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Given at the AMCi AGM in Orlando 2.13.09

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  1. 1. Attracting International Members or Going Global? Peter Rush Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kellen Company Peter Turner Bus. Dev. Director - US Institutional Market, MCI
  2. 2. Agenda • Evidence of global growth • What’s fueling this international expansion among assns • Signs your client may be ready for expansion • Ingredients required to be successful • How to assess a reliable market opportunity • What success looks like – examples of other associations • Tips on how to manage the process Are your clients ready to go global, or do they aspire to be global? Are you ready to lead them through the process?
  3. 3. Evidence of Global Growth • 24/7 Global Project Management – requiring interoperable standards & practices from body of knowledge to practices • Outsourcing (Asia) spreads to white collar (BPO) • Asian skill “gaps” in knowledge application • Customer service expectation is global whether NY, London, Dubai, Singapore • Massive fluctuation in youth and aged groups with new consumer habits, learning modes, and supply of labor • Workforce mobility & diversity acceleration – global expats; cultural assimilation • Emerging market’s growing middle class demands for goods and services • Knowledge becoming more diffuse (Asia) • As standards of living rise demand for quot;non formalquot; education grows
  4. 4. Indian university system couldn’t supply enough “qualified” engineers On WIPRO Campus 300 professors 350 new employees every MONDAY! (constant 3150 students) Track 1: 12-14 week mandatory programs Track 2: “graduate level” voluntary (career dependent) Weeds out, builds “project ready” ppl, reduces staff turnover to 1%
  5. 5. What’s fueling international expansion among associations? Certification Audience 265,000 84,000 80,000 64,000 SHRM 96,300
  6. 6. Signs your client may be ready for expansion • A growing presence of non-US – Customer product consumption (e.g. certification) – Attendance at US meetings – Author contributions to publications • More reliant on international members and customers to maintain revenue growth • Regional members, customers, partners and leaders demanding your client be more “present and engaged” in their region
  7. 7. Signs your client must be international • Global Issues and regulations – Environmental • CO2 Emissions • Cradle to Cradle recycling – Product Safety • Children’s Products • Food Safety – Global rules • REACH
  8. 8. Ingredients required to be successful • Lack of local experience and knowledge • Weak local volunteer leadership support • Better local marketing and business development • Recruitment of affordable, business services staff • Scalability of resources to project and serve region 2008 MCI - Abu Dhabi Survey US and EU-based Association Executives
  9. 9. Ingredients required to be successful • Market Analysis – “in the field” market data to determine your potential, competitive threats, and opportunities • Financial Analysis – business model needed to deliver the value your client’s customers say they want (level of investment the association ready to make overtime) • Operational Analysis – what’s required to deliver effectively and efficiently within the region • Product Audit - sell them what they want not what you have… adapt product to local need • Leadership Franchise - cultivate local/regional help to deliver meaningful value • Member Services - regional and local infrastructure - the right competencies & thinking to execute repeatedly while mitigating risk • Advocacy - whether it’s regulatory issues, philanthropic outreach, or social responsibility • MarCom - it isn’t just translating your material but adapting to local markets • Meetings - develop strategy for marketing, product design, risk mitigation (e.g. currency), etc.
  10. 10. How to assess a reliable market opportunity • Define Market Potential – Audience segmentation model – Market research to define local need and opportunity – Growth expectation (attendees and exhibitors) – Regional Economic, Business, Social, Technical Trends – Country analysis – to confirm best event location – Competitive Analysis – Comparative Analysis • Business Plan – 3 year financial model, etc.
  11. 11. What success looks like • US market growth trends – Non-US purchases, attendance, membership – Non-US contributions to IP development • Regional market growth trends – Sustained increase in participation (e.g. volunteers, activities, etc.) – Chapter expansion – Revenues equal or exceed expenses – Original product design & mgmt – Media coverage • Global trends – More non-US leaders on Board and committees – Non-US experience and expertise contribute to core strategy – Policy and procedures become more global
  12. 12. Kellen Experience • Full service management • American Health and partnerships with Information Management clients and other AMC’s Association (Europe) • Membership • Global Acetate Development Manufacturers Association • Chapter/subsidiary start- up and management • International League Against Epilepsy • Meetings/trade show • International Formula • Regulatory Affairs Council – European Union • Drug Information – China Association (China) • Communications /Issues • International Copper Management Association
  13. 13. MCI Experience • Traditionally, AMC clients required regional constituent services Seminar marketing & Manage a Network of – Membership communications Service Providers Event logistics development & admin Volunteer leadership mgmt Event strategy – Meetings management Create European member PCO experience – Chapter management Member services Scope: Europe, ME Scope: India, ME, LA, – Publishing Europe, China • Today, business driven by “product first” strategy
  14. 14. Tips on how to manage the process • Collect evidence of non-US demand for product/service/membership • Consider how your vision encompasses a global mission? – Are you a US assn with non-US members OR an intnl assn based in US? • Define a clear expectation for growth among core leadership • Invest in market analysis to determine opportunity – Percent of members, customers located in targeted region – Clear sense of need, issues, concerns among customer base • Form a business plan based on a sustainable 3 year financial model – e.g. budget, KPI’s, product/service mgmt, operational plan • Secure “start up” funding • Locate regional volunteer leader support • Find regional management support integrated to HQ
  15. 15. For more information