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Negative Letter Of Response


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Published in: Travel
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Negative Letter Of Response

  1. 1. Tel: 0129876543 45 Skinner Street Fax: 0121234567 PRETORIA 0001 7 November 2009 P. O. Box 8765 PRETORIA 0001 Dear Ms. S. Gordon, RE: EQUIRY: HONEYMOON RESERVATIONS: Thank you for your enquiry about honeymoon reservations. We are unfortunately not able to help you in this regard as we only deal with travel within South Africa's borders. You can contact either the Mozambique Consulate to get a list of travel agencies or you can contact Mozi Travel on 0113456789. We hope that you find what you need with them. If you need any other information, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you for selecting our company. I am looking forward to doing business with you. Kind Regards, _________________________ Mrs. P Sepedi Travel Consultant.