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SaffronTech has successfully executed more than 350+ projects for overseas customers in a span of more than three years since its inception in March 2008. Our company is currently operating from a state-of-the-art development centre in New Delhi, India. We are constantly striving towards developing a mutually benefitting, long-term partnership with our Clientss by providing a variety of services par excellence. These relationships are based on honesty, evident quality work and a complete commitment to our Clients’s needs. We are proud of our reputation, and offer a friendly and flexible approach in every project that we undertake.

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Saffron Tech Company Profile

  1. 1. E-Commerce Wordpress Design SEO Development Web Joomla PHP Web Mobile Content Mobile Windows Blog Facebook MagentoSaffron Tech Pvt. Ltd. info@saffrontech.net57A Central Avenue, Sainik Farms www.saffrontech.netNew Delhi -110062, India 1800-654-5143 (Toll Free)
  2. 2. Saffron Tech is a mix of new age technology and conventionalABOUT US concepts of creativity that defies periodical barriers. The vision for Saffrontech is to provide businesses, result oriented Internet Marketing Services and innovative Web Development Solutions. Our objective is to understand our clients and their businesses better and build services customized to their requirement, which help their top lines through sales and bottom lines through cost reductions. Let us help you to Build your Web to Build your Business. At a glance Established March 2008 Development Centers New Delhi and Noida, India Team Strenth 150+ strong technical force Customers Over 300 satisfied customers worldwide Partners Technology partners to companies worldwide Why Saffron Tech Saffron Tech is a highly professional organization that delivers products and services at par with excellence. The following characteristics will help you understand in a nutshell why we make an ideal choice for your company: » Infrastructure: We have the best of infrastructure available in the market. » Technology : We maintain pace with the latest technology. » Experience : Our ability to serve more than 350 clients from different spheres of work gives us a rich global experience. » Confidentiality : We adhere to confidentiality as a part of our company policy. » Security : We secure all data related to clients and projects. » Work quality : We are an ISO 9001:2008 qualities certified and our work is top rated. » Deadlines : Our 24X7 business operations coupled with tenacity for executions help us in meeting deadlines. » Cost effective : We provide quality services at competitive market rates. » Transparent : We are transparent in dealing with all our clients.
  3. 3. Saffron Tech was founded on March 11, 2008 with justtwo members to call themselves a part of the new OUR TEAMbusiness enterprise. This humble beginning was only astepping-stone into the company’s march towardsexpanding business on a global platform.Ever since its inception, SaffronTech has witnessedmarvelous growth as an organization. Increasedbusiness demands have prompted the company tostrengthen its manpower at the rate of 200% each year.Currently the staff roll comprises 150 highly skilled ITprofessionals. Gaurav Sabharwal (Head of Operations) The greatest beneficiaries of web are the common-masses and the business enterprises, both big and small. Web has helped them to endorse their products on a global platform and take their services directly to the end users. The rapid growth of online presence has reduced theiradvertising and marketing cost to almost 50% whileincreasing the ROI for each dollar spend to generate a newlead or client. We develop and maintain efficientmethodologies to let you gain a strong online presence. Oursuccess lies in your success and we strive hard to let youreach your goals, allowing you to effectively use the Internetfor your business to maintain and increase your market share. Vibhu Satpaul (Head of Technology) IT has a huge capacity to be developed into solutions that makes intelligent information reach the end user. Saffron Tech is anchored by highly talented and skilled pool of professionals who are committed to innovate and bring intechnology that makes business looks simple. We have aportfolio of clients from different industries and every time weface a challenge it provides us an opportunity to learn andincrease our resource pool for the common good. All ourprocesses are well analyzed, evaluated and documented,ensuring us to become more effective and efficient with eachproject we work on.
  4. 4. Mobile Application DevelopmentOUR SERVICES We develop customized mobile applications for our clients to facilitate smooth running of their business. We therefore, attempt at designing and developing mobile version of your website to allow optimal viewing on a mobile browser, keep you working on the go and make you socially interactive 24/7. Portal Development We develop powerful and dynamic websites to suit your needs. No matter how complex is your business structure, we ensure that websites developed are user- friendly and effective and aim at generating revenues for you through these websites. We simplify your intricate business needs by creating an easy yet valuable website. Website Development The Web Development team works together to create customized website design, website hosting services, website maintenance and support services, e-Commerce solutions, content management systems and other web based solutions. E-Commerce Development We create e-Commerce websites for you that offer viable business solutions. We provide qualitative services through your high-end e-Commerce website. The websites that we create stand out in terms of functionality, quality, customizations and user friendliness.
  5. 5. Internet MarketingInternet is a virtual platform wherein marketers interact OUR SERVICESwith their clients. It is a powerful tool that impacts andinfluences buyer decisions. We understand the might ofthe internet and therefore with our unique SEO, Pay perclick, Link building, and Social Media optimizationservices make your presence felt.Website DesignInternet is the virtual platform to showcase yourproducts and services to prospective buyers andcustomers. That is only possible if you own a share ofspace online. We help you create effective and proficientwebsites that reflect your persona and act as a gatewayto your business ventures in the online world.Graphic DesigningWith our novel graphic designing services thatcomprises creating design, layout, company logos,brochures etc. We take you to the top wherein you areeasily recognized for your creative services.Off-Shore StaffingWe offer Off-Shore staffing solutions by hiring the bestin the industry staff members who are not only wellversed but experimental too. They use their creativity toproduce results that are greatly beneficial for yourbusiness.Database AdministrationWe analyze and recognize the problems and offereffective solutions based on the analysis to boost yourbusiness revenues. Our expert support system keeps atrack on your database 24/7 responding to yourbusiness needs as and when required.
  6. 6. IT ChimesOUR BRAND IT Chimes is the professional website design and development wing of SaffronTech serving clientsWeb Development Brand worldwide. The company mainly deals with offshore web services, designing, developing, integrating and maintaining web applications, providing clients with feasible solutions to all complex and critical business problems.C H I M E S The team of young, dynamic and competentSound IT Solutions professionals at IT Chimes gets under the skin of job assigned and work vigorously to meet the demands and expectations of our clients. We work under finest of work environments to deliver remarkable results. We are proud to have achieved a milestone in the industry and have in the process set a benchmark for our peers and competitors to follow. IT Chimes believes in innovation therefore deals with every client with an exclusive approach to deliver desired results. We have a sizeable client base spread across US, UK, Australia, and many European countries for our website designing and development services. Our other prominent services include: » Custom application development » Website maintenance » E-Commerce solutions » Web portal design and development » Content management system » Mobile Applications
  7. 7. Search EccentricSearch Eccentric is another important brand under OUR BRANDthe SaffronTech umbrella dealing with Search EngineOptimization (SEO), online marketing and website Web SEO Brandoptimization. We work mainly to promote our clients’brand value, acquire new clients and customers andhelp increase their revenues, reduce marketing costsand keep them target-focused.Search Eccentric is one of the most sought afteronline marketing companies in the industry. We are aone stop shop for all your SEO needs. We have theknow-how to promote your website and onlinebusiness on popular search engine page results.SEO is an important aspect of every online marketerthat earns them the desired visibility and appearanceon popular search engine result pages. We beingpioneers in the SEO business get you results andhelp you attain your business objectives. Our SEOservices will alter your brand image, boost yourbusiness and help your company become moreprofitable.We dynamically help our clients achieve pagerankings with our distinctive search engineoptimization services. We firmly believe in white hattechniques, as we know that it will fetch our clients’positive implications in the long run.We as an Internet marketing company, engineerrelationships with our clients based on trust, mutualrespect and growth factors.
  8. 8. Our WorksWEB PORTFOLIO SaffronTech is a blend of professionalism and creativity. We have delivered astounding results to our clients all along. The team at SaffronTech pairs technology with inventive ideas to offer easy solutions to every complex business challenge posed. We deliver reliable solutions for our clients to bank upon that in turn help them solve critical business needs. Minx Nails Industry : Fashion Portal Minx Nails is one of the biggest extended Nail making US based companies in the world. It offers a new and glamorous way that lets women extend fashion to their very fingertips. A US Professional Stylist/Salon, International Professional Stylists/Salons and Minx Fans can purchase minx products online and manage their salons from their accounts. Technology : ASP.NET 3.5, MySQL 2010, jQuery, AJAX URL : Data Snap Industry : Real Estate Portal Data Snap is a Real Estate Portal where a user can register, log-in and find different properties added by the Admin. It has modules such as CMS, Property Listing, Advanced Search options and more. » Technology : PHP/ MySQL » Logo Design » Web Design » Development » Data Entry URL :
  9. 9. Our Works WEB PORTFOLIOGoldDerbyIndustry : EntertainmentGoldDerby includes the latest news and gossip on allmajor Entertainment awards ceremonies like the Oscars,Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globes, MTV Music Awardsand more. IT Chimes has designed and developed thisdynamic website which includes the latest news andupdates from the Entertainment Industry.» PHP/ MySQL» Server : Cloud computing» Web Design» DevelopmentURL : www.golderby.comSass FactoryIndustry : EcommerceSass Factory is an ideal company for creative and funtoys for children in the country. The company offers anumber of options for kids to learn and grow withinnovative toys, that can prove substantial for a childsgrowth in a very effective manner.» Technology: PHP/ MySQL» Web Design» Development» HostingURL :
  10. 10. Our WorksSEO PORTFOLIO Homes By Lender Keywords Baseline Rank Current Rank For Sale by Owner 120 5 Homes for Sale by Owner 110 4 Austin Texas Foreclosures 11 7 Homes for Sale Austin TX 15 10 Foreclosure Austin TX 15 10 URL : Arbox Packaging Keywords Baseline Rank Current Rank Bubble Wrap CA 130 1 California LDPE Bags 134 1 Boxes Los Angeles 120 2 Shrink Film CA 116 2 Boxes Orange County 120 3 URL : New Roulette Strategies Keywords Baseline Rank Current Rank New Roulette Strategies 110 2 Free Roulette Strategy 100 17 Free Roulette Strategies 129 18 Play Roulette Free 125 41 Roulette Strategies 130 43 URL :
  11. 11. Our Works SEO PORTFOLIOBiker FanKeywords Baseline Rank Current RankFan Helmets 98 1Motorcycle Football Helmet 102 2Football Motorcycle Helmet 111 5Football Motorcycle Helmets 88 5Motorcycle Half Shell Helmet 86 5URL : www.bikerfan.comEasy FairingsKeywords Baseline Rank Current RankMotorcycle Fairing Kits 102 2Yamaha Fairing Kits 99 2Honda bolt 111 5Ducati Bolts 107 9Kawasaki Fairings 112 11URL : www.easyfairings.comPackaging SuppliesKeywords Baseline Rank Current RankShipping Packing Supplies 45 1Shipping Supplies Wholesale 120 1Candy Boxes Wholesale 114 2Candy Boxes Chicago 111 18Shipping Boxes Chicago 123 26URL :
  12. 12. Our WorksMobile AppsPORTFOLIO Minx: E-Commerce App Industry : E-Commerce This application has been created for all the Minx users to access the eCommerce website on their iPhones anywhere, anytime. The users who have an authorized login id can now log into their favorite eCommerce website to shop on the go. Shopping on Minx just got easier with this application. » Technology: xcode version 4.2 » Language: objective-C » Services: Soap URL : ProNutrex: E-Commerce App Industry : E-Commerce This application has been created for all the dedicated users of ProNutrex to allow them to access their preferred website on their iPhones. Using this new app they can now browse through the website anytime. Shopping on PeoNutre got more convenient and easy. And we just helped you do that. » Technology: xcode version 4.2 » Language: objective-C » Services: Soap URL : Whoosout? Industry : Chat App Whoosout? application allows users to chat online on their phones. Touted to be one of the most secure applications for chatting online, users are required to get registered with the site before being able to chat with their friends, share, and create groups. » Technology: xcode version 4.2 » Language: objective-C » Services: Soap URL :
  13. 13. Our Works Mobile Sites PORTFOLIOMinx NailsIndustry : E-CommerceMinx Nails has launched an ideal mobile fashion website thatis believed to have extended its concept of fashion globally.With its recent launch, people can buy, browse, review, andget informed about latest trends in fashion across the world.URL : m.minxnails.comMilstead LawIndustry : LawMilstead & Associates, LLC has launched its official mobilewebsite that is expected to serve the people across the globewith outstanding features. For all types of real estate’s issuesand solutions, the company seems to have offered effectiveplatform with this very launch.URL : m.milsteadlaw.comAction Heating and ACIndustry : Home Appliances ServicesAction Heating and AC has launched its mobile website amidmuch hype and speculations. The mobile site is believed tohave brought the technology comparatively closer to thepeople across the globe. With its launch, the technology isexpected to grow even brighter.URL :
  14. 14. At Saffron Tech we understand that it is impossible toPARTNER WITH US grow and become a global company unless we go local. What we mean is we want to get partners all across the globe who can use our platform, technology, our team and support services and club it with their local presence and deeper understanding of customer needs and requirement. We white label all our works to our local international partners so that the front face of the client is them while we can focus on the execution and provide results for their commitment to their clients. We are already trusted by over 100 agencies all around the globe, with almost 60 of them in United Sates from the East Cost to the West. We are proud to say that our retention rate for partners exceed 95%. We value your participation in our reseller / partner program and together we can make this a mutually beneficial program for both our companies. We sign all Non Disclosure documents and ensure that our visibility to the end customer is limited to the need of the partner client. 5 Reasons To Sign Up For Our Reseller Program: » We would do detail study of the clients requirement and create a service or package for your company based on your budget. » Free private label reports with your Companys "look & feel". We can even customize the report template to match your company/ agency needs. » We help our partners and resellers not just in pre sales but also hep them managing their clients by jumping in whenever they need our help for discussions with clients or product/ project delivery. » Complete Confidentiality, Non Disclosure and we sign an agreement that we will not contact your clients. » We work in 2 shifts which is an Indian Shift and American shift, where we have our Project Managers, Designers, Developers and Internet Marketing Specialists really working 24/7 so you can reach us real time and discuss projects and new leads. Continue>>>
  15. 15. We have three outstanding partnership models andwe are still looking for more reseller / partners for PARTNER WITH USeach of them:» Agencies seeking Private Label Search Marketing, Design and Development Services. In this program all the works at the back end (Execution) is done by our company while all the work at the front end (Client End) is done our Partner. The Account Management at the end clients end is too done by the Partner while we do all the reports with white labeling. This model is more closed where our existence is never known to the end client. Here we work on our pricing model and our Partner mark up the prices and work with the end clients.» Companies looking for a strong Technology partners for the Franchisee Model. This model is more flexible where though the Partners are dealing with the end client they introduce us too as their Technology Partners in India so that both the companies work together to meet all pre sales, post sales and reporting to the end client. For the pricing for this program it works both ways where we give our pricing and our Partners mark up the prices for the end client. The second way will be where we provide the pricing to the end client and give a commission to our Partner client on terms agreed before hand.» Channel Partners who can confidently pass on referral business as Affiliate Partners. This programs let our Affiliate Partners just to refer new leads to us as and when they get it. We give a fixed comission to our Affiliate Partners of 10% each time we are able to close the business. This commission is not just one time but is credited each time we are able to get repeat business or recurring business from the end client. This works the best when the Affiliate Partners is not able to commit too much time but has a good network of business and people they know within their geo community.
  16. 16. Saffron Tech values every partner client and strives toPARTNERS TRAINING achieve goals by meeting business expectations. We strongly believe in and follow the organic path to success. As a white hat company we help our partners in our processes. We therefore, train them to get deeper insights about our business and services. We conduct extensive training programs for our partner clients and break all physical and geographical barriers through sessions over Skype. We use the video calling services of Skype to steer conference calls with our new partners. We utilize the Skype calling to provide training material like: » Power Point Presentations » PDF Files » Other documents The training session primarily focuses on: » Organic ways to achieve desired website traffic. » SEO process, what we do and how we do it. » Tactics applied like article and video marketing, list building, link creation etc. Besides, we conduct question and answer sessions that allow our partners to clear their doubts and suggest ways to cement the partnership and also propose new methods to accomplish business objectives in the shortest possible time frame. We discuss the importance of quality content and copyright issues with the partners and the best use of natural techniques to attain the sound SEO solutions.
  17. 17. "I commissioned IT Chimes to develop our corporate website withsome level of scepticism. It was not long after the workprogressed that my confidence was fully restored. I like the CLIENTS TESTIMONIALSattention to details and the effort it makes to satisfy the client.These made me to offer them another job which is on-going at themoment.”John IrohMD - CoreStruct"Thank you for your continued work on this project. Thank you foryour flexibility and ability to adjust to needs. Thank you forcontinuing to monitor and work all aspects of the project. Thankyou”Matt DillData Snap - Real Estate“Ive worked with IT Chimes and regard them as a key partner. Ihave a close relationship with my project manager (Vibhu) whospeaks great English and has lived in the UK for a while, socommunication is better than it often can be long distance toIndia. They are certainly cost effective. I conducted an RFP andalthough they werent the cheapest, the vendors who werecheapest would never have been able to do the job for the amountthey quoted. They also do my SEO and so far are doing a good jobthere as well."Steven"Thank you for putting a good programmer on our website. We arevery happy with the final website. The website looks and worksgreat and is just what we were looking for. Great job to your entireteam. We could not be happier."Brad“I needed the website for our community where every one couldexchange the regular infrormation reagarding daily life for free, butdid so in a user friendly, professional and aesthetically pleasingway. After consultations with a few design firms, it became veryclear that IT Chimes had the experience and professionalism I waslooking for. The team quickly understood what I desired andcompleted the job quickly and efficiently. Ive received greatfeedback from users about the websites. The project could nothave gone any smoother and I am truly delighted with the results."Gurbinder SinghBusiness Head - TR
  18. 18. Get In Touch New Delhi Operations - INDIA 57-A, Central Avenue, Sainik Farms, New Delhi, INDIA Ph:+91-11-64553191 Noida Operations - INDIA A-46 Sector 57 Noida, India Key Contacts Gaurav Sabharwal Vibhu Satpaul Head of Operations Head of Technology US : +1-626-400-0744 India : +91-9818445557 India : +91-9971024999 1800-654-5143 (Toll Free)