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Impel CRM for Financial Services


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Impel CRM for Financial Services. Take a look how adoption of Impel CRM can help your Financial Business go an extra mile when it comes to Customer Relationships.

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Impel CRM for Financial Services

  1. 1. ImpelCRM for the Financial Services Industry PK4 Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Phone: +91-80-3008-0000 e-mail:
  2. 2. ImpelCRM – Financial Services Page 2 When it comes to maintaining their most valuable business relationships –those with their customers- financial services companies are turning to ImpelCRM. Impel CRM makes it easy and affordable for you to get organized, effectively reach out to new prospects and keep in contact with existing customers. With Impel CRM you get incredible benefits: • Increase profits • Retain existing clients • Grow your customer base • Distribute, track and market loan data • Market to prospects and clients Institutions in wealth management, insurance, loans are switching to the ImpelCRM model: • The most configurable and customizable CRM application, customized by the principal • The most trusted partner for availability and security • Complete integration with your existing systems. Read through this Financial Services Data Sheet to see why ImpelCRM makes sense for YOU. We speak your language. All labels, screens and functionality are completely configured to fit the Financial Services business. In addition, we can further configure it to suit your organization’s specific requirements.
  3. 3. ImpelCRM – Financial Services Page 3 Ensure constant Customer Engagement. • Access and react to your website and Internet lead data in real-time with Impel’s Web2Lead integration • Personalize and market to your prospects and customers with professional E-mails or SMS • Easily deliver specific marketing messages to target prospect/customer groups • Integrate a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Call Centre solution for inbound and outbound call tracking. Track and Manage the entire Loan Process. • Capture loan qualifying data as you interview prospects • Enter customer data using intuitive screens specially configured for you • Trigger e-mails / SMSs to your customers / prospects based on Loan events • View your customer’s entire loan history within a single screen. Manage Clients. • Easy to use, intuitive search features allow you to quickly find targeted customers and drill-down to screens that present detailed views of your customer data • View your customer’s entire history including phone calls, e- mail campaigns, SMS campaigns, outbound phone campaigns, presentations and notes • Capture detailed loan information to help you qualify your prospects • Schedule tasks and follow-ups easily; pop-up reminders ensure that you never miss an opportunity • Create custom screens with a huge collection of user-defined fields • Powerful customer messaging features allow you to e-mail or print content from a library of marketing collaterals. Manage Leads • Integrate lead data from your corporate website or landing pages • Use Impel’s Lead Assignment rules to automatically route leads to the appropriate salesperson
  4. 4. ImpelCRM – Financial Services Page 4 • Use Impel’s dashboards and reports to stay on top of your pipeline • Trigger new lead notifications, automated e-mails as soon as a new lead arrives. Manage Marketing Campaigns • Create your own targeted marketing campaigns • Track campaign results in detailed reports and lists • Streamline your entire marketing process. Manage your Loans • Tie your loan processing data to ImpelCRM to enable on-demand report generation • Automatically synchronize key data from your loan processing system • Track loan information from beginning to end as it moves through your process • Build detailed pipeline reports using Impel’s Ad-hoc Reporting Engine. Manage Time • Schedule appointments, phone calls, discussions • Synchronize Calendar data with Microsoft Outlook • View and manage tasks for yourself and your team members • Create calendar views with day/week/month at-a-glance displays • Create specific Sales Activity Plans with your team members • Update status of Activity plans and report on Planned Vs Actual calls. Plus a huge set of other functionality that can be configured and customized to your exact requirements. *****