Social Media Marketing


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Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing is fast growing with its exponentialglobal users, small business can now leverage this form ofmarketing to get their products noticed in the international arena. To achieve Success in today’s business, we need to focus onthe three basic components namely, Growth, Profits andImplementation. These components define the prosperity of anyorganization. Here are a few ideas on how Social MediaMarketing could be a lucrative option in Popularizing theorganizations’ products and services.
  2. 2. In today’s competitive business-Relationship Management is the keycomponent. It is here that social media marketing and onlinemarketing as a whole come in place. It shifts your mindset from usingonline marketing just to generate leads to creating deeperrelationships with customers and prospects and improve your"fundability". A PAT Model best describes the strategies employed in Social MediaMarketing through Strong Positioning, Attracting Attention from rightmarket and Getting Traction with your users selling more number oftimes sets a vital record. We need to create business choreography tokeep and attract clients. Small business marketing efforts will workonly if these things are in place.
  3. 3. In small business, its important to connect with people in the samegeographic area, especially if you are dealing with products ofinelastic demand (essential products).Targeting your social mediawith specific area or keywords, ensures that you are interacting onlywith viable leads. There are hundreds of thousands of status updates gettingpublished every minute, so cutting through the clutter has to be a toppriority. Start small. Starting out to familiarize yourself with tools, and you can eventually move on to using a morebusiness-specific tool like Co Tweet or Hoot suite.
  4. 4. Going after the prospective leads and interacting with them is the keyto turn into successful closure of business deals. Waiting and tweetingin unrelated arena may not give you the desired results. You need to find out people of your interest by Joining Facebookgroups, Linked-In groups, check out lists on yourgenre, and look at a person’s Twitter Grader score. These are so manytools online to target your exact customer, so make use of themwisely.
  5. 5. When you’re having a conversation with potential clients, you needto be real. Spam is sure to turn people off instantly. Starting aconversation with qualified leads and growing the conversationorganically from 5 to 10 qualified leads adds to the bottom line Streamlining the process online is possible through simpleautomation process for example scheduling updates, pulling in fromyour RSS feed, these are all great time savers. Ready made templatesprove useful in replying to queries when you see people tweeting orposting on Facebook but never automate replies as the result could beembarrassing. While a Casual visitor may be replied with a quotationof products may prove irrelevant to the situation.
  6. 6. There are various opportunities in Social media like Retweeting is a greatway to show your followers you have your finger on the pulse of yourindustry, but a big mistake is just posting a load of unattributed feeds as yourown. Crediting the original author shows your credibility. First it shows yourusers, that you are monitoring your field and curating some great content forfans and followers. Secondly it may be a great opportunity to drive homeyour ideas through the words of the author. You can start a lot of strategicpartnerships with just simple Retweeting. Social media sites are exploding with users. Though the ultimate goal is tomaximize the value of the content, savvy businesses today are focusing andconcentrate on creating interactions that will help turn the social mediausers into traffic which converts into business. For a business without a lot oftime or a very large marketing budget, social media is a great place for atargeted interaction to become a viable lead.
  7. 7. As a Small Business Owner, you need take on several roles. Whenyour of Social media for a little while, leave your followers with somehelpful posts to read, while you’re busy doing your important work.Social media is a great way to field in lot of customer queries,requests, support and even research. Setting up searches for keywords related to your brand and creatingtime to handle request daily, will ensure that the Giant Gorilla(Prospective Lead) never escapes your notice. By promptly answeringrequests many problems could be solved in its initial stage.