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Website SEO


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Website SEO

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Creating a website is similar to setting up a shop. To run it profitably weneed a continuous flow of traffic. We can sit around and do-it-ourselves oremploy an SEO company for that. Either way the site is kept live. Unlike inphysical settings an unvisited virtual website can get vaulted into backpages to become obsolete in a very short time. Regular meaningful entriesthat will invite hits can keep us afloat. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improvingvisibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid searchresults. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search resultspage), and more frequently a site appears on the search results list, themore visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.
  3. 3. Search Engine algorithms change regularly. So yesterday’s tactics maynot work today. Also SEO isn’t instant gratification. Over time, results willshow. However, it is necessary to be aware of an important SEO feature. Page Rank is a value from 1 to 10. The nearer a site is to the frontpage, the ranking comes nearer 1 and progressively increases as it getspushed to later pages. It also affords a distant view of the popularity of thesite. We can also Google our site name to get an approximate view of thestanding of our website. Because there are various other factors that claimrelevance this is merely an easy way to gauge the site indexing. If humor can be combined into SEO we can consider a practicalsnippet-Why are SEOs excited to take the elevator down a building?Because it improves their ranking (9..8..7..6…..1)
  4. 4. Other Website SEO tips that take credence because of their practicalapplication follow-Add new content all the while to your website.Create a catching keyword (kw) for each pageChoose a popular kw phraseUse kw phrase in title tagGet a domain with your kw phrase in itUse kw phrase in your URLKeyword Density (ratio of kw to rest of the text on page) should be between 3 and 7%Put your kw in Link textGet Links from reputable sites like . edu sites that can provide gateway to new sites for freeGet links from similar sitesTry to get Links to . gov sitesTry to pack your site with relevant and good contentCreate an XML sitemap or Google sitemapPut your kw phrase in the first paragraph and repeat it once in the para.Use Flash for non-critical areas onlyAnd finally- Be a Storm Chaser; Present that rare information.
  5. 5. A great time to hire SEO is when a site redesign is under consideration,or planning to launch a new website. It can be ensured that the site issearch engine-friendly. But some unethical SEOs have manipulatedsearch engines in unfair ways for over-aggressive marketing effortscasting a shadow on the search engine’s credentials. It is worth knowing that less than 10% of sites are optimized forsearch engines. Now that can be considered an opportunity for freemarketing. Only 10% people make serious effort to raise their site-rankings. About 5% do a rigorous on-site and off-site optimization. 1% ofsites compete for top spot. So with a little consistent effort our site canbe drafted to the top 10%.
  6. 6. A good website can be more valuable than prime real estate.Consumers search online before making a purchase decision. Astaggering 80% of customers only visit the first 20 websites listed.Reliably outsourced we can work on our organizational tasks ratherthan try a hand at marketing that could have negative consequences.SEO companies also offer to boost a Website search engineranking, include link building, meta tagging, social bookmarking, socialmedia marketing, web directory submissions, etc 9818282106