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The Power of Digital Storytelling in Marketing


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Do you want to know more about digital storytelling? Wondering how you can implement this in your own brand, product, or service? View these slides for useful tips to get started in making your brand more socially active. Fun case studies on Kim Kardashian, Old Spice Body Wash, Lego, and Tim Hortons campaigns.

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The Power of Digital Storytelling in Marketing

  1. 1. #14 Eyed Media, Literally & L Think March 10, 2015
  2. 2. #14 Eyed Media, Literally & L Think March 10, 2015
  4. 4.  Newer trend  Everyday people using accessible digital tools to tell their stories  Compelling, emotionally engaging, and interactive stories
  5. 5.  A company’s perspective in greater detail  Solving a problem, but by levelling with your people  Building emotion, it will help you get attention  SCREAMING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND!
  6. 6.  Share stories on the Internet o Multimedia Movies: YouTube, Vimeo o Audio Broadcasts: Podcasts o Webinars  Accessible media tools and software o Web cameras o Voice recorders o iMovie / Windows Movie Maker o Final Cut Express  How-To videos (Meet Sally!)  White board videos
  7. 7.  Our brains are wired to understand & retain stories  Humans are driven by: o Positive emotions, personal feelings, experiences o Likeability o Friendliness o Relevance o Empathy o Relevance
  8. 8. Increases: oBrand loyalty oTrust o Connect your brand with your end user oLikelihood to buy
  9. 9. It’s time to incorporate narrative content into your digital storytelling!
  10. 10. Cultivate a deep understanding of your target audience Mandatory buyer persona Ask your customers:  Why did they buy fro you?  How did they find you?  What questions did they ask during the sales process?  What drove them to start looking for a solution?
  11. 11. Identify emotional drivers & be authentic What are the emotional triggers that pull customers towards your brand? Share details to make your story relatable: name, place, outcomes Adapt your story to the medium Make it shareable
  12. 12. Ensure credibility Merge storytelling with data Move your audience emotionally and intellectually Encourage user-generated content Share different perspectives of your story Start a hashtag, interview influencers in your space, hold a contest
  13. 13.  Problem: Getting women to buy men- based body wash for their man  Campaign: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”  Product: Old Spice Body Wash  Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, OR  Solution: o Flawless execution of a one take viral video o Released via YouTube and TV commercials o Fan interaction – submit questions
  14. 14.  Problem: Breath new life into an old kids toy  Campaign: 90-minute “Lego Movie”  Product: Lego toys  Agency: Warner Bros., Hollywood, CA  Solution: o Well-written movie appealing to adults and kids o Product is the message – Lego scenes o Deep message – We are all imaginative builders at any age
  15. 15.  Problem: Retain market share in coffee category against new entrants e.g. McDonalds  Campaign: “Every Cup Tells A Story”  Product: Tim Horton’s coffee  Agency: J. Walter Thompson (JWT), New York, NY  Solution:  Tug at Canadian heartstrings  Encourage user generated content  Website ( and social media integration
  16. 16. #14 Eyed Media, Literally & L Think March 10, 2015
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