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Wtc Delaware 2009


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WTC Delaware assists small and medium-sized companies with international business needs.

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Wtc Delaware 2009

  1. 1. World Trade Center DELAWARE A private-sector, non-profit organization, dedicated to free trade.
  2. 2. WTC Delaware is part of an extensive network of 290 WTCs in 96 countries, representing over 750,000 companies
  3. 3. The Nature of WTCs... • To encourage business relations but also… • To promote understanding among nations and cultures, some of whom have opposing views on political matters • To foster increased participation in world trade by developing nations • Reciprocity
  4. 4. World Trade Centers Association • WTCA was created in 1970 as a not-for-profit, apolitical organization to promote the concept of a World Trade Center (WTC). • WTCA supports the establishment of successful WTCs as part of a worldwide alliance enhancing world trade and global economic development. • WTCA encourages reciprocal programs on behalf of all its members.
  5. 5. What do World Trade Centers Offer? • Trade Information Services • Business Services • Trade Education Services • Group Trade Missions • WTC Clubs & Hotels • Display & Exhibit Facilities WTC Sao Paulo WTC Barcelona WTC Seoul WTC Cairo
  6. 6. A World Trade Center is… • An organization providing services and consultation to international businesses… • But also…
  7. 7. WTC Frankfurt-Oder Frankfurt- WTC Bucharest
  8. 8. WTC Istanbul WTC Helsinki
  9. 9. WTC Macau WTC Lausanne WTC Amsterdam
  10. 10. WTC Montevideo
  11. 11. WTC Osaka WTC Ankara WTC New Orleans
  12. 12. WTC Vienna Airport WTC Sao Paulo
  13. 13. • Built in 1986 by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council to provide a single, modern venue that would WTC Taipei, Taiwan combine exhibition space, conference facilities, offices, and hotel accomodation for international business • Combines every possible service that brings together a vast consulting service on trade-related issues, trading partners, suppliers and markets • Designed to accommodate the needs of the international business community: Exhibition Hall, Int’l Convention Center, Int’l Trade Building, and Grand Hyatt Taipei
  14. 14. World Trade Center Delaware strives to: • Provide leadership in the area of International Business • Provide the Delaware business community a greater awareness, to benefit from global market opportunities through educational activities • Provide an international resource for companies and individuals seeking to expand foreign opportunities
  15. 15. SOLVING THE PUZZLE OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE… • International Business Seminars • Foreign Policy Luncheons • International Trade Advisory Services • Business Match-Making / Trade Leads • Overseas Corporate Services
  16. 16. International Business Seminars • International Business Certificate Series • Government Financing Programs for Exporters • Taking advantage of Free Trade Agreements • Cargo Insurance & ATA Carnet • Foreign Trade Zones • Export Compliance • Customs Issues • C-TPAT • NAFTA • Duty Drawback • Doing Business in/with China
  17. 17. Foreign Policy Luncheons • Promotes greater understanding of global affairs through interaction and discussion • Provides an excellent opportunity to exchange information and ideas with other members
  18. 18. FOREIGN POLICY LUNCHEONS • High-level speakers address topics pertinent to your business and provide critical information on international issues: – Afghanistan's Role in International Security – China & the U.S.: Imports and Intangible Assets – The New Vietnam – The Rise of the East: India and Chinas’ New Roles – Why We Need Free Trade Deals
  19. 19. FOREIGN POLICY LUNCHEONS COUNTRIES REPRESENTED: •Egypt • Afghanistan •France • Argentina •South Korea •Haiti • Brazil •Taiwan •Ireland • Bulgaria •Turkey •Israel • Canada •Ukraine •Japan • Chile •Venezuela •Jordan • China •Vietnam •Mexico • Costa Rica •Pakistan • Cuba •Russia •Singapore •South Africa
  20. 20. INTERNATIONAL TRADE ADVISORY SERVICES • Export/Import Program • Market Entry Program • Market Research • Trade Leads • Helping DE Companies Source the Best Value Products • Trade Agreements • Member Referral Network • Incorporating in Delaware • WTCA Online
  21. 21. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES / TRADE LEADS • Monthly Trade Lead Bulletin offers Delaware companies an opportunity to market their products and services worldwide. We distribute information on Delaware companies to 292 World Trade Centers and 82 American Chambers of Commerce around the world. • We also receive trade opportunities from global sources and post them on our website for Delaware companies to review. • WTC Delaware can verify the information and certify the foreign company’s validity and stability before you move forward.
  22. 22. Are YOU Buying at the Lowest Price ? The WTC can Help Delaware Companies Source the Best Value Products from Around the World by: – Identifying low-cost suppliers – Identifying where to source materials to make the most of preferential and free trade agreements Helping Delaware Businesses Compete and Grow
  23. 23. Overseas Corporate Membership •WTC Mailing Address for Company •Conference / Meeting Facilities •Access to U.S. Businesses / Conferences •Trade Information Services •Business Matchmaking / Trade Lead Services •Market Research Assistance •Referral Services •Assistance with Sourcing of U.S. Products •Assistance with setting up Warehousing, Distribution, and/or Hiring U.S./Delaware Employees
  24. 24. World Trade Center DELAWARE Success Starts Here Henry Beckler President Rebecca Faber Executive Director 702 West Street Wilmington, DE 19801 Phone: 302-656-7905 Email: