International Business Leaders Forum: increasing growth, and reducing risk


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International Business Leaders Forum: increasing growth, and reducing risk

  1. 1. International Business Leaders Forum -International Business Leaders Forum -Increasing growth, reducing risk
  2. 2. The International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) is anindependent, global, corporate membership organisationof over 150 leading multinational companies.IBLF’s aim is to inspire business leaders in supportinggrowth, leadership, sustainable development.In high growth markets, we seek to enable theresponsible conduct of business with the aim of ensuringthe stable and sustainable social and economicdevelopment.
  3. 3. TI Corruption Perceptions Index,20124 International Business Leaders ForumSource: Transparency International
  4. 4. Siemens $800KBR/Halliburton $579BAE $400ENI $365End of 2010Siemens $800KBR/Halliburton $579Baker Hughes $44Willbros $32Start of 2010Top 10 FCPA Settlements (millions)5 International Business Leaders ForumENI $365Technip $338Daimler $185Alcatel-Lucent $137Panalpina $82ABB $58Pride $56Willbros $32Chevron $30Titan $29Vetco $26York International $22Statoil $21Schnitzer Steel $152007 2008 2009 201020062005Source: Paul McNulty, partner and head of Baker & McKenzies Global Compliance Practice
  5. 5. What keeps the CEO awake at nightHow do I reduce the risk of corruption and fraud?How do I protect myself from the risk of prosecution?How do I sustain growth in high-growth markets?How do I establish a corporate culture which is intolerant to corruption?How do I ensure a level-playing field in my markets?
  6. 6. Awareness CapacityKey challenges facing companies fromhigh-growth marketse.g. consistency withanti-corruption lawsin other jurisdictionse.g. due diligence,enforcement byauthoritiesSizemattersCulture Sizee.g. State-run, SMEe.g. Conflict ofinterest; Top-down
  7. 7. Convergence or divergence?More stringent regulatory environment: FCPA and UK Bribery Act arechanging the rules of the game, but so is a new level of commitment in high-growth marketsHigh growth, high risk: Corruption in emerging markets creates risk forHigh growth, high risk: Corruption in emerging markets creates risk formultinationals, but also constrains emerging markets’ expansion overseasConflicting attitudes: Corruption is often seen as a constraint todevelopment, but without it the economy would grind to a halt. If it is part ofthe culture, can the culture be changed, and how long will it take?Lack of role models: Developed world is perceived as hypocritical. Needto help each other
  8. 8. IBLF’s activities and impactAims Activities ImpactAwareness Raising • Leaders forum• Round tables• Website• Publications• Speaking at external events• Peer-to-peer exchange of bestpractices in a discreet environmentencourages new ideas to be tested in-company• Raises awareness amongst broaderaudienceCapacity Building • Survey & Studies • Provides management tools andCapacity Building • Survey & Studies• Training sessions with governmentagencies• Publications• Business ethics course• Provides management tools andexpertise for integration in companystrategy and operations• Raises standards in supply chainsCollective action • Editorial Group• Business Standards AdvisoryCouncil• B20 Task Force• Public procurement• Sectoral initiatives• Business and government workingtogether can produce radical change ofbehaviour• Brings companies into global arena tohelp resolve the challenges worldwide
  9. 9. CreatingConsensusDriving toActionConveningthe leadersChangeCollective ActionPartnershipsCatalyseCapacity-buildHandbooksCodes of conductHaving impactSetting theagendathe leadersChallengeRoundtablesLeadership ForumsSurveysStudiesReportsTraining and WebinarsToolsManagement methodsIBLF’s unique methodNon-politicalNeutralSafe HavenGlobal and localCross-sectoralPracticalFacilitation skillsDecision-makers
  10. 10. At the individuallevel• Personnel development• Personal developmentAt the corporatelevel• Improving marketknowledgeAt national andinternational level• Create a level playing fieldin specific industries orCreating anti-corruption networks• Personal development• New ideas and newsolutions• Create a network ofchange agentsknowledge• Risk management incompany and supplychain• Access to decision-makers• Corporate positioning inChina and abroadin specific industries orregions• Invest in social andeconomic development• Integrate China into globaldialogue• Business as catalyst forsocial and economicprogress
  11. 11. B20 Task Force in ImprovingTransparency and Anti-corruption
  12. 12. Thank You!International Business Leaders