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Ignite vocabulary with a multimedia approach


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Presented at TNTESOL conference 2012. This is the ticketed session and it is a bit longer than the previous presentation with a similar title. Works with multimedia in teaching vocabulary.

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Ignite vocabulary with a multimedia approach

  1. 1. Ignite Vocabulary with a Multimedia Approach Keith Pruitt, Ed.S.Words of Wisdom Educational Consulting
  2. 2. If teachers are teaching only 200 words per year, by 4th grade students willalready be 50% behind where they need to be. --Keith Pruitt How Great is the Deficit? Turn and Talk Deficit of 800 words
  3. 3. Beck, McKeown, Kucan• Vocabulary must first be orally introduced.• Vocabulary is not grade specific.• Words must be explained, not defined.• Must be contextualized.• Multiple usages in a meaningful context (8-10).• Create Schema (visual representation)• Students reflect with each other• Three Tiers of Vocabulary
  4. 4. The Work of J R Anderson Discards OR Sensory Working Permanent Memory Memory Memory FilesThis speaks to why creating schema is so very important.Anderson, J.R. (1995). Learning and memory: An integrated approach. New York: JohnWiley & Sons
  5. 5. Teacher Presented Visuals The word we are going to talk about is invisible.So what would that mean? If something is invisible, you can’t see it.
  6. 6. Invisible
  7. 7. Pollen
  8. 8. © Art by Keithantenna
  9. 9. Exaggerate Beck and McKeown, Elements of Reading Vocabulary, Steck Vaughn, 2004
  10. 10. scheming
  11. 11. Bison
  12. 12. The bear was very fatigued from walking so far.Fatigue
  13. 13. American Bald Eagle
  14. 14. BoxTurtle
  15. 15. Camels
  16. 16. Frog on lily pad
  17. 17. budding 17
  18. 18. descend 18
  19. 19. dilapidated 19
  20. 20. Today in science we aretalking about volcanoes.
  21. 21. Mt. Saint Helens
  22. 22. What Words can Iteach based on the video just seen? Turn and Talk
  23. 23. Here are realstudents workingwith words in areal classroom.There are a widevariety ofstudents in thisclassroomincluding IEPstudents.
  24. 24. Provide purpose for readingGlossary terms are highlighted fingerprint Terms are defined for the students in words they can understand Pearson Longman, Keystone, Level E
  25. 25. Student Created VisualRepresentation
  26. 26.
  27. 27. How To Use Visual Literacy to Teach Reading
  28. 28. FlexibleSomething flexible can be bent without breaking
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Making Learning More Concrete
  31. 31. It is so important for children S to have words. U As a teacher, the mostimportant teaching I can do is C to give students words. C EAnd when I have done that I will experience one of the Smost delightful words in the S dictionary…
  32. 32. Thank You Keith Pruitt, Ed.S. Words of Wisdom Educational