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Emerging Technologies Certificate Proposal

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Emtech Deck

  1. 1. BC Biermann . PHD[ Provisional Certificate Program ]EmTech[ Emerging Technologies ]University of Missouri . Saint Louis
  2. 2. In general, why this disruption is happening:Peter Thiel, partner, Founders Fund“In the United States, students don’t get their money’s worth. There’s a bubble in education as out of controlas the housing bubble and the tech bubble in the 1990s. Education costs have gone up 400% since 1980. That’sthe highest escalation of costs--higher than health care. There’s now a trillion dollars in student debt. Andthanks to the way bankruptcy laws were restructured, you can’t get out of the college loan even if you becomebankrupt. This is deeply broken.”Where we are in the evolution of disruptive online education:Larry Summers, former President of Harvard“It’s important to remember this really wise quote when thinking about the transition to online ed: ‘Things takelonger to happen than you think they will and then they happen faster than you think they could.’ It’s hard toknow when it will happen but at some point this will be transformative. The first stage is when it does what wasbeing done before but better. That’s what is happening now. But we’re going to where we don’t need to havetwo semesters, classes of same length, grading on the basis of things called exams. You can’t think of anotherindustry where a list of top 10 providers is perfectly correlated to what it was in 1960.”Emerging Technologies Certificate is “disruptive innovation” in education.Emerging Media 2EmTech
  3. 3. Emerging Media 3EmTechConcept: a progressive, agile online-hybrid curriculum designedto teach relevant and employable skill sets in emerging technologiesSebastian Thrun, CEO of uDacity“The credential thing is interesting- we launched a class for credit with California schools for remedial math. We priced them at 10-15percent of what college costs. There are lots of improvements to be made, but the outcome tends to be better today with us.”core featuresemtechcertificate programonline-hybridagile & scalablecurriculumcollege-level &interdisciplinaryproject-oriented &student-centeredemtechcertificate programagilecost effectivepracticaltraditionaldegree programridigexpensiveimpractical>
  4. 4. Emerging Media 4vdigital media marketing:analytics, mobilemarketingstudio arts:front end design,composition,aestheticsA College-Level / Stand-Alone Certificatemedia studies:critical analysis, mediatheory, media historyAvailable for creditto all currentlyenrolled graduate andundergraduate UMSLstudents studyingprimarily in (but notlimited to) media studies,studio arts, computerscience, and digitalmedia, as well asother UMSL studentswith the requisite skillsets (as determinedby the professor andEM Coordinator or Co-Coordinator). Non-UMSLstudents can also takecourses for non-creditand a reduced fee.college-level &interdisciplinarycomputer science:web design, backend programmingEmTech
  5. 5. Emerging Media 5EmTechonlinehybrid• immersive online courses• taught through professional studies• courses open to grad & undergrad studentsfor credit and the public for non-credit• 2 courses per semester• 2 seminars per semester at Grand Center• seminars and hackathons: free for UMSLstudents and open to the public for a paid fee• 1 hackathon per semster at Grand Center;hackathons sponsored by entities that furnishprizesSeminarsOct. 19: Mobile Augmented RealityNov. 16: Video Projection MappingFeb 15: 3D Modeling for GamingMar 15: Interactive Web & AnimationSeminars led by BC Biermann, UMSLFaculty, and National & Internationalinnovators ( w/ honorarium)HackathonsDec. 14: Hackathon Tech Art(to create a tech art / public space project)Apr. 19: Hackathon Game Jam(to create a mobile game)Hackathons to be sponsored by culturalorganizations and private corporationslooking for innovative tech solutionsSkill-Set Driven CoursesCourses designed for immersive &intensive training in a focused,specialized skill set within a domain ofemerging technologiesCourses open to both grad andundergrad students at the discretion of the instructor.Students who possess the requisite desire and skill sets,but not pre-requsitue courses, should not be preventedfrom take EmTech courses, but rather encouraged.An Online-Hybrid &Monetized Solution
  6. 6. Emerging Media 6EmTechDaphne Koller, founder of Coursera“We’re at 2.4 million students now. The biggest lessonI’ve learned on this is I underestimated the amount ofimpact this would have around the world. I really didn’tenvision this scale and this impact this quickly.”agile & scalablecurriculumOptimizingfor EmergingTechnologies:3 HoursMethodologiesin Tech Art:3 HoursDesigning forMobile Devices:3 Hours3D Design forMobile Gaming:3 HoursInteractive Weband Animation:3 HoursSpecial Instructor Consent: based onstudent having intermediate skills in:• Web Programming, 3D Modeling,Animation• Course teaches techniques andworking methods in the creation ofdigital art forms using such technologiesas html5 canvas, processing.js,augmented reality, 3D modeling andanimation.Special Instructor Consent: based onstudent having intermediate skills in:• CS6: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere (or FinalCut), After Effects• Course teaches how to optimize digital assetsfor mobile devices, mobile web, web video,video mapping, and rich media.Special Instructor Consent: basedon student having intermediateskills in:• CS6: Photoshop, Illustrator, WebProgramming• Course teaches how to design bothfrontend user-interfaces and backendresponsive design for the mobile web.Special Instructor Consent: based onstudent having intermediate skills in:• CS6: Edge, Flash, Web Programming(processing.js)• Course teaches how to designinteractive web applications and webanimations.Special Instructor Consent: based on studenthaving intermediate skills in:• CS6: Photoshop, 3D Modeling• Course teaches how to design 3D digital assetsthat are optimized for use in mobile games.Agile & ScalableMonetizingEmergingTechnologies:3 HoursSpecial Instructor Consent:• Course covers the business elementsthat a developer/designer needs toconsider when building a career aroundEmTech. What are the job roles andwhat kind of work is available? How doyou conceptualize business strategiesaround your work? How do you pickyour platforms? How do you think aboutand plan for strategic partnerships?How do you find funding for yourventure? How do you market your workor services?
  7. 7. Emerging Media 7EmTechemerging technologiescourse creation &instructionMethodologies inTech Art:BC BiermannRay HarmonGlen AndersonJim FayDesigning forMobile Devices:BC Biermann3D Design forMobile Gaming:BC BiermannEan MeringInteractive Web andAnimation:BC BiermannPatrick McNeilOptimizing forEmerging Technologies:BC BiermannEan MeringCertificate Content [ six courses 18 credits ]Monetizing EmergingTechnologiesBC BiermannChris NunesPerry Drake
  8. 8. Emerging Media 8EmTechRaphael Reif, president of MIT“We manage this transition very carefully. How can MIT charge $50,000 for tuition going forward? Can we justify that in the future?We see three components to MIT- first there’s the student life, then there’s the classroom instruction, but for us, the projects andlabs activity is where real education occurs. But I don’t think we can charge that much for tuition in the future and it’s a big pressurepoint for us.”Sebastian Thrun, CEO of uDacity“I think the question is how do you make the credential havecurrency that an employer knows? We’ve had good success.We have 350 companies who have hired our students.Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner“What does this all mean? The technology gives us tremendous power tosolve this stark problem all around us. We need to design these so nochild is left out of this. What need to ask, what is education after all? Weneed to resolve that. What are we getting our young people ready for? It’sfor the purpose of our life. And we need to make sure we give people apurpose to their life. It won’t be done by current system.”• portfolio driven• curriculum geared toward building real-worlddeployments• designed around building woking / potentiallymonetizeable products• projects designed for practicality andproblem-solvingPreparing Students for Current and Future Careers• encourages and cultivates a DIY spirit• open to any / all students with the requisite desireand skill sets regardless of prereqursites• utilizes video conferencing to maintain consistentcommunication• aimed toward preparing students for industry jobsproject-oriented &student-centered
  9. 9. Advisory Committee will meet as an online Google Hangout approximately 1x per month.Emerging Media 9vcomputer scienceCezary JanikowSanjiv Bhatiabc biermannmedia studiesThomas McPhailJim FayGlen Andersonstudio artsLouis LankfordGretchen SchislaJennifer McKnightart | techean meringjordan seilerray harmondigital media marketingPerry DrakeTom Walkertech businesschris nunesProvisional Advising CommitteeEmTech
  10. 10. Emerging Media 10EmTechRafael Reif, president of MIT[On the question of how to hire professors in the MOOC era] “Canyou hire MIT professors who know that they need to teach 150,000people and not 150? We have spectacular researchers who are lousyteachers. That’s sad. A teacher in the future will become more like amentor. The model of on campus education will be more aboutmentorship and guidance with research as an important factor.”Optimizing forEmerging TechnologiesDesigning for Mobile DevicesInteractive Web & Animation3D Design for Mobile GamingTech ArtMonetizingEmergingTechnologies4 Seminars / 2 HackathonsFall 2014 - Spring 2015Same RotationMOOC Research ResultsSubmitted to AdvisoryCommitteeMOOCMassive Open Online CourseFall 2015 or 2016Summer 2014Spring 2014Fall 2013Provisional Curriculum Roadmap
  11. 11. Provisional Academic & Professional CollaborationEmerging Media 11v* patrick mcneilasst. prof. of graphic design* perry drakeasst. prof. of business* ean meringcreative directorclients: google, spotify &boschbased in los angeles* ray harmontech artist, painter,filmmakerbased in london* chris nunesentertainment lawyer,CEO Holofybased in san franciscoemerging technologies teambc biermann* jim fayprof. of media studies* glen andersonasst. prof. of media studiesprofessional partners paid by UMSL & provided honorariums for additional activitiesEmTech
  12. 12. BC Biermann UMSL RoadmapEmerging Media 12BC BiermannCourse Creation &InstructionBC BiermannEmTech Co-CoordinatorMOOC ResearchCourse InstructionSummer 2014Spring 2014Fall 2013Fall 2014 - Summer 2015BC BiermannCourse Creation &InstructionBC BiermannCourse Creation &InstructionFall 2016 - FutureFall 2015 - Summer 2016Co-Coordinator:Patrick McNeilorFuture HireBC BiermannEmTech Co-CoordinatorCourse InstructionMOOC Research & ImplementationBC BiermannEmTech Co-CoordinatorCourse InstructionMOOC Research & ImplementationEmTech