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NRI Group statement igf2016 mexico shreedeep rayamajhi rayznews

This statement is regarding the Nation and Regional initiative session at the internet governance forum 2016.

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NRI Group statement igf2016 mexico shreedeep rayamajhi rayznews

  1. 1. Namaste, Greetings to the Internet leaders of the World, Celebrating the great achievement of internet development, we are connecting the next billion (4 billion). We all are very proud of what we have created but on the down side of the internet we need to create better platforms for various concerning economies where there are less resources and which are not connected. The voices of the unreached and unconnected needs to be addressed in terms of understanding the dynamics of internet and its politics. Especially in the least developed countries and developing states, still today there are issues of open standards and multistakeholder concept. We have to reach out in creating an open & welcoming platform in adapting their problems and issues. Internet for all and internet for development are the only voices and we need to communicate and facilitates these economies in creating better understanding of developing new internet core values. Having vague standards and mechanism where people feeling overwhelmed is what we have to leave and facilitates the lower economies in speaking up their voices and issues. IGF process needs to collaborate the multistakeholder concept with bottom up approach. We have to adapt and rephrases the definition of innovation of how we want to shape our future. It is not about leadership or balance now it’s an issue of equality where internet dynamics needs to focus more towards re-innovation and re-engineering focusing that trust in collaboration. Our future depends upon our technology and our technology depends upon our collaboration of our vision. We have to step up to create a better world of equality for our future where there is only one voice internet and one vision Humanity. ________________________ Shreedeep Rayamajhi ICT for Development Consultant Rayznews