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Business plan syahmi carwash center

  3. 3. BUSINESS OVERVIEW HAVE A HIGH POTENTIAL TO GROWTH BECAUSE:  Society life style changing  Increasing in the bill of new vehicle on the road  This industry in Malaysia is still running as a small business  Not to complicated to handle
  5. 5. COMPANY BACKGROUND Company name : SYAHMI’S CARWASH CENTER Type of company : Enterprise Company owner : Mr. Mohd Syahmi Nuruddin : Mr. Mohd Fadzli Othman : Mr. Rozaidi Che Razib : Mr. Mohd Zuelkhairi Ridzuan Company address : Lot 11, Jalan Jebat 6, 76500 Peringgit, Melaka Activities : service on external carwash, internal carwash, engine washing, polish, and also seat and carpet washing , basic maintenance service and cafeteria.
  6. 6. CAPITAL CAPITAL : RM 496 000.00 ROLLING CAPITAL : RM 13 000.00 TOTAL CAPITAL : RM 509 000.00 BANKERS : BANK PEMBANGUNAN ACC. NO : 1418-6100325-285
  7. 7. OWNER BACKGROUND 1 Name : Mohd Syahmi Nuruddin NRIC : 670728-05-5567 Master in Submarine Engineering from University of Strathclyde, Scotland, Bachelor in Naval Architecture & Ship Building from University of Strathclyde, Scotland, Diploma Engineering Technology in Ship Construction & maintenance from UniKL MIMET. Working experiences: 5 years as ship repair manager at MMHE, 3 years as assistant ship repair manager at PSC Naval dockyard, 6 years as project manager for submarine construction at Moscow, Russia.
  8. 8. OWNER BACKGROUND 2 Name : Mohd Fadzli Othman NRIC : 670728-05-5567 Master in Business Management from University of Wales, Scotland, Bachelor in Business Accounting from University of Strathclyde, Scotland, Diploma Accounting from UiTM Shah Alam. 6 years as marketing manager at SIME DARBY sdn bhd, 8 years as assistant marketing manager at Tesco Melaka.
  9. 9. OWNER BACKGROUND 3 Name : Rozaidi Che Razib NRIC : 650728-01-2517 Master in Science of Fluid from University of Podolsky, Germany, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from University of Strathclyde, Scotland, Diploma Mechanical Engineering from Politeknik Port Dickson. 5 years engineer INTEL Semiconductor, Penang, 9 years operation manager AMD Semiconductor, Penang
  10. 10. OWNER BACKGROUND 4 Name : Mohd Zuelkhairi Ridzuan NRIC : 690923-56-6249 Master in Business Management from University of St.Petersburgh, Russia, Bachelor in Marketing from University of Strathclyde, Scotland, Diploma Accounting and Business management from UiTM Jengka. 5 years accounting officer, 3 years Account manager at Malaysia Airline System.
  11. 11. PURPOSE OF BP Apply loan as our capital for upgrade our business equipment. Company reference for business activities for the future. Know that our business objectives has achieved as a planning. For financial company to assess our financial capabilities. Used to planning new activities for business or for doing some changing in company to improve our service.
  12. 12. COMPANY LOCATION Syahmi’s Carwash Center located at lot 11, Jalan Jebat 6, 76500 Peringgit, Melaka Behind The TESCO Melaka and Melaka Central. 5 km from Banda Hilir & 6 km from Ayer Keroh highway Surrounded by housing area and company and business building. Syahmi’s Carwash Center have easily accessible road.
  13. 13. LOCATION MAP
  14. 14. BUILDING
  17. 17. JOB SPEC: CEO Monitor the whole organization Setting strategy and vision Building culture Team-building Capital allocation
  18. 18. JOB SPEC: MANAGER To manage, planning, leading and control the department under him, so that the business achieved the goals. Communicate with all staff to ensure the commitment among employees. Make a decision for long term and short term so that can achieved the objectives. Always control the quality of employees from time to time. Take care and take responsible to employee’s welfare.
  19. 19. JOB SPEC: CLERK Provide company account & financial statement. Carry out the marketing operation Carrie out the salary payment.
  20. 20. JOB SPEC : SUPERVISOR Monitor the workers to ensure that all of them doing the job. Contact with customers when they coming for services.
  21. 21.  CARWASH WORKERS:  Carrie out the carwash service job. CAFÉ WORKERS:  Carrie out the cafe service job. MECHANIC & APPRIENTICE  Carrie out the maintenance service.
  23. 23.  Provide three main service1. Carwash service2. Maintenance service3. Café service
  24. 24. Carwash serviceExternal Our service can wash up to 50 car per hour Using the new high technology system (less than 2 minute duration for washing, wax, seal and dry)Internal washing Engine washing Vacuum Polish
  25. 25. Carwash process flow
  26. 26. Maintenance serviceThe production unit for maintenance is depending on what type of service.1. Changing lubrication oil about 15 minute2. Changing oil filter about 15 minute3. Changing spark plug about 10 minute4. Top up refrigeration gas for air conditioning about 20 minute5. Check tire pressure about 5 minute6. Computerize engine tuning about 20 minute
  27. 27. Maintenance process flow
  28. 28. Café service For café production unit, we not have any problem because all the beverage and foods is come from the supplier that we have appointed. So, the stock is always under control. Time for served is short because the food is already ready to serve and the beverage only just to mixed it and ready to served. Drinking 1. Coffee 2. Espresso 3. Cappuccino coffee 4. Frozen coffee drinks 5. Special tea Food 1. Bread 2. Sandwich 3. Cake
  29. 29. Café process flow
  31. 31. MARKETING OBJECTIVES Increase our customer aware by 50% with our first class service and the importance about car care. Increase business profit by 30% for the end of the year 2010
  32. 32. The target market is aimed to: Corporate customer around Malim, Ayer Keroh, Peringgit, Melaka Raya, Cheng & City of Melaka that we know they are not enough time to take care their car. Luxury car & sport car owner that we know they care about their expensive car and need a good quality service and care to make their car’s look nice. Youngest car owner around Malim, Ayer Keroh, Peringgit, Melaka Raya, Cheng & City of Melaka that most of them are very caring of their car also usual customer. Auto Club Owner such as MHCC (Malaysia Honda Civic Club), ProPERD (Proton Perdana Club), ViVa Club ect. Government agencies such as police, custom, hospital and firefighting. Melaka Taxi Driver Association Companies around Malim, Ayer Keroh, Peringgit, Melaka Raya, Cheng & City of Melaka who have their company car.
  33. 33. SWOT ANALYSISStrength• Broad area of building operation• High technology machine• Enough facilities & equipment• Great quality service• Easy access• Skills worker• Variety service• The duration of washing is short• We can wash up to 50 cars per hour by using the high technology equipmentWeaknesses• A little high in price from competitoraccording to our quality service and ourhigh technology equipment• Quite high cost for operation
  34. 34.  Opportunities Societies now want changing in their life. They easy to take a short way to do anything. So, it is our opportunities to take the advantages from them with provide a carwash service. We believe that our business can grow faster in future. Threats • Price from competitor cheaper than us. •The biggest carwash company from foreign country is our threat if they coming to make a business in Malaysia. • New person who want to open a business same like us. • Competitors who make an investment to develop their small business to become biggest business same like us. • Economy slowdown. • Disturbance in political in Malaysia.
  35. 35. Demographics Religion :Total population : 254, 350 Muslim 30% people Buddha 27% Hindu 16%Sex : Christian 20%51% Female, 49% Male Others 7%Age : Marital Status :1 – 12 18% 63% Married13 – 21 20% 37% Single22 – 55 43% Income per month :56 – Above 17% $ 500 - $ 1000 17% $ 1001 - $ 2000 25%Race : $ 2001 - $ 3000 29%Malay 30% $ 3001 - $ 4000 22%Chinese 35% $ 4001 – Above 7%Indian 25%Others 10% Occupation : Government 43% Non government 37% Self working 20%
  36. 36. Market Segmentation According the our research with Inhabitant Population Statistic Department, the population in Malim, Ayer Keroh, Peringgit, Melaka Raya, Cheng & City of Melaka is a mix and can separate into age, race, religion, sex, marital status, total income per month, and occupation. The detail of it is listed below: Total population : 254, 350 people
  38. 38. Personal selling At Syahmi’s Carwash Center, there would be greater staff when deal with customer.Greeting them, asking what service they would like to do. The greeter then hand them a brochure and then carry out their service request. Customers are big on quality issues and this tweaking awareness can enlighten their curiosity. By having the customers go back from Syahmi’s Carwash Center with brochure or having read the brochure while there waiting their car on washing or maintenance service will cause a chain reaction of the customer telling another customer of what they recently found out about get carwash at Syahmi’s Carwash Center. When customers leaves with new beneficial knowledge, they pass it on to others and this would create a new customer who want to care their car.
  39. 39. brochures •The cost for 1 brochure is RM 0.30. Every month, we will produce 4500 piece of brochures for 3month. •The total cost for brochures for 3 month is RM 0.30 x 4500 x 3 = RM 4,050.00
  40. 40. billboard advertisement Cost to rent Billboard behind Ayer Keroh toll highway, Mahkota Prade, Jaya Jusco, Al-Azim mosque and Klebang beach and poster with the slogan “Your Driving Partner” with poster reflecting will be RM 2,500.00 per month. Total cost for 3 month is RM 2,500.00 x 3 = RM 7,500.00.
  41. 41. Coupon Use the automobile megazine such as “automania” & "motor trader” for Melaka circulation and offer discount coupons in their magazine for 10% off of external carwash, internal carwash or engine washing for this October, November and December edition.
  42. 42. website The cost for established the website base is RM 300.00 per year.
  43. 43. Newspaper distributor The charge to added brochures in newspaper that the distributor imposes is RM 0.02. There have 100 brochures everyday for 3 month. The cost is RM 0.02 x 100 x 30 x 3 = RM 180.00.
  45. 45. Area of Responsibility performing the accounting, budgeting and financial reporting activities record activities for administrative expenses of company, such as salaries, employee fringe benefits, travel expenses, office expenses, and other administrative expenses.
  46. 46. Break-Even Analysis
  47. 47. Company Break-even RM 1046 487.63 = 10 RM 104 647.88 From the calculation, our company can get a break-even about 10 month after running the business.
  48. 48. CASH FLOW
  49. 49. Financial Ratio Analysis Is a financial statement report-company position at a point in time and on its operation over a certain period. To show the relationship among financial statement account.
  50. 50. Company Financial RatioAnalysis current esset RM 663 717.77 current ratio = = = 1.44 current liability RM 459 000.20 current liability RM 459 000.20 dept ratio = = = 0.67 total equity RM 682 302.77 net income RM 1255 774.55 - RM 1046 487.63net profit margin = = sales RM 104 647.88 = 2