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Open Moko And Ubiquitous Computing Presentation


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Open Moko is the best.

Published in: Technology
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Open Moko And Ubiquitous Computing Presentation

  1. 1. Openmoko and Ubiquitous Computing Michael Shiloh Head, Developer Relations
  2. 2. ●Never heard of OpenMoko before this event? ●Heard of OpenMoko but aren't exactly sure what it is or what's special about it? ●Understand OpenMoko well?
  3. 3. Mobile Computing Platform
  4. 4. ●General-purpose computer ●Small, Portable, Cellphone- sized ●Connected (WiFi, cellphone (voice and data), Bluetooth, Zigbee, IrDA, etc.)
  5. 5. ●Location aware ( GPS ) ●Virtually always on ●Input devices (screen, buttons, sensors, microphones, etc.) ●Output devices (LEDs, screen, motors, etc.)
  6. 6. Mobile Computing Platforms are always with us
  7. 7. Mobile Computing Platforms are ●General purpose ●Often needs to be in hand to be used
  8. 8. Ubiquitous Computing devices are usually ●Application-specific ●Interract with more naturally ●Invisible
  9. 9. We don't know what Ubiquitous Computing Devices will look like or what they will do
  10. 10. ●How can we create truly innovative applications if critical hardware features are missing? ●How do the manufacturers know what hardware features to include if they don't know what applications will require?
  11. 11. ●Innovative developers ●Involved community ●Encourage wishing, dreaming ●Incorporate community feedback
  12. 12. ●Open Source as much as possible ●Allow expansion ●Reduce barriers to entry
  13. 13. Result: Innovation
  14. 14. Openmoko Openmoko is a completely open source Linux distribution designed for mobile computing devices.
  15. 15. Openmoko is also the company behind the Openmoko Linux distribution Openmoko manufacture the Neo family of handsets, specifically designed with chips for which all drivers are open sourced.
  16. 16. Openmoko based on ●Linux ●X11 ●GTK ●Busybox, Matchbox ●Udev
  17. 17. ●No NDA ●Unrestricted access to source and development environment ●No qualification required ●No purchase necessary
  18. 18. ●400MHz ARM CPU ●640x480 (VGA) touchscreen GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth ●GPRS ●WiFi ●USB port (device/host)
  19. 19. Neo handsets can be completely reprogrammed (boot loader, kernel, file system) by anyone at any time, without the need of any special equipment or cables
  20. 20. Open hardware? ●Block diagrams ●Inter-chip connections ●Data sheets ●JTAG ●Signals of interest
  21. 21. Open industrial design? CAD files for plastic and case is quot;open sourcedquot;
  22. 22. Devices designed for specific applications Dash Networked sensors Buglabs Virtual devices
  23. 23. What about iPhone, Android, Qtopia?
  24. 24. OpenMoko is a project more than a product. Intended to be a framework to allow and encourage the development of innovative mobile computing devices, or ubiquitous computing devices.
  25. 25. Openmoko Linux can run on other hardware, and other software can be installed on Neo handsets
  26. 26. ●Android apps on Openmoko Linux ●Qtopia on Neo hardware ●Qtopia on Openmoko Linux ●Openmoko Linux on other hardware?
  27. 27. Collaborate and share rather than polarize and chose sides
  28. 28. Current state of Neo hardware ●Neo 1973 sold out ●Neo Freerunner testing ●Freerunner mass production of consumer ready hardware ●Freerunner consumer software
  29. 29. Welcome exploring potential collaboration with other companies
  30. 30. Michael Shiloh Head, Developer and Community Relations