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How to develop a successful WTC

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World Trade Center Presentation

  1. 1. Building a successful World Trade Center
  2. 2. What is a World Trade Center? a World Trade Center is a node • In a network, a node is a connection point, either a redistribution point or an end point for data transmissions • A node has the capability to recognize and process or forward data to other nodes
  3. 3. What is a World Trade Center? WTCA Network The WTCA is a network of over 300 WTCs in nearly 100 countries. Membership in any individual center is an entrée to the worldwide business community of World Trade Centers. The central management offices of World Trade Centers organize a variety of trade information, trade education, exhibitions, trade missions and similar programs for their clientele to enhance their World Trade Center experience. Through the WTCA, each World Trade Center becomes a branch office for all the others.
  4. 4. What is a World Trade Center? Definition While each WTC is unique, reflecting the local specificities, there are two common components to a World Trade Center : • a physical facility (generally a landmark) with tenants, and • trade-related services that are offered to the tenants and the community In short, it is a Facility with a Purpose
  5. 5. What is a World Trade Center? Mission Statement A World Trade Center is a A World Trade Center one-stop business brings together, under “shopping center” one roof, This concentration of local, national and trade-related agencies acts international private as a major attraction for businesses, business visitors who know that at the World Trade Center they will be able to and government contact many of their agencies involved in current or prospective international commerce, business partners in one location. and provides them with the services they need to be successful
  6. 6. What is a World Trade Center? Certification Certification process to assure that quality of services are homogenous • Up to nine types of services can be certified → Trade Information Services The certified WTCs → Display and Exhibit Facilities are warrant for a → Business Services high standard → Trade Education Services network → WTC Club → Conference Facilities 100 certified WTCs → Tenant Services throughout the world → Trade Technology Innovations 14 of which are silver → Group Trade Missions
  7. 7. What is a World Trade Center? … a Business Facilitator A World Trade Center offers the following services: Trade Information Display and Exhibit Business Services Services Facilities Trade Education WTC Club Conference Facilities Services Trade Technology Group Trade Tenant Services Innovations Missions
  8. 8. What is a World Trade Center? Trade Information Services A World Trade Center provides pertinent, up-to-date and reliable data • General Information: – Information on market conditions, import restrictions, currency exchange rates, prices, channels of distribution, … – Information on upcoming trade shows, incoming and outgoing trade missions and seminars. • Market specific data: – Trade statistics, business opportunities, invitations to tender, market surveys and company lists with details on products, personnel, markets and volume of business. • Technical data: – Details on foreign and local regulations such as customs taxes, laws, insurance, shipping and air cargo rates and labor rates. – Specialized local information is key, because each WTC is in a unique position to collect and is frequently called upon to provide this data.
  9. 9. What is a World Trade Center? Trade Information Services - How to Setting up Trade Information Services • Trade Information Services can be offered to the members through hired personnel and use of Internal WTCA partner CenTradeX “sourcing” • CenTradeX combines the top sources of company data, such as Dun & Bradstreet and/or • Trade Information Services can be offered to the members through partnerships with local Government bodies (ex. Chambers of Commerce) or External local investment authorities “sourcing” Examples • WTC Malmö has an agreement with the local Chamber of Commerce to provide such services and offered it’s 3,000 members a membership in the WTC Malmö association • WTC Oslo has sub-contracted the services to the Oslo Chamber of Commerce.
  10. 10. What is a World Trade Center? Display and Exhibit Facilities Nearly 100 WTCs have Display and Exhibit facilities • Show room for local industries and service companies • WTC network and partnerships capture international events • Revenue source through management services • Opportunity to increase number of Trade missions • Suitable ground for organized Match-makings The WTCA has alliances and a partnership with leading exhibit organizer
  11. 11. What is a World Trade Center? Business Services A World Trade Center can enhance its revenue and position within the local and international business community by offering a range of Business Services • Short-term office space • Telecommunication/Videoconferencing services • Secretarial services & Copy/graphics capabilities • Domiciliation services • Legal & Book-keeping assistance • Meeting and conference facilities • Virtual Arena
  12. 12. What is a World Trade Center? Business Services - Short-term office space • Most WTC are operating a Business Center offering tenants both short and long Short-term term fully equipped offices office space • There is a reciprocity agreement between all WTC to provide access to meeting offering room or office to other WTCs members. Terms vary from at no cost to discounted rate • Flexibility • Do what you are good at and let the WTC handle administration Keywords • Access to the worlds largest business network Trend • Lately the need for open space solutions with just a work station is in demand by tenants who are tele-worker, consultants etc who enjoy having a base for meetings, access to printers or scanners as well as participating in organized breakfeast meetings
  13. 13. What is a World Trade Center? Business Services - Communication services The WTC provides • Internet broadband • Wi-Fi • Business IP-phone system • Secured data platform • Server hosting • Visio conferencing • On-line color copying or scanning • Virtual office • Community platform
  14. 14. What is a World Trade Center? Business Services - Secretarial services Administrative Services • Reception • Switchboard • Post and package service through subscription with UPS and Federal Express • Book-keeping assistance • Legal assistance, company registration • Hotel or travel reservations through WTC preferred rate suppliers
  15. 15. What is a World Trade Center? Business Services - Domiciliation services The WTC provides • Office registration • Official high standard address • Phone number and answering service • Mobile office • Membership in local WTC association • Access to meeting rooms at discounted rate
  16. 16. What is a World Trade Center? Business Services - Virtual Arena Virtual Arena • Taking Business Services one step further • Lately the need for open space solutions with just a work station is in demand by tenants who are tele-worker, consultants etc who enjoy having a base for meetings, access to printers or scanners as well as participating in organized breakfeast meetings Anders Berner will shortly be launching a LinkedIn Group
  17. 17. What is a World Trade Center? Business Services - Headcount WTC Staff Manager -1- Conference Member Center Support Administration • A staff of only 8 people is needed to & Partner Support -1- -1- -1- run profitably a business center Business Events, Education Center Support Technical Support Seminars -1- -1- -1- • The personnel must be business- Virtual Arena oriented and respond efficiently -1- and with competence to all inquiries
  18. 18. What is a World Trade Center? Trade Education Services International business training is one of the most vital and popular services offered by the World Trade Centers to the tenants, members and regional business community. They cover: • International marketing • Export documentation • Shipping strategies • Regulatory issues • Trade finance • Languages • Regional or country market overviews • Using online databases to conduct market research • eCommerce
  19. 19. What is a World Trade Center? WTC Club A WTC Club fosters and promotes the expansion of world trade by encouraging communication among key international trade executives • During the day, a WTC Club creates an atmosphere conducive to the mixing of business, trade and cultural ideas. It provides its members with rooms of various sizes to accommodate private luncheons, formal receptions, professional meetings, seminars and press conferences. • By night, a WTC Club can become a first-class facility for international functions, lectures, diplomatic receptions, trade and art showings, award presentations, … • Reciprocity is an important feature of the WTC Club: members of other WTCs receive the same privileges as members of the host WTC Club.
  20. 20. What is a World Trade Center? Meeting/Conference Facilities High-quality meeting and conference facilities are an essential component of any World Trade Center • They provide a convenient, professional location for business discussions, corporate training and similar events. • They reinforce the central role a World Trade Center plays in the region’s international business community. • They provide an additional revenue stream to the World Trade Center, and help promote and market the property to the international business community.
  21. 21. What is a World Trade Center? Tenant Services Thanks to a strict tenant services program, World Trade Centers enjoy a high-quality tenant base with minimum turnover Key elements are: • Maintenance • Building amenities • Special events • Concierge services • Special marketing/publicity • Access to other WTC programs • Tenant communications • Security
  22. 22. What is a World Trade Center? Trade Technology Innovations • Help to turn innovative ideas into effective solutions and exploit marketable propositions for commercial or community gain. • Boost business performance and profit by identifying improvements to processes and practices, raising levels of skills and knowledge and exploiting innovation. • Staying ahead of the game thanks to techno. • Trade Card (speeds up transit times and bank payments up to 3 weeks). • WiseKey (encrypted security platform - geneva - swiss banks).
  23. 23. What is a World Trade Center? Group Trade Missions A trade mission program utilizes all the services within a Trade Center, and benefits from the network of reciprocal services offered by other World Trade Centers • Group Trade Missions are ideally suited for small and medium sized firms who lack the expertise and/or resources to conduct their own export campaigns. • A trade mission is a trade facilitator that creates positive business relations between people who would not otherwise meet. • The heart of a trade mission is the matchmaking sessions, where participants sit down individually with prospective partners.
  24. 24. What is a World Trade Center? WTCA OnLine One-stop resource for all WTC information – WTC locator – services on offer in WTCs – how a WTC can help a company achieve its international objectives Powerful market intelligence Exclusive partnerships with leading information and services providers ensure access to the best and most up-to-date information The internet’s premier destination for businesses that want to succeed in international trade
  25. 25. What is a World Trade Center? Economics Trade Business Trade Education Technology Members & Club Tenant Services TOTAL Services Mission & Match Communication Area (m²) 2.200 100 200 30.000 32.500 Revenue 880 200 175 350 90 1.695 Rent 440 20 40 500 Costs 360 160 85 280 60 945 Profit 80 20 50 70 30 250
  26. 26. World Trade Centers Association Success Stories – Trade Card • Bringing goods to market faster and more • Basset Furniture delivers "customized products profitably requires trading partners to in less time, with less cost, by leveraging a collaborate to reduce lead time for order value-network of suppliers and service adjustments. Decisions, such as how to providers through TradeCard" says an SVP at pack and where to ship, can be adjusted. the company. • By enabling real-time collaboration across • "We have been able to improve order cycle an extended supply chain, TradeCard time" says the CEO of skatewear company assures clients and trading partners have C1rca. the time, visibility and technology to defer decisions without deferring overall • "That is a huge selling advantage because we timelines. All parties to a transaction are are first in the shop with new lines." informed instantly once a decision is "[TradeCard] is an important made. become more agile and operate a smarter global supply chain" says Brooks Brothers' • As a client adds partners, TradeCard's SVP Sourcing. local "feet on the street" connect them into the network, providing agility to • A multienterprise network of Buyers, Suppliers reroute supply when responding to import and Service Providers. safeguards, political instability and other events.
  27. 27. World Trade Centers Association Success Stories - WiseKey • WISeKey ( transforms • Developed jointly with WTC Geneva, traditional, analog and/or paper-based WiseKey is the premier security platform. identification methods for individuals and organizations such as banks, stockbrokers, • Affiliated with US Verysign. real estate agents and others requiring high levels of authentication, into electronic ID • Enables secured communication in the systems. Euromediterranean project. • WISeKey has been operating in the Swiss market since 1999 and is currently the leading Certification Authority in Switzerland. Its privileged position in Switzerland has resulted in its involvement in ground breaking projects, including a system that allows Swiss citizens to vote in public referenda via the Internet (the Canton of Geneva E-Voting) and the ITU global eServices initiative.
  28. 28. World Trade Centers Association Success Stories - WiFi In 1998, before the world knew about wireless Internet… • The WTC of Sophia Antipolis tested a WiFi pilot in its facilities. • The result was evident, easy to use for meeting participants and full flexibility within the building. • Other WTC were informed of this promising new Internet access and the system was deployed to hundred WTCs and their local members.
  29. 29. World Trade Centers Association Success Stories - VoIP VoIP before everyone else… • Five years ago the WTC of Sophia Antipolis rescued a US owned VoIP IPBX developer • The product was enhanced to meet the SMEs communication requirements • State of the art tools were included • Centralized software updates and low communication costs were main criterias • The roll out was made through the WTC network
  30. 30. World Trade Centers Association Success Stories - MatchMaking • In 2006 the WTC of Poitiers in France reached a record level of 100.000 match-making meetings • Their successful tool, Futuralia is now used throughout the WTC network positioning the WTCs as world leader in the field of connecting companies WTCA organizes some Did 10.000 Trade missions and you match-makings world wide know? per year For any specific information you are welcome to contact