agent Integrated with Cisco ICM 2+ Confidential
  24. 24. Cisco Specialization Examples Cisco Technology Education, Certification and ExperienceCisco Consultant Liaison Program M LegendCisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) T D - DegreeCisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) T C - CertifiedIP Communications Certification (SLSX) C M - MemberCisco CTI Programming for Cisco ICM and Cisco IPCC/UCCE T T- Training and OJTCisco CVP Development and Implementation CCisco IP IVR Development and Implementation TCisco IPCC/UCCE Advanced Reporting TCisco IPCC/UCCE Enterprise Advanced Scripting TCisco Remote Agent TUnified Contact Center Express TUnified Contact Center Enterprise - Implementation CCisco CAD TCisco CallManager TCisco CTI OS TCisco ICM / IPCC/UCCE Project Engineering TCisco ICM Product Training TCisco ICM Project Management TCisco ICM Sys Admin. TCisco IPCC/UCCE Multi-Channel Integration T Confidential
  25. 25. Technology Specialization Examples Other Contact Center Technology Education, Certification and ExperienceAvaya Consulting Relations Program M LegendNortel Global Consultant Liaison Program M D - DegreeAdtran Switch Technology C C - CertifiedHammer Test Systems / IQ Services Test System C M - MemberNovell Certified Administrator C T- Training and OJTDatabase Applications (SQL Server and Oracle DBA) CGenesys Contact Center Suite TAvaya Contact Center Suite TACD (Aspect, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Aspect, Rockwell, NEC) TBusiness Applications (Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Salesforce) TCampaign Management/Agent Scripting (RiverStar, SimpliCTI) Integrated with Avaya, Cisco, TGenesys, etc. (Domestic and Global)Computer Languages (C, Java, SQL, UNIX, Visual Basic, VXML) TDatabases (Microsoft, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, UNIX, DB2, Informix) TReporting (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Nortel) TCTI / Softphone (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Nortel) TIVR (Aspect, Avaya, Genesys, IBM WebSphere/DirectTalk, Intervoice Brite/Edify, NICE, TNortel/Periphonics, Nuance/BeVocal, Syntellect)Networking (WAN, LAN Principles and Isolation Techniques, TCP/IP Protocol, Network Routers, TSwitches, Network Management Systems, Desktop and Server Systems, ATM, ATM/LANE,Gigbit Ethernet)Outbound Dialer (Avaya, Cisco, Aspect, Mosaic) TEmail, Chat, Fax, Messaging (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Nortel) TQuality Monitoring/Call Recording, Analytics (Aspect, Astericks, NICE, Verint/Witness) TRemote Agent (Aspect, Avaya, Nortel) TWFM (Aspect, Blue Pumpkin/Witness, NICE/IEX, Pipkins) T Confidential
  26. 26. Appendix BConsulting Service Examples Confidential
  27. 27. Mini Assessment - Overview Off-site Preparation / Data Gathering (planning activities) - Call with Partner and Account Team for customer and strategy review - Call with client for introductions and project discussion - Provide client with discovery questionnaire and contact center check list • Call data • Call flows diagrams • Org charts - Schedule interviews (sales/marketing/advertising, CFO, COO, CIO/IT, contact center leadership focus group, agent focus group) - Consolidate data received and hand off to project team On-site Review - Kickoff meeting / Leadership Workshop - Executive interviews (vision, pain points, project reviews) - Side-by-side agent observations/call/contact monitoring - Technology/data reviews - Deliverable development of high-level PowerPoint presentation with high-level business case information - Project readout in ½ day meeting Method to quickly identify improvement opportunities and/or cost justify a solution. Confidential
  28. 28. Mini Assessment – Sample Timeline Pre-planning On-Site ReviewTasks Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5Pre-planningOn-site ReviewKickoff meetingExecutivemeetings/interviewsAgent focus groupand AgentobservationsContact monitoringTechnology and datareviewsDeliverabledevelopmentProject readoutProject Team (2 on-site resources):- Managing Partner / Chief Solution Architect- Contact Center Consultant / ArchitectFee (dependent on resource requirements, client location and advance notice for travelingplanning)We don’t just tell customers how to implement improvements, we can implement the changes for them. Confidential
  29. 29. Planning ExamplesLeadership Workshop includes assessing whether the contact center strategy is aligned withorganization’s overall corporate goals and helping client personnel “get on the same page”. Theworkshop is conducted with the guidance of a Sr. Consultant who can assist with the creation ofa clear vision and roadmap. Each workshop is unique but may include topics such as how toenhance revenues and/or cut costs through a multi-channel service strategy, outsource or in-source, implement self-service solutions, change from a cost to a profit center, consolidate, etc.Assessments are the starting point upon which recommendations are based. DI identifiesareas of strength that need to be leveraged and identifies pain points that need to be alleviated.We take benchmarks, best practices and key assessment findings and tailor recommendationsto the unique needs, culture and environment of each client. Assessments may cover all areasof the Contact Center or only one or two areas listed below:- Operational (i.e. people, process, technology)- Environment (i.e. location, design, centralization, decentralization)- Organizational Design (i.e. workforce planning, command center, quality)- IT Infrastructure (i.e. ACD, network, call routing, IVR/speech, CTI, CRM, inbound, outbound, web/chat, fax, workforce management, quality monitoring/call recording, remote agent, reporting, etc.)- Security (i.e. PCI Compliance for Quality Recording, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Application Security, Internet Readiness, etc.) Confidential
  30. 30. Planning ExamplesReporting and Analytics includes a review of current reports, data sources and reporting needsacross organizations. Contact centers generate huge volumes of data and transforming thedetails into nuggets of information is frequently an ongoing challenge, often involving an army ofanalysts collecting data from disparate systems. DI will work with contact center clients bycollecting relevant data so that it can be "mined" for strategic insights and develop or assist withthe development of operational reports, executive dashboards, scorecards, etc. DI servicesinclude the design and development of Cisco IPCC/UCCE or ICM reports with WebView, Crystal,InfoMaker reporting systems, Genesys Interaction Center reports with Genesys Info Mart as wellas AT&T BusinessDirect reports and general Crystal reports with any contact center solution.Business Case Analysis and ROI is an invaluable asset when making a critical technologydecision. DI will analyze the costs and benefits associated with adding technology (i.e. CTI, IVR,workforce management, quality management, performance management, outbound, remote agent,etc.) to a contact center. DI will also develop the conceptual solution and design, withoptions on how to implement a cost effective solution. The analysis will include a high-leveltechnology assessment, requirements gathering, interviews, time motions studies for agentproductivity improvements and other methods to identify actual business requirements. Theanalysis concludes with specific recommendations backed by quantifiable results and costjustification for securing budgetary approval for capital/operational investments. Fees for the ROIAnalysis typically pay for itself with added savings. Confidential
  31. 31. Planning ExamplesRFP Development and Vendor Management services include support or management of theRFP process including initial conceptual design, vendor selection, decision matrix, pricecomparisons, and other critical items. The process includes analysis, interviews, and othermethods to identify actual business requirements. Information acquired from the process will betransformed into a comprehensive RFP. The RFP will be sent to vendors qualified to meet theoverall business requirements. DI will compile the RFP responses, populate a feature-weightedgrid by vendor and will participate in the final presentation made by the top vendors. As options,DI will structure a contract that will reduce the risk of change orders that are always involved in acapital expenditure project and will also work with staff through the implementation phase toensure that all the features and functions listed in the detailed RFP are installed correctly.Environment Readiness services assess clients’ readiness to support emerging and/or differenttechnologies. DI will work with clients to ensure an understanding of the impact of change, bothpositive and negative. Services include a readiness evaluation that covers organizational design,preplanning, human resources/skills assessment, review of existing/require IT infrastructure,architectural design, operational processes and procedures and security implications. Confidential
  32. 32. Planning ExamplesPerformance Monitoring services includes auditing and monitoring the end-to-end availability andperformance of customers’ contact center voice processing systems, contact center services, tollfree, toll fee, local, remote call forwarding numbers and other telephone-related services. Monitoringcan be provided on as many numbers as is needed; and the frequency of test calls per hour isspecific to each customer’s needs.Test calls are initiated through the PSTN, using customer systems just as regular callers do.Greetings, prompts, response times and access to information is verified on every test call. Test callinputs may be touch-tone, speech, or both. If a test call is not handled according to specifications,the system immediately generates one or more notification messages to inform Dial Interactive ofthe issue. Telephone and/or e-mail notification messages can also be directed to a help desk, anindividual, a voice mailbox or a pager. If the need arises to view completed test calls, review test callflow documentation, turn notifications on or off or view various step response time charts, access toa secure online monitoring site, is also available. Performance Monitoring is also available to testWeb systems.Dial Interactive provides a weekly report with details of the test calls and error notifications. Toprovide insight into the cause of errors, Dial Interactive makes complete digital audio recordings ofthe test calls and provides .wav files of these recordings via e-mail, as well as online. With therecordings, you can hear what happened and go quickly to the source of the issue. Confidential
  33. 33. Planning ExamplesLoad / Stress Testing services include performing several iterations of contact center testing in orderto simulate peak historical traffic volumes plus some % of anticipated growth. Automated 3rd party toolsare used to emulate simultaneous callers dialing into a contact center. The load/stress testing includesdialing numbers and entering information into IVR/CVP systems, listening to (and comprehending)responses. During load/stress testing, the Dial Interactive team develops high-level views of end-to-end(greetings, access to account information, call routing functions, screen pop functions, response times)operation and performance of the call routing, IVR and screen pop solutions.During load/stress testing there will be focus placed on varying traffic levels in order to verify responses,measure response times and potentially capture other critical data on test calls. For example, thetesting session may be broken down into several intervals which may include: Session 1 test drive, not intended to run up to full capacity. The idea is to access, interact with and exercise the target system. Issues will be noted and addressed prior to the next session. Session 2 get the system up to full load and hold for a period of time. Issues and problems will be noted, documented and addressed prior to the next run. Session 3 get the system up to full load and hold for a period of time (assume one failure). Issues and problems will be noted, documented and addressed prior to the final run. Session 4 run the testing again at full load and hold it for a period of time to validate the solution is problem free at full capacity. Results will be documented in a report that will be included in the system acceptance package.Testing concludes with an evaluation of findings, gap analysis and recommendations that includequick hits, short-term and long-term recommendations. Confidential
  34. 34. Technical Support ExamplesTechnical Support Services (Staff Augmentation):Services are typically provided to support an existing complex contact center environment integratedwith multiple technologies provided by leading technology vendors (i.e. Aspect, Avaya, Genesys, IBMWebSphere/DirectTalk, Intervoice Brite/Edify, NEC, NICE, Nortel/Periphonics, Nuance/BeVocal,RiverStar, Rockwell, Siemens, Syntellect, Verint/Witness, etc.). Services may include: Program / project management  Reporting changes Outbound campaign/script development  Post-implementation support Engagement management  Troubleshooting Call routing scripting  Mentoring and end-user training Contract management  Error resolution IVR application / scripting change  Technical writing Accounting  Software updates, maintenance releases, Screen-pop changes  Research Legal review  Remote maintenance/support (help desk) Audit and Testing Confidential
  35. 35. Design, Develop, Implement ExamplesProcess Redesign (re-engineering) includes global redesign services for clients with complexcontact center environments. Services include documentation of current end-to-end processes andmapping those processes to identify potential failures at key points, incomplete processes, serviceissues, handoffs, manual workaround points, escalation issues, touch points, screen navigation,system access points, opportunities for self-service applications, etc.It also includes redesigning processes for the desired end-state such as easy access to legacysystems, eliminating duplicate handling, multiple handoffs, and redundant steps, identifying salesopportunities, integration needs, etc. Processes in the review typically include: Business rules Process flows Multi-vendor, multi-channel contact flows Call routing scripting Confidential
  36. 36. Design, Develop, Implement ExamplesScripting and Configuration services include review of requirements for network planning,call routing, dialed numbers, load balancing, call/contact types, translation routes, self-service, speech recognition, computer telephony, scripts, call flows, business logic, skill groupassignment, contact center design preparation, design modifications, scripting andconfiguration. Activities include developing scripts, business rules, assigning queues, self-service/speech call flow development, establishing skill groups, agents and extensions,implementing computer telephony solutions / screen pop, developing test plans, cutoverplanning and baseline testing.Integration services include IVR, call routing, custom computer telephony (I.e. screen-pop,Softphone), voice, web, email, chat and fax, workforce management, quality monitoring/recording,outbound, remote agent, reader boards, reporting, Java, middleware, databases, Web anddesktop integration. Confidential
  37. 37. Post Implementation Service ExamplesPost Implementation Services are provided to help clients manage the difficult period ofadjustment after the implementation of a new solution. Services can be provided to augmentexisting staff (Technical Support Services) or they can be provided as a Project Solution. Servicesmay include: Mentoring/training Scripting Technical writing Remote administration Application “tweaking” Remote support agreements (short-term or long-term, i.e. annual) Confidential
  38. 38. Other Value Add Service ExamplesOther Value-Add Services include People-related Change Management (training throughimplementation), Process Analysis and Management (training through implementation),Communications, Knowledge Management (assessment through implementation), Operations(Customer Care), Human Resources, and Program Management. These services are basedon key relationships and partners with expertise and training in the following areas: Quality assessment Quality training Site selection (with real estate partner) Benchmarking Managing organization change, ODR inc. (Levels I, II, III and masters II, III) Process quality management and improvement methodology Knowledge management Top secret security clearance Confidential