Power Of We Film Game


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Power Of We Film Game

  1. 1. Community(WE)20K Global Planet/ClientsCommunity
  2. 2. • Arrange international competition among community users.• Take sponsorship from Graphic Companies like Nvidia, AMD, Intel or any other willingly• Select best creative work.• Show the creative to the client and get order for making complete T.V.C.• Mission – to create one of the worlds best movie/game using the power of “WE”Let’s Create the Power of “WE”Greetings Dear Friends,It is a great honor to be associated with brilliant and entrepreneurial people like you. It’s the Beginning Friends and now I need the power of the entiremagnificent crowd that is “WE”.Now we need your kind assistance to make this community more productive & effective.Let’s make one of the world’s best movie/gameWe make a nucleus team out of this community who will control the whole process.This group has all the resources/assets that we needs, if we all will participate with creativity and financial skills then we can bring it true and each of willbe beneficial.THINK+GETIN = WINThat means WHAT 20000 CREATIVE PEOPLE CAN DO =?(?) = The Power of “WE”Out Come "WE" = A Great Movie or a Game.Think of an open box which can be filled to an infinite space, this is the time to take the next step and let’s make each other realize what “WE” can do.
  3. 3. We in association with HT Media, Facebook and LinkedIn is Planning/organizing a Globalcompetition for a Extraordinary TVC (something new, never seen before, from theunknown depths, syfy.Category - CAR (automobiles) needs a idea/concept /teaser/ visualization…. 10-15secondsCompetition date 14 December, 2011 === Entries open on 5 to 10 November, 2011Location @Internet• Apply your knowledge to the real world and make a video about A car (automobiles )• Make headlines in front of a GLOBAL AUDIENCE?• Get an ACKNOWLEDGMENT that stands out• Compete for1st prize 5000$2nd prize 3000$3rd prize 2000$The 1st winner will get a chance to work of full version of TVC with budget ofapproximately $50KTerms & Conditions Applies contact@
  4. 4. SponsorsWe are looking for a total sponsorship of $30K rest we are doing…Total Sponsor 1 - $5K or $10KAssociate sponsors 2 $5K each or may be more because it’s a international event in thehistory of electronic media..its going to be a big hit..Sponsors will get many benefits. They will be involved in complete media campaigns likein Print Media(HT Media), Internet, Facebook , LinkedIn and OOH at few selectedplaces..with a huge budget.
  5. 5. Media Campaign1. Print Media Fortnightly in October & November(4 times in Hindustan Times )2. Facebook & LinkedIn in November for a week3. Our web Site & Communities 24*7 from October till Results.4. OOH in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and few more metropolitan cities in India 15 days campaign5. Through other miscellaneous mediums..
  6. 6. • Output of this event will be creation of extraordinary thing• Community Users will get exposure by competing on such a massive scale.
  7. 7. Things to do.1. Name of the Nucleus team/org/competitions.2. Letter asking for sponsorships.3. Creatives for competition and web site stuff update.4. And much more..