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Merry-Go-Round Social Media


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Social Media driving traffic to Mobile and Websites, covering image platform using Pinterest one of the 'new kids on the block'.

Images are exceptionally popular on the web, posting a picture to your blog then enabling you to post it onto Pinterest carrying your website name ( wherever the picture goes is a huge benefit.

When re-pinned the name goes along with the picture, should someone's interest get 'peaked' they can pop directly over to your website.

Add an app into Facebook to have your Pinterest within Facebook, great tactics to further showcase your work to your Facebook friends.

Going mobile, get your Pinterest onto your Mobile, within your own mobile site.

Using marketing strategy to move you forward, I will do it for you to take the load off your shoulders.

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Merry-Go-Round Social Media

  1. 1. The Social Media - Merry-Go-Round Pinterest – Facebook – Twitter Google+ - LinkedIn Topic - Pinterest - Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  2. 2. PinterestThe Scrapbook or online Pin Board, if used correctly can drive loads of traffic to your site and ultimately to your front door. Keep it Social, some business & loads of sharing, be it cultural, about your city, places you have visited. People learn to; Like, Know and Trust You. This is the secret to Social Media and selling online. Visit often, comment on other peoples hard work, folk with similar interests, befriend competitors and learn from them. Where you may be the expert in a topic share your knowledge. Share information using pictures with informative detail. Look to the left hand side bar on your Pinterest to see who has repinned your pics, commented or liked your work, befriend them they are interested in what you have to offer. Follow their boards and pins – sharing is caring! - Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  3. 3. A good place to start is by using pictures with every post you make for your Blog.Finding pictures from online sources, is one of many. WhenPlacing your own pictures online ensure they are protected.Check the License or Terms of Use. The photographer may just wish you to includeTheir website in the description of the photo.Take a look at any large website today it will have pictures and videos, both areExtremely viral in nature,when produced with excellent quality Answers toQuestions.Plan what results you require from Social Media, what are people looking for? – Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  4. 4. To make life easier for You, I offer a Plugin that is extremely user friendly, for both you and your visitors.Post a new blog post with a picture once completed, direct traffic to your site by going to your Blog outside of WordPress and Pin the picture with a short description onto Pinterest.With this plugin a hover effect can be implemented on each picture offering the Pin It.A sidebar widget may be added or a floating Pin It badge. – Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  5. 5. Using 1 of 3 options of the Pin It Button on your site or all 3, the image can be shared with a short description, branded with your company name when going viral.Plugin enables branding company name by attaching automatically to the picture, you can also add your URL into the description for additional access.Three options are Hover – Sidebar Widget – Floating Pin It. Create boards of specific Interest • Promote your boards on other social media sites such as Facebook. • Engage with other pins/users by commenting or liking their pins/boards – Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  6. 6. Using the Plugin:- Sign into Pinterest first. Go to your Blog site and click a Pin Button.This will open Pinterest for pinning..... Select Picture you wish to pin onto the board. Pinning from your Blog Picture selected will reflect the Pin This – Change your mind use Cancel Pin – Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  7. 7. Having signed into Pinterest first makes It quick and easy to share your work. Select the board you wish to use and type In 500 characters of interesting detail on What the picture is about, add your URL.Pinterest discription – Add your URL Visit this board pin and you will see the Description has a clickable URL for whichever Site you selected. If the image is from the Website, use the Mobile site URL giving ultimate exposure when repinned. – Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  8. 8. Once you click to save the pin, this will Come up. At this point Tweet your pin, Sending picture more viral with your news. No need to worry about Facebook since it Is already there – if you have implemented A Facebook Page with an app to take the Picture automatically into Facebook. Or feel free if you have no Facebook Page To share it from here to your Timeline.Going Viral with Social attract new visitors.... – Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  9. 9. Branding Your Name Wherever You Go....On the board refer to the 1st, pinned directly from website where Plugin enablesWP Pin Pro to stamp - whereas previously it said Uploaded byuser or only place you will have this effect is pinning from your Blog where the pluginresides. The picture is branded wherever it goes. When shared in Pinterest,Twitter, Facebook anywhere the picture travels it is branded with your namebelow. – Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779
  10. 10. Pinterest Round-UpFun to use, fun to share, be aware people get lost on this site for hours!Plan your Blog Post with Pictures, then Share Picture with Caption on Pinterest, do the Tweet to obtain maximum Social Momentum.When adding the Caption, if you were selling in Euro or US Dollars, you would add the symbol and a price. This adds a tag to top left corner with price indicated. Pinterest has a good selling rate!Video is extremely popular in Pinterest, another format to consider posting into via You Tube.Pinterest should find fresh new traffic to your site, introduce your friends and clients to Pinterest via an invitation. Search Durban South Africa to see what other local pinners are up to. – Social Media - Contact Joan Stewart – Cell 084 261 3779