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Project Si Final

  1. 1. Request Letter Dear Sir/Madam We proudly support & present you with the project which brightens our future through innovation of new ideation. My introduction is overleaf along with the details of the project that we have in mind. We hereby welcome you to join hands with us & support us in whichever way you can to brighten our future for our progress together. (May it be an ideation, technological, monetary, execution, resources or whichever is possible). After all we are talking about our future; we all have a social responsibility to make a better future for all of us & our future generations. So extend your hands for the same cause. We will be honored to have you in this significantly eminent campaign. So, if we can have your association/Recommendation and build this network strong we grow together in a win-win network. Thanks & Warm Regards For Beauideal Network. Sanjay Rathee +91 9873227564
  2. 2. 1. Introduction. 2. Global scenario (The current situations). 3. Our position /status. 4. Our Motive/Objectives. 5. Benefit /outcome of this Platform. 6. Conclusions. Introduction Starting from myself, I am Sanjay Rathee, a consultant from Beauideal Network. It is a great honor to have been associated with brilliant and magnate people like you. Beauideal Network a Delhi based consulting firm in marketing and management in various creative and opportunistic new emerging innovation and technologies, as a team we have been pushing the limits to create innovative ideas for every kind of creative business. We are into 3D, Graphics, Entertainment & Advertising, Bioinformatics, Robotics, Renewable/Green Resources, Agriculture, Defense, Space, Security, Education, I.T and New Technology (Innovations). I have 10 years of experience in the IT, 3D graphics, Entertainment and advertising domains. It’s been 2 years when I was new to this industry, but today I find myself connected with various emerging technologies and industries and I have also had this feeling that brilliant brains were not from a different planet and I now believe that even I have that potential and strength to unleash my talent which is desperately trying to come out in open and are ready to innovate. Therefore I started more detailed and analytical research in these new emerging technologies and found out that it has something really new and beautiful which just wants to become the reality... Since I was a kid, I was fascinated to do something innovative and new but due to lack of resources, opportunities and information about such initiatives I was deprived of all of this. I’ve been struggling for years just to get to a conclusion, because I have an aim in my life to innovate for mankind and to save our beautiful planet “Earth”, don’t you think that’s why we are here on Earth.
  3. 3. Global Scenario ( The current situations) India has been trumpeting itself as a world leader in overall development. However all tall claims made by the government and industry fall flat where we compare ourselves to those countries that are working in the field of technology. There are many issues untouched & many areas where we can make some advancement for the better results & create a comfort zone for the application area. There is an urgent need for the government and industry to create a mechanism for cutting edge research and development in all domains. Governments move to launch ambitious IT enabled projects like National Mission on Education through ICT and unique identification number projects, so far as end users are concerned, they are going to be really beneficial for society. But in terms of business and costing India is not going to derive any benefits in the long run. The software’s and the Hardware’s for these projects are again going to come from foreign countries and revenue will be ultimately shared by them due to policies. I believe this is the century for innovations, deep discoveries and some hidden thoughts which people want to express but are too stubborn from their brains itself which is stopping them to re-create reality in a better, innovative and efficient manner, which everyone could do. There are people from different parts of the globe who are doing brilliant creative innovations and discoveries and are on their right way to living better life and making it better for everyone too. As we can see clearly, developed nations like USA, France, Germany and Japan are highly advanced and fast with all of their efficient people running the business in the right direction, because they respect for talent and assist its creativity with all the necessary resources and infrastructure required to execute it in a better fashion. The kind of networking and strategies they have are absolutely fantastic. We can use the brilliant ideation from all over the world & promote people to be a part of our future. Our Position Since being in the 21st century and being in a metropolitan city, I feel I’m lucky as I have the best chance of flourishing with my ideas and opportunistic way.
  4. 4. Talking about the country’s overall condition, I’d say it’s quite miserable, thanks to CWG and late realizations that finally we see some infrastructure development which is still in progress. India is actually a very rich country the drawbacks which decapitates its most of the opportunities are examples like population, illiteracy, lack of informatics knowledge to rural sector, obsolete communication strategies, etc. Our country spends more than it must acquire, pumping millions of rupees in ammunition only which obviously wouldn’t serve the nation in the long run to creative innovation for survival. According to statistics, our nation buys almost all scrap dumps from various different developed and semi-developed nations. Every nation’s government has to play a vital role for the right functioning of its nation, which many different nations including ours may not be working in the right functional, efficient manner. Tyrannical innovation is required, today everyone wants to be self sufficient and self sustained. The government has to create new and innovative technology driven firms on a mass base. Small firms in India are considered actually small because large firms takes all the emphasis which has for the taking, therefore giving less opportunities and low-scope criteria for small firms, which has that power of idea and enough talented brains to generate innovations for the country’s future. What I’m emphasizing on is that every firm be it small or large must be given the right kind of platform and opportunities on a equal level, so that none’s energy is tossed in the dump and every strategy is executed in efficient manner, with the government playing the vital role of soul mediator between small and large firms .The government must bring about changes in policies and strategies to support smaller firms work independently and flourish equally with a win-win attitude of collective effort for the desired result. Our Motive The time has come to unleash the creative potential of our scientists and innovators at next level. Only then we can make our country self-reliant and a leader in sustainable technology. I am creating a new generation driven online/offline innovation platform “Spurting Innovation”. That last longer and grow rapidly. We can expect to have a new set of new role models that will generate confidence in our innovative capabilities and act as a positive reinforcement to new innovation efforts.
  5. 5. My mission for effectuating this initiative is straight and clear to the core. I want my country to prosper in every field be it science, technology or any other opportune which can prosper for the long period ahead in an innovating, diligent aspect. I’m creating a hub of potential and enlightened brains from within our country which has lots of effulgent who are looking for those opportune moments where their knowledge and potential creativity can come under light and can be used as a resource to the country, which I think everybody wants in deep down in their hearts. Its that sparks which can push them beyond the abyss just to make them realize that they too have wings and can fly. ‘The Hub is a new generation driven innovative platform, which will last longer and would grow precipitately. The 2 assets of the hub are knowledge and network connectivity which are truly important for the success of the mission. Your assistance and association can help us all bloom together. A trust is an assurance of righteousness, this is my candor that together we can bring prosperity and innovative right full living in the country. Past a year I have been doing a lot of networking with those enlightened ones who have already created reality to them in a innovative accordance and then again it hits me that we all are brilliant human beings which has the power to create, innovate and generate anything at any circumstances ,we are bound to evolve. I want to create such a platform for people who are innovative and have out of the box salient on I am determined that every Indian will know about this platform and try to contribute a bit towards the prosperity and help to save our beautiful planet earth by thinking brilliant ideas to provide our country from renewable resources tools to gadget’s for defense, space, security etc. “The Future of Innovation is based on Enlightenment” Objectives. The primary objectives of Spurting Innovation are: 1. 1. To help India become an innovative and creative society and a global leader in sustainable technologies by scouting, spawning and sustaining grassroots innovations.
  6. 6. 2. 2. To ensure evolution and diffusion of green grassroots innovation in a selective, time-bound and mission oriented basis so as to meet the socio-economic and environmental needs of our society. 3. 3. To provide institutional support in scouting, spawning, sustaining and scaling up grassroots green innovations as well as outstanding traditional knowledge and helping their transition to self supporting activities. 4. 4. It seeks self reliance through competitive advantage of innovation based enterprises and/or application of people generated sustainable technologies at grassroots level. 5. 5. To build linkages between excellence in formal scientific systems and informal knowledge systems and create a knowledge network to link various stakeholders through application of information technology and other means. 6. 6. To promote wider social awareness, and possible applications, of the know-how generated as a result of these initiatives in commercial or social spheres and encourage its incorporation in educational curriculum, developmental policies and programs Benefits/Outcome of this platform We all know the power of communication and knowledge, by applying our innovative medium for communication, we penetrate deep inside and search for talented and unique brains and consolidate them at our platform for the advancement of innovation techniques and methods. After assessing their basic skills the deserving will be assisted with necessary resources and tools for bringing our dream come true. This dedicated team will be known as innovation leaders of “New India”. The Team would comprise of different creative and innovative individuals from different domains and profession. This initiative has the power to change the technology and science that we use today to efficient and greater level of living. It may be true that in India, rich is the prestigious one and the one who is entitled with most of the opportunities, but I deny this and do not believe I n such statements, because it’s finally the brain that sparks the flame to see further and realize his/her future. Our government spends a lot of money on R&D in science and technology but the results are not satisfactory we can see many startups/innovators can’t find funding and watches the government spending enormous money on irrelevant subjects/initiatives.
  7. 7. An Idea An idea to spare a bit for us. : Advertising & Marketing Budgets are big, we just needs 0.001% of it towards our future, just the cost of a hoarding. It hit me that we are trying to solve a modern problem with ancient methods. We need to create technology jobs that will make the Innovation leader globally. That’s where my platform plays an important role. By visualizing the impossible, we begin to see it as possible. There are dominant ideas in every field. Our innovators/thinkers will purposefully challenge these dominant ideas in order to conceive new possibilities. We have to dig for treasure in our own backyard. Which could easily be achieved with collective R&D. Few Points to be achieved.. 1. We are capable and we will identify the talent from every corner of our country. 2. We will provide all creators/innovators all the necessary technology and resources. 3. We will get new technology/ideas/services/tools and every that thing we needs to sustain. 4. A dedicated team from our country to save our beautiful planet. 5. This project will be appreciated in global scenario. 6. A chance to all, to serve our country in the way he/she can. 7. It will make our country a leader in Innovation. 8. There are so many benefits that we will see practically. Conclusions The fact is that our country is in great need of extraordinary Brains and possibilities to bring a change in administration, science, technology, IT and many more to name. This kind of initiatives are great to bring our country/world in the race for development of sustainable resources. Indian Government should come forward to help in this kind of indicatives as a helping hand in all manners whether it’s financially or resources wise.
  8. 8. You can be a part of the future We hereby extend an invitation to you to be a part of the future by supporting us whichever way it is possible. As said above as well, we look out at you to be a support & make it a success for all to be benefited out of it. We specially look forward to have Accreditation/association /collaboration with Government of India, Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of New & Renewable Resources in first Phase. What we give you 1. Extraordinary Brains for Administration, science, technology etc. 2. Innovative Technology, products, services, ideas and all that, what we need to get success in win-win condition. 3. International exposure. 4. A chance to associate with worlds best innovation platform. If in any kind you want to support us. We will be honored to have you in this significantly eminent campaign. So, if we can have your association and build this network strong we grow together in a win-win network. However, if you are sponsoring yourself with us we would be obliged to mark your association with us wherever the hub flourishes Thanks & Warm Regards For Beauideal Network. Sanjay Rathee +91 9873227564