E-mail Integration now in Impel CRM


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Impel CRM customers now have an even more simple, effective way to enhance their business communications with Impel E-mail Integration.

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E-mail Integration now in Impel CRM

  1. 1. PK4 Software Technologies For Details, Contact: Sahana Bose#31, Kempapura, Hebbal Phone +91-80-3008-0000Bangalore 560024, INDIA sahana@impelcrm.inPhone +91-80-3008-0000Fax +91-80-3008-2006www.ImpelCRM.in Impel Press Release Seamless E-mail Integration now in Impel CRM. Sync E-mail Messages Directly into your CRM. Bangalore, India, June 16th , 2011 -- Bangalore-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM company, PK4 Software Technologies, today announced the release of E-mail Integration mechanism in its flagship product Impel CRM. Impel CRM customers now have an even more simple, effective way to enhance their business communications with Impel E-mail Integration. The seamless E-mail Integration is an effective way to automatically record e- mail correspondences in Impel to cover a wide range of customer interactions. Email is one of the most common channels for managing customer interactions and communications. Impel On-demand CRM offers simple and robust Email integration for increased customer satisfaction and to keep your CRM up-to-date with an instant, un-restricted access to all your latest E-mail activities. Great value of the feature is the ability to assign customer email conversations much more intelligently with CRM data as activities. This helps to easily track the previous communications associated with the contact. To take advantage of this great new functionality in Impel, you just need to enable the POP or IMAP in your e-mail server/service so Impel can connect to those e-mails.
  2. 2. E-mail Integration now in Impel.Mr. Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam, CEO of PK4 Software said "Business collaboration in the Era ofcrowdsourcing is becoming extremely critical, it is more apparent to track customer interactions acrossall touch-points. Our quest with Impel Email integration has been to give our users a world-classcollaborative tool”. “An extended view of your customer interactions in one integrated system is nolonger a scene from future. Impel Email Client does it smartly and successfully, a significant steptowards true collaboration”, he added.About PK4.PK4 is the SaaS CRM leader in India. Our flagship product, Impel CRM, helps companies put theircustomers at the center of their business. Impel CRM helps sales and support executives spend moretime with customers and less on administrative work. Impel CRM helps companies increase revenuesand maximize profits by improving sales productivity, marketing efficiency and customer service. ImpelCRM is used by sales, marketing and customer service teams across a variety of industries rangingfrom SMBs to large enterprises. PK4 offers a free 15 day trial of Impel. All you need to do is click onthe Free Trial button on www.impelcrm.in and start using Impel – now! *****