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Hall of fame december


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Hall of fame december

  1. 1. IV. best pr activity 0 / 25
  2. 2. Lahore Galaxy Tab Bloggers’ Event[Bloggers’ event held collaboration with Google and Mobilink to boost Galaxy Tab PR] Event Summary □ Date : 31st December 2010 □ Attendees : 12 Bloggers, President of P@SHA, Google, Mobilink and Samsung reps □ Taking Points: - Participants were encouraged to update their face book . Galaxy Tab handed over as a prize who had 67 likes and 51 unique comments - The event was kept interactive Q&A session . Samsung, Google and Mobilink spokespersons participated - President of P@SHA(Pakistan Software Houses Association) attended the event . Very influential figure in bloggers’ community to endorsed Galaxy Tab [Event Snapshot] [Online Review] 18 / 25
  3. 3. SETK Media Event SETK held a Media event to present wrap up presentation of 2011 by product divisions and introduce SETK president to Turkish key press members Event Summary □ Date : 9th December 2010 □ Attendees : 27publication attended, Samsung employees □ Total Coverage : 22 clippings [10/12, Millyet NP] [10/12, Vatan NP] [10/12, Sabah, NP] [Attendees] 18 / 25
  4. 4. SELV Samsung Family Gathering SELV held the 4th quarterly gathering for the Samsung media family members , to strengthen up the relationship and to update about Samsung’s ‘10 activities Event Summary □ Date : 27th December 2010 □ Attendees : 27 Samsung Family journalists, 2 SOS Village executives (NGO ), Samsung employees □ Total Coverage : 12 clips □ Taking Points: - Provide a natural interaction between journalists and NGO to talk about SELV CSR activities - Each department representative have gave a substantial information to Journalists with a Q&A session - Consistent exclusive gathering to increase bonding with journalists and bring up cost efficiency - SELV president participation raised credibility and loyalty [Attendees] [CE presentation] [SOS Village Director’s Speech] 18 / 25