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360 Degree View of Customer


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360-degree view is an essential strategic value for organizations to deliver quality customer service and support.

Published in: Technology
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360 Degree View of Customer

  1. 1. 360 Degree View of Customer.<br />Most of the organizations have customer data and records across departments, but how many in the company are aware of all the customer interactions that take place on a daily-basis?<br />To build and retain profitable relationship with a customer, it's essential for everyone in a company to have access to the 360-degree view of customer transactions. Getting a 360-degree view is essential strategic value for organizations that want to deliver high quality customer service and support, to optimize marketing and product development. Used effectively, the 360-degree view strengthens customer retention and profitability also.<br />What is 360 degree view of Customer? <br /> A 360-degree view of the customer is a single view of all customer interactions. It integrates all the customer information that is available in separate departments of an organization in to one repository. 360 Degree View is also a Business Approach which puts the customer at the center of the organization and aids a platform for quality customer service. <br />Impel CRM empowers you to track customer satisfaction at the most granular level possible through the 360 Degree View of Customers which seamlessly combines all of the Customer data across departments into a single powerful, easy-to-use portal-like environment. This makes life easier, most importantly to the customer support representatives. <br />Benefits of Impel CRM’s 360 degree Customer View. <br /><ul><li>Provides comprehensive view of customer across departments from marketing to sales, operations, finance, and other business functions. This helps your internal teams (marketing, sales and customer support) to collaborate easily.
  2. 2. All the activities specific to a customer be it your marketing campaign emails, phone calls, follow-ups, meetings, service requests, responses and updates all of these activities gets tagged against that particular customer providing a single view.
  3. 3. A 360-degree solution enables you to access consolidate customer data helping your support agents to speed up response times without having to switch between screens or await update responses from related teams.
  4. 4. With the 360-degree view, you can provide a consistent and satisfying service experience for customers, as you have access to the right information instantly in a single –view. This also improves your customer interaction.
  5. 5. Your call quality increases, reduces call duration which eventually saves your money.</li></ul>Creating a single view for all customers is an important strategic objective. The Impel’s 360-degree approach you can replace separate functions such as call centers, customer service departments and sales by integrated in a single system with all the required data for efficiently delivering quality support to customers.<br />About Impel CRM:<br />A highly comprehensive yet fast-to-deploy CRM solution, Impel CRM goes far beyond any other Software-s-a-Service (SaaS) offering. Bring clarity to your sales and accelerate processes, build long-term customer relationships, boost call center efficiency and derive business intelligence. With Impel CRM you can do all this and more – leveraging an easy-to-use and highly tailorable solution offered at a predictable per user, per month price.<br />For more information, please visit<br /> <br />