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I/O Frog: Not another Sigfox platform?


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Why most IoT platforms are doomed and what is so special about IOFrog? Practical demos from practical uses cases.

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I/O Frog: Not another Sigfox platform?

  1. 1. “Not another IoT platform”
  2. 2. About this webinar Who is this webinar insight for? Sales, technical pre-sales, sales, support SO’s and integrators, IoT platforms. Technical level: intermediate Format: 30 mins presentation + 15 mins Questions & Answers session Speaker: Václav Veselý, Sales Engineer at SimpleHW
  3. 3. ● Serve the micro segment ● Demo fast ● Have all meaningful devices on one platform ● Demo, POC & do production in one place ● Sell your 👇 own connectivity (Credit Card!) ● Can parse and forward ● “Quack” with your own logo ● API first architecture... Why we like the I/Os of a frog?
  4. 4. We know you feel these needs... ● I am an end user and want to run a SimpleLeak and CO detector at my house ● I am a Sigfox Operator and I want to test hardware functionality before recommending it further and I want it to be branded in my brand ● I am an integrator and I need a platform to define, deploy, manage and evaluate PoC and run it under my brand ● I am an integrator and I need a middleware. I will use my own visualisation and BI ● I am an integrator and I need scalable platform for massive field deployment and I need it in my branding ● I am a big corporate customer and I need to host the platform on my premises
  5. 5. Typical IoT platform lifecycle 1. Device provisioning 2. User provisioning 3. Device deployment 4. Device management with downlinks 5. Connectivity management 6. User rights management 7. Meta data processing 8. Device performance evaluation ...all included
  6. 6. IoT platform data processing ● Data parsing and decoding (even the SimpleHW API 6) ● Middleware API to other platforms like Azure, SAP, Google, AWS, Watson with out-of-the-box connectivity ● Alerts and workflow processing with emails, SMSs ● Device delivery ratio metrics
  7. 7. User interface and UX ● Various data visualisations ● Geolocation and geofencing support ● Various user level / profiles / personas support ● Full localisation EN, FR, JP, CS and ability to add more easily (JSON language files editable online) ● Favorites and tagging
  8. 8. The very nice to have things ● Branding ● Mobile application ● Push notifications ● Branded mobile application ● Cross-user device sharing ● Sigfox Contract device one-click migration (free tokens upgrade path) ● Pre-imported & whitelisted devices
  9. 9. Unique IOFrog features 1/2 ● Check coverage with Global Coverage API ● Conceived not as a “general platform” but built as a Sigfox specialized solution supporting wide integration with other technologies ● Both cloud and on premise solution ● Fully scalable, expandable and secure using latest design principle ● It will help you shorten your sales cycle
  10. 10. Unique IOFrog features 2/2 ● Supporting latest Sigfox technologies such as 1 frame sending, 600 bps encoding, Sigfox Atlas WiFi and Sigfox Monarch ● Supporting largest number of Sigfox devices (22 up to date) ● Usable with 3rd party Sigfox connectivity ● Built but by practical input from hundreds of active user, permanently improved, with several days turnaround to add new features
  11. 11. Stimulate your frog with... ● Smoke ● Temperature & Humidity ● Barometric pressure ● CO2 & CO (bi & mono :) ● Light ● Reed (the Maggie) ● Accelerometer (the G) ● Magnetometer (compass) ● RFID (“I was here”) ● Seal (not seals) ● GPS (the “skylooker”) ● WiFi Positioning (sniffs) ● Parking ● Single, double, even long press
  12. 12. Register for more ● Insight 4: Training - 7 biggest mistakes in IoT sales and how to avoid them. ● Insight 5: Why IoT is so important for Insurance companies. ● Insight 6: In LEGO boxes we trust - why we don't do end-to-end solution and the role of partners in Sigfox ecosystem. REGISTER HERE
  13. 13. Now it is time for your questions!
  14. 14. Follow me to & frogiotate your device now!