Roxanne Mapp - The Invention of Writing


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Roxanne Mapp - The Invention of Writing

  1. 1. The Invention of Writing The Egyptian Influence Information Services and Resources Philip Yockey Roxanne Mapp LIS-652
  2. 2. PetroglyphsThroughout the world, from Africa to North America to the islandsof New Zealand, prehistoric people left numerous petroglyphs (Fig)which are carved or scratched sings or simple figures on rock.Many of the petroglyphs are pictographs, and some may beIdeographs, or symbols to represent ideas or concepts. The History of Graphic-Design Philip B. Meggs - 1998
  3. 3. Encyclopedias Reference Sources  Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia  Encyclopedia Americana  Encyclopedia,  Encyclopedia Britannica Online
  4. 4. Books - Reference Reference books always offer a wealth of information and serve as a great print resource in the aid of writing papers. Students can choose from a variety of reference materials from any library’s collection. Hieroglyphs without Mystery Karl-Theodor Zauzich Handbook To Life In Egypt Rosalie David Ancient Egypt – The Great Discoveries Nicholas Reeves Africana Appiah Gates
  5. 5. Books - Circulating The Story of Writing Carol Donoughue The Romance Of Writing Keith Gordon Irwin Egyptian Hieroglyphics Stephane Rossini Understanding Hieroglyphics Hilary Wilson The 26 Letters Oscar Ogg Reading the Past – Ancient Writing from Cuneiform to the Alphabet – Introduced by J. T. Hooker Scrawl! Writing in Ancient Times Prepared by Geography Department Runestone Press – Minneapolis
  6. 6. Fee-based Resources  New York Public Library Access to WorldCat, CATNYP, Books in Print, World Book Online, Facts on File History Database Center, Newsletters in Print, NYPL Digital Gallery, Grolier Online, Modern World History Online and much more.  Pratt Access to Jstor, ERIC
  7. 7. DictionariesThe print version of the New Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language InternationalEdition was used a basic guide for finding the meaning of the word “hieroglyphic”. Websterdefines the meaning of this word as a method of writing in which a pictorial symbol is used. Itgoes on to state that Egyptian hieroglyphics consisted of a series of miniature drawings of men,animals and objects. Webster’s dictionary gave a good definition and was a good starting pointthat can be used to give a general understanding of the word.Online Dictionaries Your Dictionary Bartleby
  8. 8. Trade Bibliographies Decoding Egyptian Hieroglyphs: How to Read the Secret Language of the Pharaohs by Bridget McDermott Barnes and Noble Hieroglyphics By Karen Price-Hossell
  9. 9. Egyptian hieroglyphs Writing was very important in maintaining the Egyptian empire, and literacy was concentrated among an educated elite of scribes. Only people from certain backgrounds were allowed to train to become scribes, in the service of temple, pharaonic, and military authorities. The hieroglyph system was always difficult to learn, but in later centuries was purposely made even more so, as this preserved the scribes position.
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