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Future trends in online education


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Description of the future trends in online learning focusing on the learners personal learning plan and learning management system.

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Future trends in online education

  1. 1. Future Trends in Online Education Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) & Personalized Learning Management Systems (LMS) Mrs. Rebecca Zentner American Public University EDUC621
  2. 2. Personal Learning Plans A clear cut path for students to follow on their journey of learning.
  3. 3. Online education is trending towards perfecting the PLP for each student, and driving education in this way.
  4. 4. Each student in online education builds a goal planning sheet, this guides not only the student but other teachers to help each student practice what they learn. Determine goal to accomplish
  5. 5. Freedom to learn • Online education is building a stronger model of the Passive learning with Active learning. • Through PLP’s once students are done with course materials they can extend their learning to creative and real-life learning guided by their PLP’s.
  6. 6. PLP’s Allow Students to be successful on their own! Teachers focus on one student at a time. Children have a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  7. 7. The Up Hill Challenges Time Ability
  8. 8. Pros & Cons • NBC Nightly News: Arizona school students seize learning day with computer-based lessons. • /22/14037704-arizona-school-students-seize- learning-day-with-computer-based-lessons?lite
  9. 9. Personalized Learning Management Systems Online Education is pushing LMS companies and curriculum to new heights to more closely individualize learning.
  10. 10. What direction is the LMS going? • Companies are pushing each other to develop better and better system that can focus in on the learner. – Tracking the learner data and progress – Reporting more user friendly to student and teacher. – Recording data and information safely and effectively. – LMS functions, interfaces, and features match personal needs and preferences of the learner.
  11. 11. Are we moving to fast? Are LMS moving to fast for our learners? • For some the LMS are becoming more user friendly their for helping the frustrated learner. • For others the constant change in new dashboard can effect their learning curve.
  12. 12. Online Education is pushing our learning to new heights. Online Courses Pros and Cons 2jXbvbWIpU This video clip not only talks about examples of why online learning has good uses and points of how online learn is still failing. The creation of the video shows how students can be imaginative and innovative with their learning. In order to keep up with learning individuals must keep up with the trends of multimedia and their skills.
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