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  1. 1. which refers to the software whose source code is available to customers and it can be modified and redistributed without any limitations. An OOS may come free of cost or with a payment of nominal charges that its developers may charge in the name development, support of software.
  2. 2. FLOSS Refers to free libre and open source software i.e. used to refer to a software which is both free software as well as open source software.
  3. 3. GNU is a free software Operating system. Its name is the recursive acronym for “GNU’s Not Unix”, which was chosen because its design is Unix-like , but it contains no actual UNIX code.
  4. 4. It is a non profitable organization created by Richard stallman in 1985 to support GNU project and GNU licenses.FSF remains the primary sponsor if GNU project.
  5. 5. This is an organization which is dedicated to promote open source software. OSI is founded by bruce parens and erics raymond in Feb 1998. OSI defined the term and specifications of open source software
  6. 6. It is created in oct 1994. It is responsible for the software standard for world wide is responsible for developing protocols for the WWW. W3C’s mission is “To lead the world wide web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long term growth for web”
  7. 7. The Source code of the proprietary software is not available freely. It is not an open source software , but it is regulated and distributed with the special permission of the supplier or vendor .
  8. 8. The word Localization is occasionally abbreviated as “l10n”(The number between the letter s l and n.)because there are 10 letters between its first and last letters. Localization is the adaptation of an object to a locality.
  9. 9. It is a popular Operating System and originally was used to refer to the kernel of O/S. it is the most common example of the free software because it is freely available with source code . So that any one can use it , modify it and redistribute it. LINUX can be downloaded from
  10. 10. The Mozilla Application Suite(originally known as Mozilla, marketedas the mozilla suite, and code namedSeaMonkey)is a free, cross platforminternet suite , whose componentsinclude a web browser, an e-mail andnews clients, an HTML editor.
  11. 11. •Apache web server was originally created By RobMcCool.•It is a Free software/Open source HTTP webserver for many platforms like BSD, Linux, andUNIX systems, Microsoft system.•The Apache Server is developed and maintainedby an open community of developers under theauspices of the apache software foundation.•It can freely downloaded from the
  12. 12. “My SQL” is officially pronounced as“My Ess Queue Ell” not “My SQL”.My SQL is a multi-user DatabaseSystem.My SQL databases are accessed in thelanguage link: C,C++,C#,Eiffel,Smalltalk,Java,Lisp, Perl, PHP,Python, Ruby, REALbasic, and Tcl.
  13. 13.  It is a free relational database server(database management system), released under a flexible BSD-style license. It offers an alternative to open source database systems(such as MySQL and Firebird), as well as to proprietary system such as Oracle, Sybase, IBM’s DB2 and mi
  14. 14.  Pangs is an Open source library for rendering internationalization texts. The name Pango is from Greek “pan” and Japanese “Go”. The library can avail in
  15. 15.  It is a free and open source office suite. It was developed to create a leading international office suite which will run on all major plateforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open component based API’s and XML-based file format. It includes word processor , spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing, and database components.
  16. 16.  Tomcat is a web server that supports servlets(server side scripting) and JSP’s. Tomacat comes with the Jasper compiler that compiles JSPs into servlets. Tomact stated off as a servlet specification implementation by james duncan davidson who worked as a software architect at sun. Initial Tomcat release appeared with versions 3.0x.Tomcat 5.5.x.
  17. 17. Apache Tomcat is a web container which is developed at apache software foundation.
  18. 18.  It stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is an open source programming language which helps to develop server-side application and dynamic web content.
  19. 19.  Python is an programming language. The language has syntactic simplicity, flexible typing and interactive interpreter. It uses both industry and academic for a wide variety of purposes. Python uses far fewer symbols that languages like java and C.e.g., blocks inside loops and IF statements are indicated by indentation rather than curly braces({}), and the end of a line does not have a semicolon.
  20. 20. 1. Transaction Processing Systems2. Office Information Systems3. Knowledge Work Systems4. Management Information Systems5. Decision Support Systems6. Executive Support Systems7. Expert Systems