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Business Architecture For Non-Profits and Smaller Organizations


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An overview of how business architecture applies to non-profit and smaller organizations, including a supporting case study.

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Business Architecture For Non-Profits and Smaller Organizations

  2. 2. Topics of Conversation  How business is evolving  Where the need is  How architecture can help  What’s different  How to get started 9/21/2018 2COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC.
  3. 3. Business is Evolving (In a Good Way) 9/21/2018 3COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. 1 A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being—this may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders. (Wikipedia) 2 Cross-sector social initiatives may also include government, universities and potentially other organizations Profit and purpose can coexist. Any organization can be sustainable.
  4. 4. Where the Need Is 9/21/2018 4COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. The need for architecture is driven more by organization size than type.
  5. 5. How Architecture Can Help  To be successful, every organization needs:  A viable and competitive business model  An intentionally designed organization  A way to set and execute direction  Architects can help as:  Thinking partners  Architects  Facilitators of Action  Advocates  Benefits to organizations include:  Create a solid offering and organization  Tell the story and demonstrate due diligence  Scale better  Operate better  Move ideas into action better now and later 9/21/2018 5COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC.
  6. 6. Some Challenges Architecture Can Help With 9/21/2018 6COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC.
  7. 7. Deliverables For A New Organization  Vision, mission and values  Business model (including value proposition)*  Value chain (for strategic analysis)  Concept diagram(s)*  Strategy  Objectives and Metrics*  Customer life cycle and journeys  Capability map (high level first pass)*  Value streams (key external-facing)*  Value stream / capability cross-mapping  Value network  Organization map  Information map  Products  Initiatives and roadmap(s)* 9/21/2018 7COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. You may need to blend upstream and downstream from architecture.
  8. 8. How Architects Typically Engage 9/21/2018 8COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. Get Paid (Full-Time or Consulting) Volunteer Volunteering may still be needed Getting paid may still be possible
  9. 9. What is Different – Dynamics  Results now; time and resources are precious  Apply urgency and practical use of architecture (solve a problem; do just enough, just in time)  Do what is needed, which may be more than architecture  Structured approaches may be new  First solve a problem, create appealing communications, unveil the techniques over time  Different worlds and lingos  Understand their values, drivers and environment  Communicate in their language 9/21/2018 9COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC.
  10. 10. What is Different – Architecture 9/21/2018 10COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. Of course the architecture content is different for every organization. BIZBOK® Guide The scope and principles of business architecture are the same.
  11. 11. Business Architecture In Action A Quick Case Study: Changing the Business Model of a Non-Profit + Creating and Scaling a New For-Profit Business 9/21/2018 11COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC.
  12. 12. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 12COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. BACKGROUND:  The Yonkofa Project (non-profit) provides holistic health solutions to communities in Western Ghana. Part of the solution includes a unique electronic medical record (EMR) solution for remote areas. GOAL:  Separate the EMR solution into a for-profit benefit corporation, which will provide funding to The Yonkofa Project  Scale the EMR solution across Ghana and expand to other countries with similar circumstances and needs  Save and improve lives; develop local communities (e.g. jobs) as part of the solution
  13. 13. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 13COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. OUR VISION  Our vision is a world where health care is locally available in remote areas, high in quality, efficiently delivered, and patient centered. OUR MISSION  Our mission is to advance the health of communities in remote areas of the world through connected health information solutions that extend and improve the quality of life for the people we serve. OUR VALUES  We are driven by respect for the people we serve. We work as a team, collaborate across cultures, and bring innovative solutions to community health delivery. We strive to enhance local capacity and we act with integrity.
  14. 14. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 14COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. BUSINESS CONCEPT
  15. 15. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 15COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. BUSINESS MODEL Don’t forget this part.
  16. 16. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 16COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT
  17. 17. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 17COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. “VALUE STREAM” (AKA HOW IT WORKS)
  18. 18. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 18COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. CAPABILITIES
  19. 19. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 19COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. ROADMAP (NEXT HORIZON)
  20. 20. Business Architecture In Action 9/21/2018 20COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC.  Shared vision and plan with partners and broader community (e.g. radio show)  Rebuilt software to scale (for free)  Prepared for rollout RESULTS
  21. 21. How to Get Started 1. Identify what is important to you (e.g. place, cause, type of help) and /or follow the signs. 2. Find an entrepreneur or organization you’d like to help and ask. Offer specific ways you can help. 3. Get on the bike. Just do it. 4. Create a movement of architecting for good. 9/21/2018 21COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. The BA Guild offers CEUs for volunteering!
  22. 22. Special Considerations  Get really good at business model design, assessment and innovation.  Remember the ecosystem. Think in systems.  Remember the bigger purpose. Always do good. Always do what is right.  You may not get paid or reimbursed. Your generosity will come back to you in other ways.  Commit and follow through. Once you have created hope, you have a responsibility.  This can be a journey of personal transformation. You might never be the same.  9/21/2018 22COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC.
  23. 23. Architecting For Good  Join Us!  Share your interest (survey):  Become an ambassador  Suggest an organization to help  Do: ○ Clinics ○ Immersion trips ○ Get help on your own engagements 9/21/2018 23COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. Share Your Talents + Cultural Immersion + Adventure
  24. 24. Architect the world.
  25. 25. A Few Resources  StraightTalk No. 17 – Architect the World, Part 1 — Business Architecture For Startups & Small Business – S2E blog post  StraightTalk No. 18 – Architect the World, Part 2 — Business Architecture For Non-Profit Organizations – S2E blog post  Solving the World’s Biggest Problems: Better Philanthropy Through Systems Change – Stanford Social Innovation Review  The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong – TED Talk by Dan Pallotta  The Future of Management is Teal – Strategy + Business  Your Life In Weeks – A reminder of why this is important from Wait But Why  How To Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes – TED Talk by Adam Leipzig  7 lessons about finding the work you were meant to do – Ideas.Ted.Com  107 Reasons Why You, Architect, Matter – Life of an Architect
  26. 26. A Few Books  Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together – Book by Pamela Slim  Discover Your True North – Book by Bill George  Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation – Book by Parker J. Palmer  The Paradox of Generosity – Book by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson  Profit and Purpose – Book by Kyle Westaway
  27. 27. Keep In Touch. 9/21/2018 27COPYRIGHT © 2018 S2E CONSULTING INC. Whynde Kuehn E-mail: Phone: +1 347.880.1637 Website:
  28. 28. Successfully executing your strategic vision