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Lufthansa Case Study to provide social experience for users


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Lufthansa Case Study to provide social experience for users

  1. 1. Customer given secure Allocates private Lufthansa procures private Creates pool of Access credentials on flight room space virtual land on SecondLife Customer executives flight booking & executive on SecondLife for every flight Land will be used for developing Access formalities kept minimum the general hub to reflect the Customer executives are re-used for different flights to provide the same service to promote ease of entry into system Lufthansa culture and ethos Private flight room space dedicated to the flight helps the passenger stay in Tier pricing options made available Location specific general customer touch with the airline right through the travel time to extract revenues from high net Support, deals & offers, themes worth individuals who prefer selected underlying the locations served Executives trained to deliver the best customer interaction in the virtual world access to networks by Lufthansa will constitute design Customer relationship management should be set up to track the preferences As it would be a private land purchase Will be open to the general public, of each customer in terms of choices of meal, seat, special needs & more. Lufthansa would have complete prospective employees, existing control in terms of security, terms of customers with frequent flyer miles, Applications in the Active flight connect are scalable and replicable across Access, access timelines and load Investors and shareholders sectors and can be customized based on the geography and the needs of the Factor. passengers which are tracked from the customer profiles Remaining parts of land will be used for developing Active passengers The costs associated with the virtual land purchase and the maintenance cost is on a monthly basis and is extremely Connect and Active flight Connect less when the costs are spread across the number of customers taking the flight at any given point of time. Active Flight Connect will bear Though the model can be replicated by other airlines, Lufthansa will definitely enjoy the first mover advantage and dedicated spaces demarcated by will be able to capitalize on the segments of customers it caters to Service offerings and interest levels Common in design across all flights This will also help in consumer choice when he/she has to decide amongst many options and believes that he/she could derive additional value from the journey Active Passengers Connect will be the common space across all activeLufthansa passengers across the world
  2. 2. Airport Wifi Airport Wifi In-flight-6 hr -2 hr WiFi +0 hr +4 hrdeparture arrivalSecond life* Second lifeVirtual World opens Virtual World ClosesEntry Verified byPNR, DOB & PINDedicated person/flight Networking Phase Networking for cab sharingService Phase Similar Interests, Hobbies Service Phase Requests for air hostess service – Ordering a drink Lufthansa World Shop •Check – In Games (Poker, Tic Tac Toe, Board Games)(Without Baggage) CRM capture of customer preferences •Seat Preference Feedback •Delay in reaching . •Lost Luggage airport . •Requests •GPS location . •Airline Help co-ordinates •Meal Preference . •Requests Rooms are demarcated by the tabs above Consumers are polled to understand what other tabs that they wish to be included