The Decline of Mail


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The Decline of Mail

  1. 1. The Decline of Mail By Ryan Fung Source: Éole Wind
  2. 2. For thousands of years, the main method of long-distance communication was sending letters Source: Denise Cortez
  3. 3. Couriers would travel for days, sometimes even months in order to ensure that the letters reached their intended recipients Source: Elvert Barnes
  4. 4. When the computer was first invented, no one knew of the impact it would have on the mail industry Source: Jenn Durfey
  5. 5. It took 11 years after the creation of the first commercial computer for the first message service to be developed, which was called the AUTODIN network Source: Dan Budiac
  6. 6. AUTODIN was first operational in 1962, and was able to handle 30 million messages a month, while providing the service to 1350 terminals Source: Hans Põldoja
  7. 7. This service really got people thinking about the possibility of the computer as a messaging device Source: Pimthida
  8. 8. People started trying to develop a way to replace traditional mail services with a more convenient method Source: SalFalko
  9. 9. After experimenting with many different mail systems, the widely used Webmail system, used by services such as gmail, was developed in 1995 Source: U.S. Army RDECOM
  10. 10. The webmail service allows users to send and receive email from anywhere using a web browser Source: Keri J
  11. 11. Even though email didn’t exist 60 years ago, and the current version of email has only existed for 20 years, it has quickly become a huge part of our day-to-day lives Source: Will Lion
  12. 12. During the rise of email systems, the amount of physical mail sent has drastically decreased Source: Joey Rozier
  13. 13. In the most recent quarter, Canada Post reported a loss of $27 million Source: harry choi
  14. 14. This loss was caused by a 79 million piece drop in Transaction Mail Source: j-No
  15. 15. However, this decline is not solely caused by the invention of email Source: Lucas Stanley
  16. 16. With the creation of texting and social media, contacting people is now easier than ever Source: Ian Lamont
  17. 17. Traditional mail can no longer offer anything that a combination of social media, texting, and email can’t offer faster Source: José María Pérez Nuñez
  18. 18. Want to send a document to someone? Attach it in an email Source: Chris Dlugosz
  19. 19. Want to send your friends and family pictures of your vacation? Instagram it Source: Kim Seng
  20. 20. Want to organize something with your friends? Send them a text Source: Michael Hanscom
  21. 21. As more convenient methods of communication continue to be created, eventually the need for physical mail will no longer exist Source: cynicalview
  22. 22. What was once an extremely important method of communication has effectively been replaced by modern technology Source: Greg Jordan