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Quality stories feb


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Quality stories feb

  1. 1. III. quality story program 0 / 22
  2. 2. Quality Stories Status Update □ February Quality Story highlights -Total of three Quality Stories scored in February by SELV -The Quality Stories were generated by HHP and DI •More of the Same: Samsung Galaxy Tab - SELV •Picture the Future with the New WB700 •It’s Not Just a Hobby: It’s a Camera that will Make Everyone a Professional Photographer □ Increased participation is required from the following markets: - North Africa (SEMRC, Cairo and Tunis), SGE and Turkey 1 / 22
  3. 3. Quality Stories of the Month SELV It’s not just a hobby: It’s a cameraMore of the same: Samsung Galaxy Tab Picture the future with the new WB700 that will make everyone a professional photographer SELV SELV SELV Publication: T3 Magazine Publication: Nox Magazine Publication: Venture Magazine Date: February 2011 Date: February 2011 Date: February 2011 2 / 22