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How to be a successful interim


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How to make a success of working as an interim employee

Published in: Career
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How to be a successful interim

  1. 1. how to be a successful interim rorie devine 0800 246 5735
  2. 2. what is an interim? employee engaged for a fixed period of time... 1 2 3 takes accountability and responsibility not a consultant that just provides recommendations or advice
  3. 3. what does that mean? an interim joins a company or team work to with the other team members. Not for them... an interim wants to help a company achieve its goals, deliver significant business value and help a team/company permanently raise its performance levels...
  4. 4. what is expected of you? to challenge the orthodoxy1 2 3 to have an objective and apolitical change agenda to add demonstrable business value
  5. 5. being successful the first and maybe most important thing is to choose the right role... make sure you have the skills and experience to add real value...
  6. 6. when you start make sure you really understand what success will look like in the role... 1 2 3 don’t over promise try to find quick wins to build up from
  7. 7. when you start 1) listen 2) meet everyone 3) ask them what they think
  8. 8. add value everywhere don’t penny pinch1 2 3 support the client on the social networks keep momentum up when you’re not there
  9. 9. lastly know when to move on... you know when you have hit the point of diminishing returns on the value curve… full article available at
  10. 10. provides high impact temporary employees on site or remotely to make people like you successful what’s stopping you?
  11. 11. thank you rorie 0800 246 5735