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  1. 1. This chapter tells us how to teach in class using ICT. Because ICT is linked to internet, andinternet provide a faster and richer information.
  2. 2. At first, Tim Berners helped by Robert Cailliauand others invented web at nuclear physicslaboratory ,Conceil Europeen pour laRecherche Nucleaire (CERN). With thedevelopment of technology, internet waspopularized around the world, in whichinternet is used in language learning.
  3. 3. Until this book is written, there have been14.400.000 bloggers registered, and thenumber is growing as the clock ticks.Creating your weblog needs computer whichhas internet connection, an active emailaccount and most important of all, creativityand patience.
  4. 4.  1)Go to: 2) Next, click “sign up now”. 3) Make sure that you have email account 4) Click “create a bog” to continue to next page. 5) Fill up the form which contains : 1) blog address; 2) surname; 3) your password, and confirm your password 6) Click “active Blog” in this message sent by Word Press . Check on your email account again. Your new blog has been successfully set up, click “log in”. 7) After that you could check it directly by typing your URL/ blog address to see your blog.
  5. 5.  After having successfully created a blog or weblog , then click the “ sign in” button. Some menus available for content editing are :1) Dashboard. This is to give information about facilities in your blog which is related to the number of visitor, comments, links to another web/blog and help you to collect and classify the content of your blog.2) Post. This is to modify or edit your uploaded content, add new content, label, and categorizing content according to each content type and classification.
  6. 6. 3) Media. Media displays some media which will be and have been published or uploaded which were grouped under one library. Media is useful to help adding new media to certain content of your blog.4) Links. Link enables visitor to connect or go to another website or service provider such as Yahoo or Google.5). Page. he page enables you to modify weblog page according to the type of your uploaded content. For example : old time gallery, containing picture of you childhood, etc.
  7. 7. 6) Comments The comment helps you to view and respond to your visitor‟s comment about your blog.7) Polls The poll facilitates the visitors to give comment. Moreover, it enables to add new account (blog/site address to your weblog, so when you log in, you can also access your friend‟s weblog.
  8. 8. 8) Appearance learning. This enables you to design your weblog according to the theme provided by Word press administrator .9) Users. the user provide information or description about the weblog.10) Tools. This helps you install software so that the performance of your weblog improved.
  9. 9. 11) Setting The setting sub menu helps you to reset, modify or edit your weblog, related to its title, language or URL.12) Upgrade. The upgrade sub menu is used to improve the performance of your weblog by upgrading the structure. It helps you change from free weblog( with some advantages such as facilities to upload and bigger capacity to save your content). To use the commercial domain , you have to subscribe / rent it per month or year.13) New post. New post menu helps you to upload content to your blog so that others could also see and take the benefit from it.
  10. 10.  browse to find image in your computer hard disk or other storage media. 2.After you have chosen in image, upload it by clicking the “upload” button. 3. The image you choose will automatically appear in the media library. To insert the image in you post/text, click “insert to post” 4.The image will appear in the article/text title. However, you could modify or change the place as you like 5.Save draft. see appearance of the text as it is published.
  11. 11.  Publishing text all of the time is kind of boring. But don‟t worry, we can attach video to our website. First, find the video you want to add to on “”. Next, right-click on the video title. "copy video URL”.
  12. 12.  We have learned how to attach video to our blog. Now , we are learning to attach power point presentation to our blog via “” then click “embed” find “short code for blog”. Click “copy” the paste on your “new post”
  13. 13.  Domain Name Identification of website‟s information. Web Hosting Allow website can be accessed by World Wide Web Manage Website‟s Contents Managing the information in the website to published in World Wide Web.
  14. 14. Software to build, and add/edit contents in thewebsite. CMS enable people who are notmastering well abot HTML (Hypertext MarkupLanguage) to add, modify, and remove thecontents to/from website.
  15. 15.  Drupal Moodle Joomla Vbulletin phpBB myBB
  16. 16. General CMS that can be used for any purposewebsite, it makes user to modify their contentusing modules manually.  Direct communication (Chat & Forum)  Blog  Wiki  Assignment and Quizzes  Video, Audio, and Podcast
  17. 17. Focusing on developing e-learning system withbuilt in features such as:-Assignments -Glossaries-Database -Courses-Quizzes -Resources-Chats -Wikis-Forums -Workshops
  18. 18.  Free Content Management System Open Source Updated ◦ Drupal 7.14 (2 May 2012) ◦ Moodle 2.2.3+ (12 May 2012) Simple
  19. 19. Feature Drupal Moodle Note Wikis *** * Drupal has easierin developing wikis Blogs ** * Drupal blog is public, moodle is private Calendar * *** Drupal calendar module is not integrated Assignments, * *** Primary feature inQuizzes, Feedback moodleEase of setup and * *** Drupal need more configuration development from user, moodle is battery include.
  20. 20. Previously known as videophone calls orvideoconferencinga set of communication technologies whichallow two or more locations to communicateby two-way video and audio transmissionsPoint-to-pointMultipoint
  21. 21.  VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables people to use video link in more comfortable and economical ways.
  22. 22. 1. Skype ( enables users to talk, make videocall or videoconference, send instant messages, and transfer files. recommended possible to link up to five people
  23. 23. 2. Yahoo Messenger ( provided by Yahoo! enables users to chat, file transfer, text messaging service
  24. 24. 3. Google talk ( enables users to chat for free, send instant messages, go from text to voice chat.
  25. 25. PodcastYoutubeRich resources
  26. 26. originally from the words „iPod‟ and„broadcasting‟type of digital media consisting an episodicseries of audio files.
  27. 27. most recommended site to podcastinghttp://learnenglish.britishcouncil.or g
  28. 28. Other podcasting websites: 1. news,sport,weather, tv, more2. miscellaneous podcasts3. provides authentic British English4. tml: another podcast
  29. 29. was created by Steve Chan, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in February 2005. as a forum for people to create and share short video clips online.
  30. 30.  Mosty used for entertainment Can it be used for educational purpose?
  31. 31.  Channels on YouTube: Trending, Popular, Music, Entertainment, Spor ts, Film & Action, News & Politics, Comedy, People & Blogs, Science and Technology, Gaming, Howto & Style, etc
  32. 32. Youtube has launched „YouTube for Schools‟
  33. 33.  Internet unquestionably provides you, English teachers, rich materials to support your teaching. There are many websites to explore. Listening, vocabulary, grammar, reading, sem i conversation, and writing.
  34. 34. Please refer to your book, Hartoyo. 2012. ICT in Language Learning. Semarang: Pelita Insani, 190-195
  35. 35. 1. POWERPOINTA presentation program developed by microsoft
  36. 36.  Grab Viewers‟ Attention1. Select/create your own theme2. Use Video/audio3. Use Animation/transition wisely4. Use Graphics to emphasize keypoint5. Start by outlining your presentation6. Use masters and layouts to save timeand help get better result
  37. 37. 7. Consider differences between screen andon – screen presentation8. Use notes pages and handouts to help deliver the story9. Keep file size manageable10. Use a tool available to get it right the first time11. Turn off (manage) AutoCorrect layout option
  38. 38. A Softwares programe used to create and manipulate graphics & animation
  39. 39.  CALD3 (Cambridge Advanced Learner‟s Dictionary) TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) Encarta Encyclopedia