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Web Design and Web Development services


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Web Design and Web Development services

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  2. 2. Who we are? Oarans is a global IT company that is established with a vision to utilize the potential of the brilliant and skillful IT professionals. To build a good reputation and a sense of trust is the highest priority of a technology service provider. We have been working for the most recognized and reputable companies of the world due to our commitment and focus on building long term bonds. We owe all this success to our committed team members who make us believe that they will beat their own deadlines in delivering the client’s expectations. Our Vision: “We aspire to become the world leaders in the ever growing field of Information Technology. We pursue to achieve the benchmark of customer satisfaction and trust while adhering to the highest standards of business ethics and corporate social responsibility.”2 |
  3. 3. Mission:“At Oarans, we strive to deliver technological innovation to our most valued customers throughoutthe world.”Our Core Values:Oarans holds a diverse set of corporate values which lay down the foundation of our ideal corporateculture. We believe that these core values help us strengthen our corporate identity and good name.DD Business ExcellenceDD Corporate Social ResponsibilityDD TeamworkDD Business EthicsDD TrustDD Customer SatisfactionWhat we offer?Oarans offers fully integrated back to back solutions to the phenomenally growing customers of IT productsacross the globe. 3 |
  4. 4. Services offerings: Our services incorporate web development, Software development, Web designs, Quality Assurance and SEO. Web Development: We offer highly tailored web development services for the business owners around the world. Our technical team has diverse experience in the upcoming technologies like jQuery, .Net, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, Ajax, ASP, HTML, and C+ tools. Our custom web solutions have the ability to streamline business processes and prove a cutting edge source for enhancing your business success. We believe in striving for the best for our valued customers and deliver the following specialized solutions: DD Custom web development DD Content management system DD Drupal.Joomla,Word press development DD Cloud computing DD E-Commerce shopping carts DD Yellow Pages DD Job portals(Web) with online resume posting DD Tailored blog system DD Web application development4 |
  5. 5. Web Designs:The web designers at Oarans specialize in the art of merging elegance with logical navigationstructuring. Our web designers ensure that your website acts as store front of your company and optimizes themarket potential of the website.We excel in the field of web designs through the following technologies:DD XHTML/CSS/Web 2.0DD Joomla/Drupal/WordpressDD MySQL/PHPDD Photoshop/IllustratorDD PSD to XHTML/CMSDD Flash animationsOarans provides you not only with exciting design features but also helps in the evaluation of the website.The website maintenance and up gradation is important from the point of view of the competitors as the wellmaintained website can give you an edge over competition.Graphic Designing Services:Graphic designs have the ability to attract the attention of the users resulting in more positive feedback andrevisits, ultimately generating revenues.We carry the competency of merging creative ideas with the latesttechnology to develop outrageous solutions for you.Our graphic design services involve:DD Logo DesignsDD E- Brochure DesignsDD Corporate Identity 5 |
  6. 6. SEO: We follow a very comprehensive and vibrant model of SEO and SMM in order to move systematically and reach the desired results SEO Experts at Oarans utilize two major processes for optimizing your rankings: DD On page SEO DD Off page SEO Our on page activities involve a careful selection of keywords, effective competitor analysis, meaningful content writing and website tags optimization. Our off page activities involve article and press release submissions, blog creations, directories submission and link building services. These activities carry an outstanding ability to improve your standing among the competitors through link building and social media marketing. SEO is an iterative and continuous process of building pathways from your website to Internet users and then maintaining those pathways. Software Development: Oarans provides expert solutions in the broad area of software development. Our software developers work as partners along with the clients and gain deep insights into their project requirements. They also provide support and maintenance of the introduced solution in an expert way. Working with us you can expect following advantages: DD 24/7 support to our potential clients. DD Custom based softwares meeting the requirements of the client. DD Follow systematic approach to project planning, development, implementation and support. DD Improve our expertise and technology with changing needs of the business.6 |
  7. 7. QA & Testing:Quality Assurance is the most important element in the project management cycle and requires great emphasis andexpertise. Oarans hold dynamic and world class quality assurance engineers who can perform highly specializedtasks in a very efficient manner. Our QA Engineers have years of experience in testing procedures and methodologiesto optimize the performance of the software.We offer a range of QA services to cater the needs of variety of customers:DD Software testingDD Installation testingDD Functional testingDD Automated testingDD Web applications testingDD Security/Penetration TestingDD Testing of graphical user interfaceDD Quality controlDD Documentation Services (Technical writing/ Proofreading and editing / Technical documentation).DD Compliance testing.Technological Support:We employ highly dynamic technologies like Php,Drupal, Joomla, .Net, Office 365, MS SharePoint andDynamic CRM expertly. These technologies have playeda leading role in shaping flexible solutions to ourvalued customers. 7 |
  8. 8. How We Work: We follow the benchmark project management practices to ensure transparency and quality. This keeps us focused and help in the quick realization of objectives. Our off shore development model is very simple and caters your needs flexibly. We work along with our clients by using various engagement models discussed as under: Specific Project Models Budgeting Characteristics Specific project requirements. Project carry fixed Budget Fixed cost Clearly defined resources. and deadlines. Specific deadlines. Project specifications Project carry flexible budget Varying cost are insufficient. Unclear depending on the hours development processes and and resources deployed. deadlines. Lacking Documentation. Project specification, Qualified team of Dedicated Team with necessities for development professionals who take flexible cost processes, deadlines and charge of the project. They resources are still to be monitor the progress and projected and negotiated. provide budget estimates.8 |
  9. 9. Our Agile Offshore Development Process:We follow a very comprehensive step by step offshore development process to devise a perfectlycustomized solution:DD Gathering initial information.DD Functional specificationsDD Planning and initial designing.DD Detailed design.DD Testing and User acceptance.DD Final Version delivery. 9 |
  10. 10. Our Contribution towards Your success: We value your success persistently to deliver: Highly Skilled Offshore Teams: The choice of an offshore development team is the most challenging goal for any entrepreneur. We make this choice quite easier by recruiting highly specialized and experienced staff that have exceptional grip over latest technologies. The strength of any team lies in its ability to collaborate effectively and targets are achieved through team effort. We take pride in declaring that our teams excel in generating the best output every day through exemplary team work. We believe that investment in employees training and skill development has a lot many benefits to offer for all the stakeholders. We have been quite successful in retaining our teams and the employee turnover rate is zero percent. This has been one of the major reasons that our clients are highly satisfied in working with our offshore development teams to get maximum benefits. Flexibility and responsiveness towards client needs make our offshore teams stand out among customers. We empower our employees to think different and ensure that client needs are fulfilled in the best ways possible. We employ the right people who live our vision every day through their positive approach towards work. Robust Communication: Communication is fundamentally the most important requirement of every client and we make the best efforts to leave our clients satisfied. We realize how significant it is to understand and overcoming the global10 language and cultural barriers in the dynamic business world. |
  11. 11. Our teams have sufficient experience of dealingwith variety of customers belonging to diversebackgrounds. We invest in our employees tobring flexibility and provide them with the latesttraining to make them acquainted with the latestchallenges.Our powerful and responsivecommunication techniques have helped usestablish long lasting bonds with our customers.Our off shore development teams work side byside with our clients and make them aware of thenew changes being introduced.We follow the benchmark project management practices and a project leader is assigned with theresponsibility to act as a coordinator of every project.The project leaders engage with the client through emails, meetings and phone calls to make the communicationflow seamless. The offshore development teams are then assigned with the tasks based on the perfectchoice of skills for individual project necessities.Top Notch Quality:Commitment towards quality is the key factor behind thesuccess of major global business players around the world.We ingrain quality in every aspect of project developmentlife cycle and make no compromises on achieving theproject deliverables. We assure that our business objectivesare met through committing ourselves to the best qualitystandards. 11 |
  12. 12. Our teams follow the latest techniques and trends to counter the cut throat competition in growing world of information technology. We analyze our processes with key focus and ensure that our project management practices comply with the benchmark practices. The project leaders set targets and review them to guarantee the achievement of best results. Our focus on quality has helped us achieve very positive results and played a major role in business growth as well as stability. Our customers and partners have always appreciated our approach towards project management. This has been only possible through the dedication and commitment of our offshore teams who deliver smart work based on client requirements. Cost Effectiveness: We deliver you the offshore development model that streamlines your business processes in the most efficient manner. We fulfill your staffing requirements and help you in hiring the best development team that can deliver customized cost effective solutions. The best thing about offshore development is the time to market with better revenues than generated earlier. We discuss your needs as well as requirements and try to make things faster and cheaper. Your project costs will reduce by greater percentages and success will be at your doorstep. Oarans has been established with a motive to deliver out of box solutions. We have successfully delivered many projects ensuring that costs are reduced and quality assured.12 We have been working to ensure that our partner’s problems are resolved and they pursue their dreams without any hindrances on their way. |
  13. 13. Operational Flexibility:In the changing face of Information Technology there is a vital need for adaptability to change. Customers nowrequire that their needs should be valued and catered in limited time spans with quality commitments.At Oarans our most important agenda is to make our partners lead competition through flexibility inoperations. We have been making sure that your capability should be enhanced for adaptability and self renewal.We assure:DD Time to marketDD CustomizationDD Reduced of delivery timesDD No DelaysDD Continuous Quality improvementsDD Improved maintenanceThus our development team makes an exciting success plan for you, making you resilient to threats andgenerating broader avenues for your prosperity.Shorter Project Cycles:Oarans development team has rich experience in project management. They have deep insights into yourbudgetary requirements and the time span management. We make you believe in our words through avery practical approach.The lengthy project cycles are the most obvious problem with majority of the companies. It has not only been dueto poor estimations but also improved management of projects. That is why we empower our teams to take lead oftheir projects and deliver something unique that serves as a competitive edge for our customers. 13 |
  14. 14. Expert Solutions: We go an extra mile to ensure that your expectations have been met prudently. Our development teams are not just techies but they are actually true problem solvers. They are working around the clock to make things smoother by adding value and quality. We believe that our growth and rapid advancement in the field of information technology has alot been contributed by expert development team. Our partners have shown complete satisfaction with our solutions that we owe to our brilliant minded technical team. Why Oarans? Choosing Oarans among a wide variety of offshore development companies revolves around some key reasons: DD One-stop-shop services. DD Efficient definition of the project requirements. DD Dedication to facilitate customers by providing competitive pricing. DD Building customer trust through commitment. DD Belief in strong project management. DD Fast and effective communication. DD Competencies in latest technologies. DD Expertise in business logic.14 |
  15. 15. OUR GUARANTEES:On time delivery:We set ourselves apart from the competition by integrating our skill set with your needs at all levels of the projectdevelopment and completion. Our partners constantly review the performance of our skilled team members andwe have always satisfied their demands prudently.Perfect technical skills:We take this as a major key in developing solid relationships with our partners. The industry relevant expertiseof our bright minded experts makes the delivery of projects highly customized and much improved than yourexpectations.Comprehensive solutions:We help you in the proper and improved time and budget estimates. We provide you complete development lifecycles from software development to quality assurance as well as SEO services.Contact Us:We guarantee fast replies and can help resolve your issues in the most systematic manner. Oaransteams work round the clock to embed the quality aspect into minute factors so that you achieve most desired.Our 24/7 online support speeds up the process of project completion and improves the overall clientsatisfaction in a robust manner. We have been working to ensure that our partner’s problems are resolvedand they pursue their dreams without any hindrances.Share your concerns with Us at 15 |