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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Hypertext is a system to manage acollection of information that can be assessed non-sequentialy
  2. 2. Initiator of hypertext is Bush (1945) who introduced memex
  3. 3. But Theodor Holm Nelson(1967) introduced the term “hypertext” to the public.
  4. 4. Memex stands for memory extender, and itmeans a sort of mechanized private file andlibrary and as a device in which individualstores his books, records, and communicationso that it may be consulted with exceedingspeed and flexibility.
  5. 5. Memex is created on microfilm and eyetracking technology which enables the user tofollow cross reference with ease.
  6. 6.  In general sense , Hypertext means non- sequential reading and writing. If you see the content of the screen, let’s say you want to access information at document D. You don’t have to access through document A,B and C , because the screen links A,B,C and D document (see p.3)
  7. 7. Hypertext is related to plaintextHypermedia is a medium suchas graphics, spread sheet,animation as well as sound.
  8. 8. The advantages of Hypertext is summarizedas follows ;• Ease of tracing references.• Ease of creating new references• Information structuring• Global view• Customized document• Modularity of information.• Consistency of information.• Task stacking• Collaboration.
  9. 9.  The process of following links can be disorienting because we are directed to uncertainty such as, “What information is available?” and “How can I get to it?”
  10. 10. A computer as medium in hypertext enables tonavigate and browse information.Hypertext applications are listed below :*Business : - Product catalogues and advertisement - Organizational chart and policy manual - Manual reports and orientation guides. -Resumes/ CV and biographies -Treaties, contract and wills - Newsletters and new magazine - Software documentation and code
  11. 11. Information resources :: - Encyclopedia, glossaries and dictionaries - Medical and legal reference blocks - Religious and literally annotation - College catalogues and department guides - Travel and restaurant guides - Scientific journals, abstract and indexesPersonal learning : - Instruction and explanation - Repair and maintenance manuals - Time lines and geographical maps - On-line help and technical documentation - Cookbooks and home repair manual - Mysteries, fantasies ,and joke books - Hyper novels and hyper poems.
  12. 12. This system is applied because of its interactivecapacity, flexibility as a computer medium.Hypertext system is implemented in learning ofall language skill, speaking, reading andwriting.All language skill can benefit from computertechnology to some extent. Computer assistedhas been most useful.
  13. 13. Hypertext can be utilized for educationalpurposes such as creating a personal learningtutorial which is commonly known as CAL (computer assisted learning)