Loyalty Management now in Impel


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Robust Customer Loyalty Program in integrated CRM solution -Impel

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Loyalty Management now in Impel

  1. 1. PK4 Software Technologies For Details, Contact: Sahana Bose#31, Kempapura, Hebbal Phone +91-80-3008-0000Bangalore 560024, INDIA sahana@impelcrm.inPhone +91-80-3008-0000Fax +91-80-3008-2006www.ImpelCRM.in Impel Press Release Loyalty Management now in Impel CRM. Robust Customer Loyalty Program in Impel. Bangalore, India, September 22, 2011 -- Bangalore-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM company, PK4 Software Technologies, today announced the release of integrated Loyalty Management module in its flagship product Impel CRM. Impel CRM’s Loyalty Management module allows businesses to better understand their customers and strengthen their customer relationships. The module is tailored to enable customers to make it a part of their marketing strategy and build their brands effectively. The Loyalty Management module provides two key capabilities – Core Loyalty Management and Analytics and Campaigns. The Core Loyalty Management includes: • Loyalty Program Management including Programs, Members, Tiers and Promotions • Points accumulation based on store transactions • Points redemption for purchases The Analytics and Campaigns include: • Customer Analytics including Recency, Frequency reporting • Customer Segmentation • Program Performance • Campaign Management including Planning, Scheduling, Execution and Response tracking
  2. 2. Loyalty Management now in Impel.Mr. Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam, CEO of PK4 Software said "Impel’s Loyalty Management moduledelivers a full range of functionality that enables businesses to understand each customer’s lifetimevalue and to design services and promotions that maximize the potential of your customerrelationships”. “For most retail businesses, managing Loyalty programs is a challenge. To help ourcustomers execute their Loyalty programs effectively, we have tied up with iNotes India, one of theleading Customer Loyalty management companies in India. With iNotes depth and width of loyaltymanagement experience, managing the details of their Loyalty programs becomes much simpler forour customers”, he added.About PK4.PK4 is the SaaS CRM leader in India. Our flagship product, Impel CRM, helps companies put theircustomers at the center of their business. Impel CRM helps sales and support executives spend moretime with customers and less on administrative work. Impel CRM helps companies increase revenuesand maximize profits by improving sales productivity, marketing efficiency and customer service. ImpelCRM is used by sales, marketing and customer service teams across a variety of industries rangingfrom SMBs to large enterprises. PK4 offers a free 15 day trial of Impel. All you need to do is click onthe Free Trial button on www.impelcrm.in and start using Impel – now!About iNotes.iNotes provides effective solutions in the areas of Loyalty Management and Customer Databasemanagement. iNotes loyalty programs help businesses identify, retain and increase yields from theirbest customers through long-term, interactive relationships. iNotes solution deliver a full range ofanalytics, market surveys and service capabilities to facilitate organizations to better understand eachcustomers’ lifecycle and value. iNotes applies innovative yet advanced technologies in areas of CRMand Business Intelligence to enhance business results of enterprises. For more information click onwww.inotesindia.com. *****