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Strategic planning powerpoint


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Strategic planning powerpoint

  1. 1. Strategic Planning Robert Borys
  2. 2. Objectives• Objectives: – The importance of strategic planning – Steps involved in developing a strategic plan – Staying Competitive• Standard: complete included questions to assess your transfer of training.
  3. 3. Ice Breaker• Introduce yourself• If you had a time machine that would work only once, where in the future or past would you travel and why?
  4. 4. • Introduction• Begin lesson• Discuss A Great Change Leader• Break• End of lesson• Refresh• Questions
  5. 5. What is Strategic Planning?• Strategic planning is an organizations process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.• What do want to do?• How do we best excel?• Where do we want the company to be?
  6. 6. Step One• Gather all facts• When making decisions it is always best to have the maximum amount of information available.• SWOT Analysis• Gather inputs from stakeholders, company performance analysis of the your organization• internal and external limitations• social and economic trends .
  7. 7. • Among the most useful tools for strategic planning is SWOT analysis internal and external of the organization.• Strengths• Weaknesses• Opportunities• Threats
  8. 8. The 4 Key Elements• Vision• Mission• Values• Strategy
  9. 9. Sell your vision• Why is it important to make sure other individuals understand the purpose and future gains of the strategic change.
  10. 10. Organization Action Strategy• Change may be outline by few but cannot be achieved without working together as a whole• Develop clearly written objectives for each department to implement.• The objectives listed must be reviewed by upper management adjusted if needed and then finalized before the documents are sent to each department.
  11. 11. Great Change Leader
  12. 12. Jobs cont.
  13. 13. Break• Reflect on what we have learned so far and take 45 minutes for yourselves and then we will continue our lesson.
  14. 14. How long should your goals take to reach?• A strategic planning process usually takes anywhere from 1 month to three months to complete.• Long term objectives.• Short term goals and milestones• 90 day double check
  15. 15. Benchmarking• Benchmarking is used when setting standards and goals for your organization.• Why Benchmark?
  16. 16. • Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.
  17. 17. The US Post office• Where were they 30 years ago?15 years ago?5 years ago?Today?
  18. 18. Review of The
  19. 19. Questions• What is strategic planning?• Why is others understanding the vision so important?• How can the bank best utilize the information presented today.• What are some of the external environmental factors that can currently be effecting the bank?
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