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Website Marketing


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Website Marketing

  1. 1.
  2. 2. When the Tamil song “ Why this Kolaveri Di” was released it hit the YouTube and became the most popular Indian song. Likewise, Anna Hazare’s 10million votes against Corruption, Swiss Bank Accounts of famous politicalbigwigs and many other stories blew out of proportions. They called this newpublicity blitz “Viral Marketing”. Despite early beginnings Websites never enjoyed the clout like therecent non-events striking rich harvests. In terms of the support each one ofthese events garnered, the writing on the wall says “Websites have come ofAge”. Now everyone is on the bandwagon creating Websites. Having createda website we just cannot sit back and relax. People are not going to flock in andraise us or our business into high skies just because a sweet face is smiling outof a Blog. They need to be promoted and that elevation does not come free ofcharge. It has a Price Tag. But we are lucky. We have broken ground.
  3. 3. Website Promotion Techniques are now available to get the mostinconsequential event onto the Front Page through backdoor entry. Butwithout money it a great deal of time will be spent for paltry returns. Thefollowing methods will help us increase traffic and lead our website into agrowth expressway.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is pretty easy to learn and can bereadily applied. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and a host ofothers come handy in page ranking and improve traffic. The very object ofSEO is to get our site listed on the first critical pages. To this endappropriate keywords chosen from Google Ad Words Keyword Tool willhelp. To get an idea of the traffic, enter keyword and watch the trafficflow. Keywords have to be used in titles and repeated judiciously in thepage. All the same their overuse can lead the passage to scam.
  4. 4. Reciprocal Links can be established through webmaster with otherwebsites that matter. Website rankings can be looked up using PageRank Lookup, Link Popularity Tool or Google Tool Bar. Such linkswill provide access to hitherto unknown and potential users.Free Articles offered to websites, blogs and magazines can grantaccess to a world of potential users or buyers who will look up ourwebsite for details and add them to their list thereby boostingexposure.Social Media is a potent weapon that can spread the messageintended. As a matter of fact a Nielsen study found 21% US citizens useInternet spending as much as 33 hours a month on it and 8 hours ofthese are spent on Social Media. A strong presence can easily beestablished through an entry into this media.
  5. 5. Beyond all this it is necessary to blog regularly in sites that have closeaffiliations to our line of thoughts so that a ready market can beestablished through such a link. But here it is Quality of our Blog thatmatters.Website Promotion Techniques judiciously chosen and used can setus rolling in a manner all those viral marketers have succeeded increating a niche for themselves in an otherwise insignificant world. 9818282106