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Enterprise Architecture for Dummies


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To understand Enterprise Architecture and make it understood

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Enterprise Architecture for Dummies

  2. 2. “ Power is nothing without control” (Pirelli)
  3. 3. When we are talking about Enterprise Architecture…
  4. 4. People are usually puzzled.
  5. 5. Or have moderate enthusiasm.
  6. 6. … because additional efforts will be requested
  7. 7. And habit changes are rarely welcome.
  8. 8. Enterprise Architecture’s definition gives some clues. «Enterprise architecture (EA) is the process of translating business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change by creating, communicating, and improving the key principles and models that describe the enterprise’s future state and enable its evolution.» (GARTNER GROUP)
  9. 9. But what really is Enterprise Architecture ?
  10. 10. Information Technology (IT) is no longer considered as a set of tools…
  11. 11. If the Enterprise is compared to a house, …
  12. 12. IT is rather the house frame and… Foundation, Electrical network, Water network, …
  13. 13. So the Business team can fully enjoy their business life.
  14. 14. When you are perform big changes in your house,
  15. 15. It is better to have a plan of your house.
  16. 16. Enterprise Architecture is the plan of your Enterprise and the IS/IT supporting it.
  17. 17. Enterprise identity can be summed up with : Its strategic goals Its business Processes Its organization structure People Skills and know how
  18. 18. IS/IT can be modeled by : Data Business Processes and roles Applications and IS functions Servers and datacenters
  19. 19. Enterprise Architecture is a repository where all attributes of Enterprise and IS/IT are stored.
  20. 20. “This is consuming a lot of resources to set up and to run, only for a plan !”
  21. 21. What is the Value of Enterprise Architecture ?
  22. 22. Secure alignment between IS/IT and Enterprise Strategies First value of Enterprise Architecture
  23. 23. Imagine two teams playing the bush telegraph.
  24. 24. And one team is using an aide to explain the message to spread.
  25. 25. It is easy to guess who will win the game.
  26. 26. In the business world, we unfortunately always play bush telegraph, especially when we are dealing with IS/IT projects.
  27. 27. It is a difficult game because most of the players are speaking different languages. IT language Business language
  28. 28. Biz Analyst Architect Offer Mgr Customer And the number of players involved in the game is big. Developer
  29. 29. So sometimes deliveries produce unexpected outcomes.
  30. 30. Enterprise Architecture is the support aide of the bush telegraph game for an Enterprise.
  31. 31. Enterprise Architecture aligns IS/IT developments with Business expectations by…
  32. 32. using a single language understood by all parties : The Business Processes.
  33. 33. Support Long term valuable transformation Second value of Enterprise Architecture
  34. 34. Business Teams are usually very ambitious with their requirements.
  35. 35. Thus, transformations Cost a lot of moneyTake time Are complex And risky
  36. 36. It is safer to reach the targeted goal step by step.
  37. 37. There are two different options to be sure that steps are following the right direction.
  38. 38. First option is to invoke divine power.
  39. 39. Second option is to use a map.
  40. 40. It is easy to guess what is the better option.
  41. 41. Enterprise Architecture provides the map to guarantee that steps are going in the right direction.
  42. 42. Thanks to Enterprise Architecture, each IS/IT evolution (project) is a step towards a shared target (program) and is no longer a single initiative.
  43. 43. A long term view is critical to allow IS/IT capability to adapt to further evolutions.
  44. 44. And this is a question of life or death for IS/IT and the Enterprise.
  45. 45. Identify where optimization can occur Third value of Enterprise Architecture
  46. 46. Today, competition between companies is fierce.
  47. 47. Every savings or optimization will procure precious trumps.
  48. 48. Companies that have indicators on the value of their activities have a head start.
  49. 49. Enterprise architecture is providing these indicators. ROI of each activity and Process Cost of duplicated Processes and tools Complexity
  50. 50. So managers will be able to take decisions thanks to figures vs. based on beliefs.
  51. 51. Support Business Continuity Fourth value of Enterprise Architecture
  52. 52. In today’s information age, IS/IT is definitively one of the key assets of the Enterprise. Data Business Processes and roles Applications and IS functions Servers and datacenters
  53. 53. It is not safe to not protect key assets.
  54. 54. But it is too easy to leave this asset in the head of some experts.
  55. 55. When experts leave the company, is it acceptable for the company to loose this asset?
  56. 56. Enterprise architecture describes the knowledge in some experts’ heads and shares it with the rest of the Enterprise.
  57. 57. CONCLUSION
  58. 58. Indeed Enterprise Architecture is requesting… Methodology Additional efforts Changing habits
  59. 59. But what company is able to compete without the trumps provided by Enterprise Architecture?
  60. 60. Thank you !!!