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Product Marketing As Storytelling


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Approach product marketing as storytelling in order to make a lasting connection with your customers. Need help doing that? The service offerings in this presentation describe how I can help you craft your story, using targeted product positioning, and digital content marketing programs that will raise your visibility level with your buyers, quickly and effectively.

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Product Marketing As Storytelling

  1. 1. Sandy Hawke, CISSP Marketing Shaman Product Marketing Services Storytelling as a sales tool.
  2. 2. Who I am. What I offer. What I’m all about. • Former firewall geek turned marketing shaman • Adept at gap analysis, better at filling the gaps • Go-to-market guidance • Product positioning and messaging • Content development • Sales tools • Product pitches • Data sheets, webinars, and videos, oh my! Integrity, simplicity, and authenticity. A good story. The right audience. Strategic guidance. Tactical execution.
  3. 3. My Approach: Sales as Storytelling Stories teach, inspire, and can even change your life. The best stories… 1) Put their audience needs first. (always delivering value) 2) Compel their audience to think differently, and urge them to action. (tap into their compelling need to buy) 3) Make a lasting impression, and inspire sharing the experience with others. (clearly articulate differentiation)
  4. 4. Good Storytelling: Industry Examples • Illustrates biggest pain point for buyer • Uses humor • Easily shareable • Shows path to success for the buyer • Inspires community • Clear call to action 2014 2006
  5. 5. Product Marketing Methodology* Content Development Connect to the audience Content Marketing (programs) Amplify the story Product Positioning / Messaging Define the Story Telling stories, connecting with audience, and being visible. *of course, careful performance measurement of each of these is essential.
  6. 6. Product Positioning / Messaging Need help crafting your story? I’ll walk you through it. OR… I can craft it for you. OR… Service offerings include: • Market Segmentation • Messaging Analysis, Maps & Guides • Product Positioning • Sales Tools & Training • Competitive Analysis (messaging) I can simply enhance the story you already have. Define the Story Give your audience what they demand. A simple story that’s hard to forget.
  7. 7. Content Development Types of available content*: • Video scripts • Success Stories • Product Pitches • Datasheets • White Papers • Website copy • Webinar slides Connect to audience Need help developing compelling content? I’ll develop it for you. Content is king. • Builds pipeline. • Gains exposure. • Establishes credibility. • Accelerates sales cycles. Provide the compelling content your prospects and teams need. the *Please note that many of these deliverables require graphical design support. I work effectively with designers, but I am not a designer myself.
  8. 8. Content Marketing / Programs Assistance provided*: • SEO & social media consultation • Topic development (webinars, videos, educational programs) • Program analysis, guidance and direction Need help building your pipeline? I’ll help you reach your audience with content marketing and program guidance. It starts with compelling content that’s simple & shareable. • Get access to new • Build brand awareness. • Improve partner relationships. Get your story out there. Turn it up to 11. prospects. Amplify the story *Please note that some programs may require additional execution assistance and resources.
  9. 9. Final Thoughts • Simplicity is my mantra. • Strategy + Execution = Success. • Data-driven decision making when possible, common sense execution when expediency requires it*. *I try to avoid “analysis paralysis” as much as possible. We don’t learn until we try a few well-informed experiments.
  10. 10. Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to help you tell your story and get it out there.
  12. 12. What I’ve Done: Sample Work
  13. 13. Where to find these samples (sometimes hyperlinks don’t work the way they should) alsmart/
  14. 14. What They’ve Said (about what I’ve done) There are more like these on my LinkedIn profile here:
  15. 15. SANDY HAWKE, CISSP MARKETING SHAMAN SANDYBEACHSF@GMAIL.COM SANDYBEACHSF (@TWITTER & @SKYPE) 510-501-4107 I appreciate the opportunity to help you tell your story and get it out there.