BJ Fogg: Behavior Design for Better Health application CS377T


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BJ Fogg: Behavior Design for Better Health application CS377T

  1. 1. CS377T Application Rio Akasaka @rioakasaka
  2. 2. In a few words, Rio is... ● a 2nd year MSCS student focusing on HCI, head TA for CS147 for the past two years. ● previously a Google APM intern, IDEO Knowledge Sharing intern ● On Twitter at @rioakasaka and online at and blogging at since 2003 ● Looking to go into industry with a product management role
  3. 3. Skills and Knowledge
  4. 4. Skills and KnowledgeFounder of two startups: and justnearme, thelatter of which was used in MS&E 237, Andreas WeigendsSocial Data Revolution class.
  5. 5. Skills and KnowledgeDeveloped and presented my TwitterDots project, a semi-realtime tweet geolocator for specific keywords to anaudience at LinkedIn.
  6. 6. Skills and KnowledgePresented an iPhone app called AudioNorm hacked duringthe 24-hour TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 with two friends.
  7. 7. ASK ME ABOUT THIS WALLPAPER SOMETIMEWhy I want to be in 377TAs someone who wants to be in product management,understanding users is paramount, and understandingbehavior design is critical in designing good, useful andadoptable products.
  8. 8. Behavior ChangePublished an extended abstract at CHI 11 with Neema and yourself: Therole of commitment devices and self-shaping in persuasive technologyCoordinated experiment design on processing social cues in decision-making and how designers can correct for biases with Abhay Sukumaranin COMM 268
  9. 9. Ultimate Target BehaviorGoal: an alumnus donates to StanfordGreen path: We want them to adopt a new behavior and keep doing it.
  10. 10. SequenceNotify (trigger) alumni who are financially able to donatemoney (ability) by mailing a letter from a current student inthe alumnuss major.Actions:1. Determine an alumnuss major and/or participated societies and current employ using LinkedIn.2. Select from a database or ask a sample of students to write letters to alumni describing their current activities at school.3. Provide incentives or rewards to students for writing, and additional incentives to hand-sign.4. Notify or mail letters to alumni.5. Encourage alumni to stay in touch with student.
  11. 11. The Fun Things I play the banjo, clawhammer style, but still learning! I once traveled all the subway stations in Paris for a Guinness World Record attempt (but they said no). Single child, swimming and avid cyclist and former firefighter.
  12. 12. Extra CreditNeema Moraveji was in the July 20, 2012 New York Times article"Students at Stanford Work on Apps that Alleviate Stress"
  13. 13. Thank you for reading! More?