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The green-way-brochure

  1. 1. Propelling Ireland’s Green Growth
  2. 2. The development of the Green Economy is at the heart of theIrish Government’s industrial policy, and the cleantech sectoris recognised in Ireland as a global growth industry that willspearhead the future competitiveness of the nation.With US$260bn invested in the clean energy sector in 2011 alone,higher than any previous year and in the face of major economicheadwinds, the private sector is responding to this global cleantechopportunity, with strong investments in cleantech-relatedinfrastructure and innovation.We believe Ireland is well positioned to excel in cleantech giventhe abundant wind and ocean energy resources, the strong andvibrant ICT, engineering and financial services sectors and thecomparatively young and highly educated population. For exampleIreland, having already achieved 20% wind energy penetrationand striving for 40% by 2020, is well positioned to use domesticdemand as a catalyst for generating global leadership in thecleantech sector.A number of cleantech clusters and centres of excellence are Richard Bruton TDalready developing in major cities around the world to drive Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovationregional and national competitiveness, in response to and in order Pat Rabbitte TDto benefit from the growing pressures for resource efficiency and Minister for Communications Energyemission management being felt by governments and consumers & Natural Resourcesworld-wide. Dr. Brian Motherway CEO, Sustainable Energy Authority Frank Ryan CEO, Enterprise Ireland Barry O’Leary CEO, IDA Ireland
  3. 3. 3The Green Way is a collaborative venture established by industry,academic institutions and public/semi state players in the Dublinregion, whose vision is to create jobs and trade opportunities byactivating and developing an internationally recognised cleantechcluster.The Green Way has been formed in order to drive our productivityand innovation using the cluster’s ’triple helix’ of competencies inthe areas of Industry capability, Academic research, developmentand innovation (RD&I), and Government engagement to develop,promote and attract businesses in the cleantech sector and tostimulate job creation. Within The Green Way, Irish cleantechcompanies benefit from access to cleantech R&D capabilitiesprovided by the academic institutions, access to potential procurersof cleantech products and services, as well as access to test bedsand a talent pool provided by all cluster members.Ireland is actively encouraging the development of commercialand research-driven cleantech clusters such as The Green Way toattract inward investment and to nurture indigenous companiesin the sector. According to recent studies by Ernst & Young, this Ronan Kingsupport will in turn lead to a boost in Irish GDP of between 2% Chairman, Ballymun Regeneration Ltdand 4.6% by 2020, as well as growth in cleantech jobs by 2020 up Prof. Brian MacCraithto 80,000. This is the prize that The Green Way has its sights set President, Dublin City Universityon, and all stakeholders in the cluster look forward to working on Prof. Brian Nortonthese opportunities with indigenous and multinational companies President, Dublin Institute of Technologyalike, in order to position ourselves at the forefront of the global John Tierneycleantech revolution. Dublin City Manager David O’ConnorThe Dublin city region, as the largest economic area, having Fingal County Manageraccess to an international airport serving 200 global destinations, Oliver Cussenleading academic institutions and large local authorities alongside CEO, Dublin Airport Authoritya number of established cleantech initiatives and capabilities, can Mark Kellettdrive the growth of cleantech in Ireland. President, North Dublin Chamber The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  4. 4. 4The Cleantech Sector Global cleantech market size by sub-sector, US$ billion 2010 Sub-sector Market size, US$ Billion“A range of innovative products, services Alternative fuels 828and solutions that optimise the use of finiteand renewable natural resources for long- Building technologies 651term commercial, social and environmental Wind 597sustainability.” Alternative fuel vehicle 533(Ernst & Young) Geothermal 462Globally, the cleantech sector in 2010 was Water supply and waste water treatment 392valued at US$5 trillion and estimated to Recovery and recycling 312employ in excess of 30 million people. The Photovoltaic 240most significant sub-sectors of cleantech, Biomass 236accounting for more than 50% of totalemployment, are alternative fuels; building Waste management 235technologies; wind energy; and alternative Nuclear power 149fuel vehicles. Energy management 123 Additional energy sources 72 Carbon finance 56 Air pollution 46 Contaminated land reclamation and remediation 44 Environmental consultancy and related services 39 Renewable consulting 28 Carbon capture and storage 22 Hydro 22 Noise and vibration control 11 Environmental monitoring, instrumentation and analysis 7‘Globally, the cleantech sector Marine pollution control 6 Wave and tidal 3in 2009/10 was valued at US$5 Total 5,114trillion and estimated to employ in Source: Innovas Solutions and Kmatrixexcess of 30 million people. ’ The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  5. 5. 5 Academic research Business Investment innovation community The Green Way Business Collaborative products networks and servicesThe Green Way Cleantech Cluster GlobalThe Green Way is a collaborative cleantech and Biopharma. The advent of the Green ee een companiesinitiative established by industry, academic Way as a globally recognised cleantech hinstitutions and public/semi-state players cluster, is a key foundation block in(‘triple helix’) in the Dublin region, Ireland’s national cleantech strategy, The Green Way Cluster Networkwhose vision is to create jobs and trade providing evidence to the domestic and nddopportunities by activating and developing global community that the opportunityan internationally recognised cleantech and the support is real and that the long-cluster. The Green Way initiative consists of term commitment to the sector is clear.major Dublin-based organisations that can In light of this, the Green Way’s mission isjointly and uniquely combine the strengths firstly, to support existing green economyof the academic, government and companies and eco-innovation in theenterprise sectors to create a strong global region, secondly, to foster and acceleratecompetency in the cleantech area. new job creation in green economy start- ups and thirdly, to facilitate multinationalThe Green Way was launched in November corporations capable of bringing2010 by EU Commissioner for Research, transformative green economy jobs andInnovation and Science Maire Geoghegan- investment to the region.Quinn, when a number of key regionalstakeholders decided to collaborate in This mandate and activity can be seenorder to encourage green economic in action across a number of cleantechgrowth through the stimulation of the activities ongoing in the region, such as thecleantech sector in Dublin. Dublin ‘Sustainable Energy Community’ programme, the ‘Dublinked’ open dataThe cleantech sector is similar to other project, the DCU Cleantech Innovationinnovation sectors from which Ireland has Campus and the Dublin Airport carbonderived major success through clustering, accreditation initiative. (See pages 16/17namely Financial Services, ICT, Medtech for more details). The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  6. 6. “Dublin City Council shares, and will play an active role in the realisation of, the vision for The Green Way — thecreation of an internationally recognised green economic zone, leading innovation in the green economy and supporting economic development in the region.” Dr. John Tierney City Manager, Dublin City Council
  7. 7. 7The Green Way Cluster Benefits ‘EirGrid are spending €4bn upgrading the electricity transmission system in Ireland to tap into renewable energy resources. ’Education: Test, demonstration and deployment:> DIT has specialised degree programmes in Forensic The Green Way represents a unique ‘deployment platform’ for & Environmental Analysis, Planning & Environmental global cleantech companies seeking to trial and commercialise Management, Transport Operations & Technology as well their technologies on a municipal scale. By virtue of incorporating as masters programmes in Sustainable Development and two of the largest local authorities in Ireland, an international Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems. Other courses include airport campus, two major academic institutions and two urban planning, energy systems, electrical engineering and significant residential communities in Swords and Ballymun, The solar PV. Green Way can offer indigenous and multinational companies opportunities to deploy technologies ranging from LED street> DCU, for its part, has a coordinated and extensive range lighting to electric vehicles and from thermal storage technology of masters and Executive educational programmes in to water management. Sustainability – under the 3 pillars of Energy, Waste and Water. Recently launched programmes include a Post Graduate Certificate and Masters in Sustainable Incubation and entrepreneurship: Energy Finance and masters programmes in sustainability Cleantech start-ups receive customised help with business management and cleantech management. models and financing through incubation programmes in Invent (DCU) and Hothouse (DIT). Invent and Hothouse both provide commercialisation support and facilities for emerging cleantechResearch and development: companies. Their suite of services include expert coaching andBetween DCU and DIT, The Green Way is home to multiple centres strategic advice, focussed educational and networking programs,of excellence and national research centres including: targeted access to investors, strategic partners and industry networks, office space, equipment, conference rooms and training> National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology facilities. These incubators will be supported by the development of the new DCU/Green Way ‘Cleantech Innovation Campus’.> National Centre for Sensor Research> The RINCE Institute: Researching Innovative Engineering International outreach: Technologies Through our membership of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) we have established strong connections> The Energy & Design Lab (DCU) with other cleantech clusters throughout the world allowing us to exchange knowledge, find partners for local companies,> The Dublin Energy Lab (DIT) develop academic and municipal level linkages. Through Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council ‘twinning’ agreements,> National Institute for Transport & Logistics The Green Way is actively forging relationships with peer organisations. These include the Environmental Business Cluster> The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing & Commerce in San Jose/Silicon Valley and the China Greentech Initiative in Beijing.> Energy Product Innovation Centre The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  8. 8. “With The Green Way, Dublin now has a focussed andcoordinated cleantech industry initiative that can build on the city and county infrastructure, assets andcapabilities and allow us to compete on an internationalcleantech stage.” David O’Connor Fingal County Manager
  9. 9. 9Founding PartnersThe founding partners of The Green Way represent a ‘TripleHelix’ of collaborative partners focussed on a common goal ofdeveloping Dublin’s green economic advantage.Government Academia IndustryDCC is the largest local authority in Ireland, DCU is firmly positioned as Ireland’s DAA is Ireland’s national airportserving the people of Dublin and delivering ‘University of Enterprise’. A key objective management company. DAA, within Thethe major work programmes necessary for for DCU within The Green Way is the Green Way, is focussed on reducing thethe smooth running and sustainable delivery a new Cleantech Innovation carbon footprint of its operations throughdevelopment of a European capital city. Campus, adjacent to the university, that the Airport Carbon AccreditationDCC, within The Green Way, has an will be a centre of excellence for research programme as well as positioning theambitious vision which, within the next by emerging and existing cleantech Dublin Airport commercial land-bank as25-30 years, will see Dublin with an companies. the location of choice for cleantech inwardestablished international reputation as one investment and renewable energy projects.of the most sustainable, dynamic andresourceful city regions in Europe.FCC is the fastest growing local authority DIT is recognised as a pioneer in NDCC is made up of businesses that are allin the state with the youngest population technological higher education and located in the Green Way area; includingof any county and the highest rate of specialises in focussed research, notably in SME’s, Academic Institutions, Semi Statelabour force participation. Fingal, within the areas of energy and sustainability. organisations and large private companies,The Green Way, is focussed on the Teaching and research is underpinned by a both domestic and international. Northpromotion of Eco Food innovation and full range of tailored support and Dublin Chamber, within The Green Way, isrelated cleantech initiatives in line with its development services to entrepreneurs and actively focussed on promoting energyposition as the horticultural hub of Ireland. new business start-ups, supported by efficiency and eco-innovation within its research and scholarship in areas reflective company network. of the Institute’s technological mission.BRL is a Dublin City Council company, setup to plan and implement the regeneration ‘Cleantech has the potential to significantly boostof Ballymun within an environmentally,socially and economically sustainable Irish GDP by between €2.4bn and €3.9bn by 2020,framework. Twice awarded GreenCommunity of the Year, BRL is a key sustaining up to 80,000 jobs in the process. ’location for green building technologies,cleantech translational research andinnovation in waste management. It is alsohost to the Green Start EntrepreneurialProgramme. The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  10. 10. “There’s a significant amount of activity and investment taking place in the cleantech space in Ireland andwe have already seen some of the world’s biggestcorporations like IBM and United Technologies makecleantech investments here.” Barry O’Leary CEO, IDA Ireland
  11. 11. 11Why Ireland for Cleantech? Industry Dublin Airport AuthorityWith its natural resources, talent and government North Dublin Chamber of Commercecommitment to the green economy, Ireland is well Global Cleantech Cluster Assoc.positioned to become a global hub for green Includingenterprise. The cleantech/green economy sector Glen Dimplex, IBM, ESB, Bord na Mónain Ireland already provides strong levels ofemployment and exports. Ireland has the abilityto attract further investment from the leadingoverseas cleantech companies, further growits indigenous base, and ensure that thesector becomes an engine for future greenjob creation and economic growth. The Green WayIreland is well placed to thrive in a numberof key areas of cleantech. A brief overviewof our key capabilities and strengths include: Government Academia/RD&I Ballymun Regeneration Ltd Dublin City University Fingal City Council Dublin Institute of Technology Dublin City Council Including Including Invent, Hothouse SEAI, Enterprise Ireland Dublin Energy Lab IDA Ireland Ryan Academy DJEI DCENR Enterprise Boards The Green Way Triple Helix> Attractive investment > Good wind and ocean energy > A strong and mature financial environment: A low corporation tax natural resources: Ireland has one services sector: In 2011, the Irish rate helps Ireland attract international of the best wind energy resources in Government announced its support investors and has spurred the influx the world, and Ireland‘s ocean energy for the ‘Green’ International Financial of many global hi-tech companies industry could eventually be worth as Services Centre (IFSC), a new initiative such as eBay, Google, IBM, Intel, much as €120bn. that aims to position Ireland as a Microsoft, and Wyeth. The 2010 IMD specialist in the management of World Competitiveness Yearbook > ICT presence: There are many carbon and green finance. ranked Ireland 1st for corporate taxes. major global software and hardware companies with their EU > A number of Irish owned but> A young and skilled workforce: headquarter operations in Ireland. globally-focussed cleantech In 2009, Ireland’s graduates were The concentration of high profile businesses: There are a number ranked 1st in terms of ‘employability’ “born-on-the-internet” companies of large players in Ireland involved by the OECD (OECD Economic survey with European HQ’s in Dublin in the cleantech sector including of Ireland 2009). The 2010 IMD (including Twitter, Facebook, Google Mainstream Renewable Power, NTR, World competitiveness yearbook and LinkedIn) is a globally unique Glen Dimplex and Kingspan. ranked Ireland 4th for the availability attribute. of skilled labour. The share of the population aged 25-34 with a ‘third level’ qualification is higher than both the US and the UK. The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  12. 12. Dublin – fostering innovation across the cleantech spectrumAll of the following Dublin companies have been successfully nominatedto the 2011 and 2012 GCCA Global Cleantech Awards. In 2011 OpenHydroand Imperative Energy were winners in the Renewable Energy and Biofuels In Great Cleantech Companycategories respectively: GoogleSUSTAINABLE BUILDING MATERIALS Ecocem Blackrock IntelAVIATION FUEL EFFICIENCY Liberator.Aero NTRNEXT GENERATION PV ENERGY Solarprint Wyeth Mainstream Renewable PowerALGAE BIOFUEL ENZYME TECHNOLOGY AER Sustainable Energy CitiREMOTE ENERGY CONTROL SYSTEMS Climote Airtricity/SSE SiemensPV SOLAR CELL ENGINEERING Nines Photovoltaic’s ESB InternationalINDUSTRIAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY SYSTEMS Crowley Carbon GE HoneywellTIDAL ENERGY TURBINES Openhydro BoschBIO ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Imperative Energy Glen Dimplex ABBWAVE ENERGY CONVERSION Wavebob Bord na MonaBUILDING ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Cylon IBM KeelingsRENEWABLE ENERGY SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS EnverianANAEROBIC DIGESTION Stream BioenergyREAL-TIME RIDESHARING SOFTWARE AvegoENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGY RedTLED LIGHTING ELECTRONICS Ikon SemiconductorWASTE MANAGEMENT INNOVATION Rediscovery Centre“The Green Way is an ideal test and commercialisation location for our portfolio of export-focussed cleantechcompanies. It provides an excellent trade-focussed platform for indigenous cleantech companies looking toaccess new markets and is an important part of Ireland’s response to the cleantech opportunity. It should beapplauded and encouraged.” Frank Ryan CEO, Enterprise Ireland
  13. 13. 13Dublin’s Cleantech EcosystemDublin is well placed to capitalise on the from cleantech multinational Dublin is home to a number of largecontinued growth of the cleantech sector corporations in areas such as waste, data centres including those hostedboth domestically and internationally. The water, transport, energy and green for companies such as Amazon.Dublin region, as the largest economic ICT. com, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Digitalarea, is the main hub of cleantech growth Realty Trust and SunGard. Dublin isin Ireland. Dublin already has a large number of consequently becoming a key hub established cleantech initiatives and for the growth of cloud computing.Two main differential levers exist for Dublin capabilities, some of which are detailed Demand for remote data centreswhen compared to many other cleantech below: is increasing, boosted by the risingcentres around the world: trend of cloud computing. Dublin’s > IBM Smart Cities: IBM’s Smarter temperate climate suits the centres,> Dublin can leverage the existing ICT Cities Technology Centre, currently which require significant amounts base of major companies and R&D the only one of its kind, is based of power to run and to prevent from centres in the region to develop the in Dublin and consists of a highly overheating. city as a centre of excellence for clean skilled and cross-disciplinary team technology and data management which will help other major cities > Indigenous players: Given the including green data centres, cloud better understand, interconnect and ambitious domestic targets and computing, sensor and monitoring manage their operational systems entrepreneurial nature of the technologies, smart cities applications (e.g. transport, communication, city, Dublin and the surrounding and smart grid technologies. water and energy). The Dublin regions are the home of a number region is collaborating with IBM as of indigenous innovative growth> Dublin can also leverage the an international ‘test bed’ for this companies in the cleantech space, involvement of some of Ireland’s purpose. including OpenHydro (Tidal power), largest local authorities, the large Ecocem (Green Cement), Mainstream research driven academic institutions, > Data Centre/Cloud Computing Renewable Power (Wind Developer), and a major international airport capabilities: Given the physical and Glen Dimplex (Electric Heating to promote the city as a major communication infrastructure in place technology). ‘deployment platform’ for investment and experienced ICT talent pool, The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  14. 14. 14 The Green Way is a network of partners, projects and capabilities, all linked together to form a strong cleantech cluster The Green Way Research and Development Facilities National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology National Centre for Sensor ResearchThe RINCE Institute: Researching Innovative Engineering Technologies The Energy & Design Lab (DCU) Cleantech Innovation Campus Municipal Housing Stock The Dublin Energy Lab (DIT) Grangegorman Sustainable Campus National Institute for Transport & Logistics Airport Campus The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing & Commerce FoodCentral Energy Product Innovation Centre Invent Innovation Centre Hothouse Technology Transfer Centre The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  15. 15. 15 International Outreach GCCA EcoClupSan Jose – Environmental Business Cluster Beijing Partners s Dublin City Council Fingal County Council Test, Demonstration Ballymun Regeneration Ltd and Dublin Airport Authority Deployment North Dublin Chamber Dublin City University Dublin Institute of Technology Airport Carbon Accreditation Dublin Sustainable Energy Community Dublinked Thermal Storage Technology Trial E3 Initiatives “Ireland is producing world class innovative Regional Cleantech companies in the energy sector and The Initiatives Green Way is giving these companies a platform from which to deliver export led Green IFSC growth and job creation.” IBM Smart Cities Technology Centre Cloud Computing Prof. Brian Norton Intel Sustainable Energy Lab President, Dublin Institute of Technology ESB eCars The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  16. 16. 16Sample Green Way InitiativesQuantum Demonstration Project Ireland. This offers a very substantial grid SEAI Sustainable Energy CommunityGlen Dimplex is a privately owned company management resource, with the potential Dublin City is in the process of establishingwith global interests, a turnover of €1.5bn to facilitate the dispatch of large quantities a “Sustainable Energy Community” (SEC)and approximately 10,000 employees. It of renewable electricity in Ireland which in partnership with the Sustainable Energyis the world leader in electric heating and would otherwise be curtailed. Authority of Ireland (SEAI). The projectdistributed thermal energy storage systems aims to develop ‘living laboratories’ tousing off-peak electricity. The Green Way establish a culture of innovation andis facilitating the pilot deployment of the Grangegorman Sustainable Campus facilitate the emergence of new sustainableGlen Dimplex ‘Quantum’ space and water DIT and related institutions are in the energy technologies and practices thatheating system as an aggregated demand process of relocating to a single new city deliver ‘energy smart’ towns and cities.side management tool on the national centre campus which will also include the This involves everyone in the community,grid. The Green Way is in the process of Environmental Health Sciences Institute. across all sectors, working together toidentifying and making available up to The new campus will showcase the best enhance sustainability by being as energy1,000 demonstration properties, with in low energy sustainable development efficient as possible, using renewablethe key objective of demonstrating how and is designed to be carbon neutral. It is energy where feasible and developinga distributed population of energy stores intended that it will become a test bed or indigenous energy supplies. As acan be switched on and off remotely in ‘living lab’ with a focus on building design, Sustainable Energy Community within theresponse to an operational command energy management and sustainability. Green Way, Dublin City will be workingfrom the grid operator. 1,000 properties The Grangegorman Campus will serve as closely with all stakeholders to deliver onwould provide a nominal connected an anchor for cleantech initiatives across these objectives.load of around 10MW while there is a The Green connected off peak electric storageheating load in the region of 1GW in The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  17. 17. 17“Ireland is currently rated 4th in the world forcommercialised Cleantech innovation. The Green Way, with its strong collaboration between industry, government and academia will continue to drive Ireland’s cleantech capabilities forward and will position the country as a leading provider of ground-breaking ‘Research by Vattenfall shows innovation in the sector.” Ireland to be at the centre of Prof. Brian MacCraith an “ocean energy hotspot” in the President, Dublin City University North Atlantic and Ireland‘s ocean energy industry could eventually be worth as much as €120bn according to Bord Gais. ’Airport carbon accreditation Cleantech Innovation Campus DublinkedDuring 2010, Dublin Airport was The Green Way Cleantech Innovation The Dublinked project is a unique initiativeamong the first International Airports to Campus is a DCU initiative to support by the four Dublin local authorities. Itachieve accreditation under the Airport green economic development in the consists of a network for sharing publicCouncil International (ACI) – Airport Dublin region. The project involves the data relating to Dublin, including water,Carbon Accreditation programme. The provision of a dedicated campus for air quality, energy usage, planning andprogramme enables airports to implement cleantech firms which will be characterised traffic data. It is intended that companiescarbon management processes and by university-industry engagement with of all sizes will join the network to developattain accreditation at different scheme client companies leveraging the research, solutions that address regional cleantechlevels. Dublin Airport has committed to education and collective resources of DCU challenges. Dublinked is designed to drivecontinually ‘mapping’ all of the carbon and Green Way partners. innovation and economic activity, deviseemissions under its direct control. This will solutions for common problems affectingfurther assist in identifying opportunities It will also help attract new cleantech city life, and help position Dublin as aand measures to reduce overall carbon interest to the Dublin area by providing world-leader in the field of ‘Smart City’emissions into the future. Airport Carbon incubation facilities for corporate and technology solutions that can be applied toAccreditation is the only independently SMEs looking to relocate. The Campus all cities of the future.verified and institutionally endorsed will be a key piece of infrastructure withinaccreditation programme designed for The Green Way, and it will support, bothairports and DAA involvement in the directly on-site and within the broaderscheme presents exciting opportunities region, high value employment infor measurement and reduction of Dublin indigenous and multinational companiesAirport’s carbon footprint within The focussed on eco-innovation.Green Way initiative. The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  18. 18. “The Green Way aims to attract innovative globalcleantech companies seeking a large-scale test bed anddeployment platform through which they can validateand commercialise their technologies and use Dublin as acorporate base from which to access other markets.” Oliver Cussen CEO Dublin Airport Authority
  19. 19. 19 Terminal 2, Dublin AirportConclusionIreland, given its significant talent pool “In the context of the ‘clean and green’ revolutionand natural resources, is well placed tocapitalise on the continued growth of that is spreading across the globe, Ireland enjoys anthe cleantech sector both domesticallyand internationally. Ireland’s reputation abundance of natural renewable resources and humanas a successful location for Foreign DirectInvestment (FDI) is well established. innovation, coupled with an enviable brand. The GreenIt provides a pro-business, stableenvironment with the appropriate support Way, anchored in the Dublin region and conceived by keyand regulatory environment. stakeholders in both the private and public sectors, is theThe Dublin region is already globallyestablished as a centre of excellence ideal base in which to cultivate and nurture innovationsin the ICT and Biopharma sectors. Theopportunity exists to build a cleantech in the management of energy, water, waste, food andsector on a par within the Dublin region.The Green Way acts as a catalyst to transportation. We invite you to join us as we seek tosupport the development of the cleantechsector at scale and to facilitate its growth capitalise on the huge opportunity that cleantech offersacross Ireland. Ireland for green jobs, wealth creation, and improvedThe Green Way, structured as acollaboration between industry, academic competitiveness.”research centres and government / publicsector organisations, provides an ideal Mr. Ronan Kingplatform in which start-ups, capital Chairman, The Green Wayproviders, researchers and establishedcompanies can come together to help Mr. Tony Boylecreate and develop businesses in the CEO, The Green Waycleantech sector. The Green Way | Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster
  20. 20. The Green WayThird Floor, Ballymun Civic Centre,Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 9.e: info@thegreenway.iew: